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 13th January 2019

A Nest of Perfidious Vipers

In an article in the Mail Sunday today, entitled  "DAVID STARKEY: Bercow and Grieve think they are political giants, but they represent all that's rotten in this parliament of pygmies"  -  David Starkey quoted an important principle related to the presumed responsibilities of elected MP's

"MP and political theorist Edmund Burke, declared in his Letter to the Electors of Bristol in 1774 that an MP was not a delegate who should blindly obey the instructions of his voters, but their representative, empowered to use his brain and conscience in the best interests of his country."

This particular instruction may have been applicable, long ago, but all that changed when our sovereign parliament was usurped on the 1st of January 1973 with the ratification of the European Communities Act (1972) by our very own - "elected representatives" - and from which time until the present those "Remain" members of parliament have been guilty of Treason against our true, pre-1973 parliament  for the past 46 years (see The failure of Representative Democracy)

From the 1st January 1973 our so-called elected representatives ceased to be acting on the interests of Britain and the British people and worked behind the backs of their electorate for the benefit of the EEC(EU} - transferring their loyalty to a foreign power - disavowing their oath to this country through the Crown - and following laws that had been developed in secret; on behalf of lobbying vested interests, not by directly elected representatives who can be removed by popular vote; but by appointed Commissioners who have immunity from prosecution and who swear an oath to the interests of the EU and its mantra of "Ever Closer Union" - a key part of the oath (declaration) by those appointed as EU Commissioners is shown below:

Before the

Pursuant to Article 17 of the Treaty on European Union and Article 245 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.
Having been appointed as a Member of the European Commission by the European Council, following the vote of consent by the European Parliament

I solemnly undertake:

to respect the Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union in the fulfillment of all my duties;
to be completely independent in carrying out my responsibilities,
in the general interest of the Union;

They are not looking after the interests of the UK - they are looking after the interests of the EU - and they are not one and the same - and when they complete their "tour of duty" they continue to have immunity from prosecution, with a large EU pension - which they are not required to declare (which they risk losing if they do not continue to act in the EU's interests) even as they vote on legislation which will affect the UK population, their Constituents and Electorate. Former EU officials actively attempted to frustrate the process of Britain leaving the EU during the Withdrawal Bill (2018) debates by bringing forward amendments to keep the UK population trapped in the EU. These attempts to disadvantage the UK and keep it in the EU continue today.

Being in EU is Not in the interests of the UK

  • It was not in interest of the UK their Constituents that "Remain" politicians voted for the UK to be subjected to six illegal EEC (EU) treaties (illegal under English Common Law) without any Referendum and behind the backs of the UK population - committing the UK to joining a developing Totalitarian EU Police State in Europe - not as a sovereign state, but ultimately, as a Province of the EU.

  • nor to giving away more and more of our sovereignty over our most important attributes of state, to a foreign power: including EU power over our Common Law Constitution; over our sovereign Fishing rights; our Immigration and Asylum policies; our Armed Forces and Defence industry (Article 42.3 TEU); over our Police and our policy of Community Policing; opening up our public services to exploitation and the destruction of our infrastructure by following the EU's 4 (so-called) "Freedoms".

  • nor to subvert our legal system by substituting a pretend British "Supreme" Court which, in reality, is subservient to the European Court of Justice (ECJ); relegating Westminster Parliament to the status of a puppet administration - typical of such in formerly occupied European countries, not so long ago.

  • nor is it in our interests to have the UK divided into EU Regions to be directly administered from Brussels, with an EU Public Prosecutor stationed in each Region; along with the EU's Paramilitary Police squads to keep the people under control - should they decide that they object to being trapped in the EU - when no alternatives were allowed.

  • nor is it in our interests to be paying into a corrupt political system where MEP's, and the rest, can collect expenses (our money) without the need to account for the expenditure (see EU Business Model) - it is bad enough when it happens in the UK; waiving a war debt owed to Britain by Germany to the tune of £3.62 trillion in 1990; guaranteeing loans to third world countries and paying into a system which owns all the assets, which were paid for by the Member States - and which will ultimately appropriate all of the Member State assets; nor having over 50% of our gold sold-off through auctions between 1999 and 2002 at manipulated bargain basement prices, partly (40%) to prop up the Euro € at a cost of ~£2.8 billion to the UK taxpayer.

  • nor to fund UK QUANGOS which are really EU controlled euro-quangos - with staff on enormous salaries - interfering in our domestic public services and facilitating EU propaganda to the general public, at a huge cost to the UK taxpayer.The amount we have been paying in subscriptions to the EEC(EU) is only the tip of the iceberg of what else our politicians hand over to the EU - behind our backs.

  • nor is it in our interests to have our small and medium-sized companies, who do not even trade with the EU (92%GDP) carrying the same regulatory burden as big business (8% GDP); being forced to add an EU 8% VAT onto our domestic VAT; have our Treasury Budgets monitored and controlled by the EU - EU market liberalisation policies have been the primary driver for "Zero-Hour" contracts, "Food Banks" and Austerity; EU tariffs forcing artificially higher prices for foodstuffs and goods within the EU Protectionist Bloc - just to benefit of the French farmers and other inefficient producers; forced to sell our companies and infrastructure just to pay for the horrendous deficit that we have with the EU: meanwhile the Remain MP's, those who are also landowners, are paid not to produce harvests that would compete with EU producers.

  • nor is it in our interests to build HS2 at a minimum cost of £56 billion - which is an EU project to tie the UK rail network into the EU train transport system - not to improve travel time between London and the north of England - along an EU designated track at the UK's expense - likely to rise to over £200 billion - if we are lucky.

Each of the above, and many more encumbrances - with centralised direct taxation straight out of our bank accounts still to come - upon our daily lives have been brought about through collaboration of "Remain" politicians and the EU; the Lisbon Treaty (2007) was the last straw. 

The EU is the most destructive and destabilising organisation yet devised - it is an occupation of Europe using "banks instead of tanks" (to quote an unknown author) - all in the relentless drive to build a giant war machine using the existing and future Member State Civilian and Military capabilities (including nuclear weapons) under central EU control - in an echo of the way that the occupied countries in Europe were used during WWII (Article 42.3 TEU) - in an effort to compete with the military might of the USA and China - that is, according to Merkel and Macron.

The "Remain" politicians may believe that they can hide behind the privilege of Edmund Burke's definition of Representative Democracy  - but they have no right to claim that; they are not acting in the interests of the UK, nor in the interests of their Constituents and Electorate - they have not acted in the interests of the UK or any of its people for the past 46 years - and when they claim otherwise, they are Charlatans.

Those who are attempting to thwart the UK leaving the EU are happy to see the UK brought to its knees under the yoke of the EU - and, to be rewarded for that by the EU (Coudenhove-Kelergi Prize and Légion d'Honneur) - they should move out to where they are more appreciated - to the EU; and remember to take their Marie-Antoinette  tribute act with them.

They simply have vested interests in the EU and could not care less about the UK - their individual and collective actions attest to their true nature - they are simply "A nest of Perfidious Vipers" *

EU related information of interest is attached below - including the main effects of the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004) whose texts (~95%) were secretly distributed within the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and other EU Treaty texts. The Lisbon Treaty was subsequently adopted by the ECJ  (through its own "Case Law")  as the de facto Constitution of the European Union.

* (The first documented use of the term... ...was in 1644 when a pamphlet that criticised a group of plotters who were planning treason against the English Parliament was titled A Nest of Perfidious Vipers -