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17th November, 2017

A Fundamental Law of the EU - Part II Continued

Page 20: "EU states cannot be forced against their will to take the federal step. At the same time, such states cannot be allowed an open-ended possibility to pick and choose what they want from the EU and discard the rest. The point has been reached when yet more à la carte opt-outs and derogations risk fracturing the cohesion of the acquis communautaire. Free-riding means disintegration"

Comment:A side swipe at the UK and a repeated warning that the member states must do as they are told.

One feature of the original Constitution for Europe (2004) is that it uses Articles to illustrate its good features and then with other Articles or through qualifications in the same Article it negates those features with terms such as ... as long as it does not affect the objectives of the EU or similar.

For example, from the Constitution for Europe(2004):-

Article 1-9-2 - (The EU) Accepts the EU Convention on Protection of Human Rights, but not if it affects the EU's powers. 

The preceding section is just a tiny snapshot of what is going on in the minds of the EU controllers, we now look at the "Preamble to the new Constitution" and one section from the main text.

Fundamental Law Text


"To underline the legitimacy of the new federal union the Preamble asserts itself on behalf of

 ‘ We the Peoples of Europe’ in place of the heads of the old nation states."

Comment:It is the primary objective of the EU to destroy the member state identities

Page 117: Under the heading - Part III Finances of the Union 

"The Fundamental Law makes some major changes to the Union’s financial system, notably with the aim to give the Union the resources it needs to match the scale of its political ambition."

"Article 202 - in The Fundamental Law of the EU gives the Union the powers to levy direct and indirect taxation as the instrument to raise its own revenue."

Comment: So the bigger the EU's political ambitions, the greater the tax burden that will be levied upon the populations of its member states - at least those who choose to stay - and those populations will become slaves to the EU dictatorship the more that it evolves (the new treaty will not be changing  the parts of the Lisbon treaty (2007) which bestow the powers of a dictatorship and the laws of a police state on the EU)

We  end this article withone Article from the Lisbon Treaty (2007) which will be retained in the Fundamental Law, but there are many more such Articles 42 et seq. which outline the Military ambitions of the EU - which will be under the control of Brussels (Berlin).

Page 248: "Article 42 (3) Lisbon Treaty (2007)" and "Article 418 (ex-Article 42 TEU) in The Fundamental Law of the EU"

Lisbon Treaty (2007) - Old Constitution

Article 42 (3) - 3. Member States shall make civilian and military capabilities available to the Union for the implementation of the common security and defence policy, to contribute to the objectives defined by the Council. (italics added in The Fundamental Law of the EU)

Fundamental Law of the EU- New Constitution
Article 418 (3) - States shall make civilian and military capabilities available to the Union for the implementation of the common security and defence policy.

Comment:The EU is not building a Utopia in Europe - it is building a new "Feudal Society" in Europe - with "Vassal States" providing arms and men (the Feudal Levy): to give life to its military ambitions; to control its member states, and to expand its "Empire" - Eventually, the EU will "own" all the land and natural assets of Europe, and beyond - if it is not prevented from doing so.

All personnel in the EU armed forces will be required to swear an "Oath of Allegiance" to the EU leadership - over and above any oath to their own people (any of those who still have any form of collective identity) - as is the case for anyone who works or has worked for the EU in any position of power in the EU. Former Commissioners (Mandelson, for example) or members of the various EU governing bodies - like the ones in our Parliament whose loyalty is only to the EU, and who also would to lose their (UK funded - EU pensions) should they stand with the people of Britain.

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