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Update:Johnson pulling out of the Tory Leadership race;  

A "stitch-up" almost certainly ordered by the usual suspects in revenge for the British population daring to question their authority; with requirements given to Cameron when he went back to the EU to obtain his new instructions from his 

"most glorious leaders"

30th June, 2016

A Bigger Picture

Since the real negotiations on Britain's relationship with the EU following the Brexit Vote on the 23rd of June, 2016 have not yet taken place we would like to offer some background into the objectives and methods of the development of the EU Project; without going into to all the detail. Until the Brexit vote there has been little real discussion about the real meaning of the EU integration - it had been held back by the EU until after the Referendum. 

EU Objectives

Had the vote gone to the "remain" camp in the EU Referendum there is no doubt that the EU would have gone full tilt into integration. In fact they would have done that following the Treaty of the Constitution for Europe (2004) had that treaty not been rejected by the French and Dutch in 2005.

However, the "Terms and Conditions" of this Treaty, and much more, were subsequently distributed within the Lisbon Treaty (2007) for future use viz:-

What voting "remain" would mean for Britain, and all the Nation States of Europe - they will:-

  • be forced into the Euro
  • lose their National identity
  • be broken down into Regions and Administrative areas controlled from Brussels (Berlin)
  • have to give up their seats at International Organisation, such as the UN, WTO etc. to the EU
  • be forced to give away their worldwide Foreign Embassy network to the EU
  • have to give away control of their armed forces
  • lose control over taxation, pensions, criminal Law (Common Law given protections will be lost in favour of EU Corpus Juris), their civilian police force; all public services, infrastructure and lose all fiscal controls
  • have to accept the placing of EU prosecutors and paramilitary police, loyal only to Brussels (Berlin)
  • be required to relinquish control over their Sovereign borders and the their ability to accept or deny access, control allocation or distribution of refugees (every migrant will be classified as a refugee)

These are only a few of the "delights" of that await any Nation that decides to join or "remain" in the Political EU; as announced by Juncker and the German Foreign Minister after the Brexit vote. This will be effectively an Occupation; placing under Martial Law the Nation States of Europe by a Foreign Power - as it would have been if this had taken place during WWII; but this time the EU are trying to force the take over through economic "warfare" - without firing a single shot.

How did we end up in this situation?

Europe has arrived in this position because of a scheme devised by several individuals, including Jean Monnet (1888 – 1979) variously regarded as one of the founding fathers of the EEC (EU); far more importantly though was one particular organisation, the Fabian Society founded in 1884 - a Left wing Political Think Tank which comprised Industrialists and Bankers as well as middle class intellectuals, journalists and writers - notably the Rockefellers, the Balfours, George Bernhard Shaw and H G Wells, among many other notables. 

"The Society’s declared aim was to capture and control all British citizens “for its profit and their own good” (Fabian News, Sept. 1897) For this purpose and in addition to politics, it set out to control education, culture, economy, the legal system and even medicine and religion"

( see )

It was Fabian Society members who set up the Bilderberg Group who established the EU in the Treaty of Rome (1957) and also set up and controls the Parliamentary Labour Party; they also setup the UN and the London School of Economics and many other organisations in the UK and overseas. 

Do not believe that the Fabian Society is an old out-of-date organisation - the members of the society are actively involved in subverting politics in Britain by bringing about a coup against Jeremy Corbyn in order to protect their prize project - the Totalitarian EU Police State.

Since 1973

Britain joined the EEC in 1973 under the deception that it was only a trading bloc between Sovereign Nations for a common good - but all of the elements of the Political EU had already been mapped out in the Treaty of Rome (1957) - so the British people were duped by their politicians; who were sworn to secrecy and required to protect the project from scrutiny by the British population (FCO:30/1048) The EU project has proceeded since that time by stealth, subversion and infiltration within the British Establishment, political parties and the House of Lords to name only a few. This was repeated with each new member applying to join "The Club"

The modus operandi of the EEC (the "proto-EU" or EU Trojan Horse) was to entangle the member states in agreements, regulations  protocols and policies resulting in complex trading arrangements in which they would all agree to abide by the same rules - which would make them interdependent and lock them into the EEC organisation. 

