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10th August, 2016

Demands from the 27 EU Members

According to a Bloomberg report the EU member states have been asked about their main "requirements" for an equitable settlement to allow Britain to continue trading freely with the remaining 27 countries in the EU, following Brexit. 

​These demands include:

  • keeping free movement of labour (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Portugal and others)
  • ​maintaining fishing rights (Denmark, France)
  • other concerns include Gibraltar sovereignty,  military security (NATO), University access; and tourism into Europe from the UK, if the EU keeps the pound depressed.

When Britain joined the EEC in 1973 there were only 9 members of the EEC: Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg originally; followed by Denmark, Eire and the UK - As far as the British public were concerned they were only joining a trade agreement and were not aware of the details of the Treaty of Rome (1957) and the ultimate goal of the EEC; to become a single government Federal State through the elimination of the Nation States of Europe; along with their national identities, 

Since 1973 the EEC (proto EU) has expanded to 27 members and that number is planned to be increased at an ever accelerating rate. So in reality only those who have contributed should be able to even be part of these negotiations, except as a courtesy. An image of net contributions and distribution (2010-2014) within the EU is shown on the right, below:

Free Movement of People

It is fair to say that whereas the politicians who illegally took us into the EEC (EU) in 1973 Heath's government aided and abetted by traitors in the Labour Party knew or should have known that all of the manifestations of the EU that we see today were part of the Treaty of Rome (1957); which they enshrined into UK law - these facts were deliberately withheld from the people of Britain. What is far worse though is that all subsequent governments; leaders and senior members of other UK political parties, with few exceptions all continued, and continue today with the subterfuge and treachery; as they are required to do by the terms of the European Communities Act (1973).

To put it another way the EU has developed by stealth as far as the general public were concerned, and the MP's; together with the rest of the establishment have simply kept quiet - so the British people have never been asked about their feelings related to the uncontrolled mass movement of foreign nationals into what they were led to believe was a sovereign country; that is to say, until the 23rd June, 2016 Referendum and Brexit was the result. 

Brexit came about because enough people finally woke up to what the EU was really all about - we had effectively lost our sovereignty - and it could not be hidden any longer by the politicians - since, by the time of the Referendum we had seen that our government weren't able to control immigration into Britain - with inward migration of 633,000 during one year - at the latest count. 

In fact there was a lot of evidence that our government were actually acting on behalf of the EU, particularly the Home Office, which cut the Border Forces and certainly appeared to make every attempt to facilitate the wishes of the EU. 

From Cameron's faux "negotiations" with the EU It became clear to many people that the EU was simply a Dictatorship - incapable of reform because it had an underlying agenda which prevents any deviation from its own objectives.

The Greatest Economy in the World
Free movement in the EU is not about facilitating trade though, it is about exploitation of the poor; providing a large pool of cheap labour to lower local wage costs for government and businesses alike. But its primary objective is to change the demographics of the member states; destroy their social cohesion and with it; its identity, traditions and heritage (the primary tool for bringing about the single EU government) resulting in an insecure "slave" class to be manipulated and mobilised through economic control (e.g. austerity) on behalf of the multi-national corporations. The EU manufactured "migration" crisis has the same objectives; as advocated by the UN and the EU. 

An example of how a proper immigration system works is seen in the USA, and many other successful nations. In the early history of the USA there was a basic free movement of people with few limitations apart from those related to health; this was the case when America was totally undeveloped and this led eventually to large scale migration; initially this immigration was restricted to similar groups of Europeans from northern Europe; with many people seeking to escape from the restraints of the European society and religious persecution.

As the country grew and prospered, immigration rapidly increased during the early 1900's - but uncontrolled mass migration into America was stopped by a series of laws beginning with the Literacy Test (1917) this was followed by two further laws; the Emergency Quota Act (1921) and the National Origins Act (1924) these laws were brought in to prevent the exact same problems that are developing in the EU today - fears over loss of social cohesion and the fact that the government did not believe that the new immigrants enriched the life and culture of the USA.

Since 1917 the USA has not had an open door policy and it has thrived and developed into the greatest Economy in the world and the USA controls immigration for the purpose of the economic and social needs - these are the reasons why Britain must not accept Free Movement of People and why we need to have our sovereignty back.

Whilst the Bloomberg report confirms the basic rhetoric coming from the EU and the UK there are also signs that some compromises, exceptions and special arrangements are possible; though the Free Movement of People is still the main difficulty and must not be compromised - if necessary we must trade and pay tariffs and adjust our economy accordingly. 

The alternative of allowing unrestricted, uncontrolled, unfettered mass migration is that Britain will be bankrupted by having to contribute to the EU and support unending numbers of migrants through child and working tax credits; increased costs of problems with our public services and supporting unrestrained numbers of dependents of migrants who will not work nor integrate.

We don't believe the reports by "experts" that such mass migration is of benefit to Britain; because the Home Office since at least 1997 and probably back to 1992 or even earlier have deliberately not kept proper records: on population, demographics, migration, immigration; nationality based tax receipts, nationality based infrastructure and public service usage etc., and as such, we have no reliable information - and unless the government has unpublished information - neither do the "experts." 

But it is not even that the Leave voters don't believe in experts - we don't doubt their expertise, but we don't trust their motives and their associations - a good example is the IMF which loves the EU to bits and therefore nothing that the IMF says about the EU or Brexit can be relied upon - it is all about trust - not expertise.