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16th May, 2017

A Communist's Manifesto

Finally, we have - set in stone - Jeremy Corbyn's, or should we say his Trade Union controllers' (the Politbro)* view of a British Utopia - where everything is free and everybody loves everyone else - and where we can always sit down and have a chat, or march with banners, as we are slowly, but surely, dragged into abject poverty and subjugation, at the hands of the bankers, from whom Jeremy and his crack (pot) team will obtain the billions to bring about their much lusted after changes.

Of course, it is only ever the leaders and their hangers-on who really benefit, in the time honoured manner, and the Unions will be in their element - making the SNP look like a bunch of amateurs when it comes to stirring up trouble.

But the problems that Britain is facing are because we are members of the EEC (EU), and subject to its four "Freedoms", as defined in the Treaty of Rome, (1957), its Directives and Regulations which, over the past 44 years (and accelerated since the advent of Mrs Merkel) have led us to this point.

After all, if the EU is the dreamt of Paradise, a Cornucopia, a Promised Land or simply a Panacea - why, after 44 years since, we joined, and after paying billions in subscriptions (none of which we will ever get back) are we having such problems? Why are we not in the same position as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France - no wait, that is exactly where we are, held back by debt and deficit induced austerity**, and not because we are leaving the EU - but because we did not leave sooner - before New Labour came to power in the UK.

After all, most of the money that has been paid into the EU has been wasted on vanity projects and supporting ne'er do well, failed politicians and hordes of hangers-on, in the EU and in the UK, and who will remain on "our" payroll until the the end of time, if Labour, or the LibDems, SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru or Sinn Feign, and the EU have their way - The Lisbon Treaty (2007) has no termination date - not even 1000 years.

When will the populations of Europe wake up to the scam that is the EU?

The most cynical part of this Labour Manifesto is the fake ambivalence over immigration, the general Left wing position is, that they will not put a cap on the numbers to be allowed into the UK, or how much the UK population will be allowed to grow - so the manifesto promises are entirely disingenuous, by definition. Since there will be an unknown, and uncontrollable immigration -  as the UN and EU are planning to pass through the EU to the UK, after Merkel gets re-elected in September, 2017 -  after which, any costings are entirely spurious.

Corbyn must know that his position on the EU is only consistent with the UK not leaving the protectionist bloc; because staying as a member of the the single market, and / or allowing non-UK Citizen's to remain under ECJ's jurisdiction within the UK, through agreeing the rights of EU nationals on the terms demanded by Barnier et al., means that the UK itself would be, effectively, under the jurisdiction of the EU in perpetuity.

In which case, Corbyn's new paradise must involve paying subscriptions into the EU - his most likely source of borrowing (as with Greece and the others), and because of the EU legal superiority - it will not allow British students to be given free tuition without the same free access to tuition for everyone else. That would also mean any benefits deriving from any Labour policy, that he might be offering to the UK population, will also have to be available for any and all of the rest of the EU, and beyond - Communism writ large.

Voting for Corbyn means that "Brexit" will be thwarted, as completely as if Britain had surrendered to Germany during WWII.


* intentional misspelling

** Large scale borrowing, population expansion and future debt related to PFI etc., under New Labour (1997-2010) - all related to EU membership.