Through these means the EEC progressed, ostensibly as a trading area with mutual benefit, until 1992 and then, on the excuse that the EEC needed to change to accommodate new member states, the Maastricht Treaty (1992) changed the name of the European Economic Community (EEC) or "Common Market" to the European Community (EC).

A new legal entity the European Union (EU) was also born - which subsumed the EEC (EC) and this new organisation took control over the EC and assumed control of Defence, Law and Order and Economics for all the member states - thus a new and more extensive level of interdependent entanglement was added. Closer integration followed with further arrangements Schengen Agreement (1995) and treaties Amsterdam (1997) and Nice (2001) 

Emboldened by their new found power over Europe - the EU attempted to take over the Nation States completely with the Constitution for Europe Treaty (2004)

New Labour and Merkel

The most notable changes in the relationship between Britain and the EU took place under Blair and New Labour with their opening of the UK to uncontrolled immigration from the EU (2004) and elsewhere, particularly Muslim groups; and under Straw, the introduction of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) (2004); under Brown (from 2007) the UK benefit system was one that was a particular favourite of immigrants; under Blair the signing the Constitution for Europe (2004), the Amsterdam Treaty (1997) and the Treaty of Nice (2001) each providing additional powers to the EU over its member states. Blair also presided over the Devolution of Scotland and Wales on behalf of the EU - a precursor to the breakup of Britain set in train with the EU Regionalisation Programme.

​Merkel took over the control of the EU after the Constitution for Europe Treaty (2004) was rejected in 2005 and ensured that the text of the rejected Constitution Treaty was distributed within the next major treaty - the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - and in order to avoid a Referendum it was called a Reform Treaty and this was signed by Brown and D. Miliband - who is a New Labour advocate of massive EU expansion into Turkey, North Africa, Ukraine and Russia and he is a firm supporter of Muslim immigration into Europe. The Lisbon Treaty (2007) is also self-amending Treaty, effectively an "Enabling Act"  (see Article 48)

The Implementation of the "Final Remedy" - The EU Superstate

The "Final Remedy" is a phrase on the plaque in the EU visitor centre in Brussels and relates to the destruction of the Nation States of Europe and the birth of an EU Superstate.

The destruction of the Nation States of Europe is being implemented through a number of different routes - but mostly through the "Four Freedoms" - which also have several beneficial business related benefits - a large nomadic labour pool and lack of restrictions on transportation of goods for example.

​The Four Freedoms are designed to remove the sovereign borders of the the Nation States of Europe; asset - strip them through privatising their public services and infrastructure and removing their national identities through mass uncontrolled immigration to produce a swamped multicultural mass with little affinity to the new area or country.

The EU believes that the ideal group for such as exercise are Muslims who general show more of a local tribal loyalty rather than any loyalty to a particular nationality - and these groups largely define their loyalty to the two main Islamic sects; Shia and the Sunni.

With regard to this mass immigration into the EU it has been clearly spelled out by the United Nations; most notably by Peter Sutherland - Former UN Special Representative for International Migration, Former EU Commissioner and Former Chairman of Goldman Sachs - now Professor in Practice at the London School of Economics (LSE) that: "The EU should do its best to to undermine the homogeneity of its Nation States ... with a view to making them Multicultural ..." (see Brian Wheeler's 2012 BBC report about Peter Sutherland and his meeting with the House of Lords Migration Committee)  The UN intervention is simply an extension of a similar programme implemented by stealth during the New Labour years (1997 - 2010) in Britain with the same basic subversion and attempt to destroy national cohesion.


The EU is a project established to destroy the Nation States of Europe and bring about the a new Militarised Totalitarian Police Superstate to control every aspect of the lives of the populations of Europe - it is very close in philosophy and methods as the Fabian Society whose many members and supporters form large parts of large and small organisations within the political parties and establishment.

The primary methods of destroying the Nation States is through the "Four Freedoms" (ironically enough) - to take away their sovereignty, control their public services and infrastructure and take away their national identity using Multiculturalism through the importation of alien cultures and beliefs through uncontrolled mass migration.

Britain and the rest of Europe must not go down the path of  agreeing to uncontrolled mass migration, whatever the cost - because the alternative will be much worse and lead to the destruction of society in Britain. Creating discontent and racial tensions is part of the EU method of destroying homogeneity within the settled societies of Europe - the immigrants are just pawns in the EU takeover plan and should not be blamed for the actions of the EU and the UN.