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 ​13th July, 2016

A New Beginning?

​In the last couple of days a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same; the usual suspects who inhabit the narrow end of the spectrum of the Left in the Arts, Media, Business and Politics and whose ulterior motives are simply to be part of a political elite in a Totalitarian EU Police State which controls of the masses "for profit and their own good" to quote the Fabian Society - a group who condemn any form of Democratic expression unless it favours their own agenda and in the particular case of the the Brexit Referendum.

The New Government

There are reasons for optimism and also for concern - May has provided a mix of "Remainer's" and "Brexiteer's", and a commitment to Britain leaving the political EU. The main concern though is Hammond's claim that it would take six years to extricate Britain from the political EU and forge new trade agreements - this is highly undesirable and entirely unnecessary and shows a worrying lack of knowledge, it would also be a disaster for Britain if we were subjected to open borders for such a period of time (unless some emergency legislation was brought in to control the influx). If not we would be subjected to the prospect of more than 600,000 migrants arriving each year; followed by their dependants together with "Asylum Seekers" plus criminals and terrorists - a migration system designed to destabilise western Europe; copied from the methods used by Stalin and Mao Zedong in their attempts to control their new territories - and implemented by Merkel in the EU and advocated by Sutherland at the UN.

We can forget using the idea "Net Migration, it is just a confidence trick - unless we monitor the skill, health and education levels etc. of those who are leaving and the skill, health and education levels etc. of those arriving, we cannot assess or plan for the impact that they will have on our society; a limitation compounded by the previous government's (Conservative and Labour alike) collusion in "hiding" the new migrants away from the wealthier areas to maintain an illusion that there is no downside to uncontrolled mass migration - as long as we have (off-the-HMRC-radar) Builders, Nanny's, Dog Walkers and highly trained Baristas. Meanwhile our highly skilled professionals leave our shores in droves - as do Germany's highly skilled leave their homeland - low birthrate is only part of Germany's problem and is compounded by mass uncontrolled immigration Ponzi schemes; not solved.

The other main concern relates to the overwhelming desire of the political EU to "punish" Britain for its temerity in opposing the "might" of the Marxist ideology, so rampant within the EU Member State and; that it will act as a deterrent to other "rogue" Member States, to remind them that they will not be allowed any Democratic legitimacy in their own right within the political EU.

On the plus side however, Davis is more experienced in the EU and its workings and he needs to push for a more rapid turnaround. Davis will have support from Fox and Johnson and we have yet to see how May deals with Merkel - who seems to already believe tha May will be a pushover since she is ostensibly a fan of the EU? - We shall see.

The Anti-Democracy Lobby

Nothing has changed in respect of the calls for another Referendum - despite their claims that the first one was only advisory and for some unknown reason want another referendum, which by definition - would also be advisory and so defies logic and points to a deep seated resentment of Democracy in Britain; and is even now being offered by Owen Smith as part of a "cunning" plan to get rid of Corbyn and bring about a Blairite succession whose primary objective is to take the British people into abject slavery (worse than Greece which will become the de facto status of EU Member States) within the political EU; at the mercy of the multinational corporations. 

The second tier of the attack on Democracy by the Left has come via protests involving aging celebrities and businessmen manipulating the young into pushing the agenda of the old (former Communists, Maoists, Marxists or other -ists) into the UK - and thirdly Barristers  pushing for a vote in Parliament where there is a large majority (as there are also in the House of Lords) in favour of the EU; on the basis that the Britain is a Representative Democracy.

However, Sovereignty (lawful authority to make Laws and govern the British people) derives from the people of Britain and through our voting system creates a Representative Democracy - however, the supremacy of our Laws was illegally given way by the Heath's Tory government in 1972 - with the help of some Labour Party politicians - in the European Communities Act (1972).

The result of which was that EEC (EU) Laws have Supremacy over the Laws passed by our Politicians and according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office FCO:30/1048 (1971) briefing notes which warned the Heath government of the loss of Sovereignty - there would be a major responsibility on the  British government and other political parties to protect the EEC (EU) from adverse scrutiny by the British public and effectively dupe the population about their progressive absorption into a Totalitarian Police State - this was however, spelled out in great detail in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - signed by Brown and D Miliband - in which Declaration 17 reiterates that EU Laws have supremacy over the Laws of its Member States.

The true nature of the political EU is starkly illustrated by the fact that the Lisbon Treaty (2007) has ~95% of the Terms and  Conditions of the Constitution for Europe (2004) - signed by Blair and Straw - distributed within its texts - with the word Constitution removed along with any reference to the paraphernalia of state. The Constitution for Europe (2004) was rejected by the French and Dutch in Referenda in 2005. The Lisbon Treaty (2007) was then labelled as a Reform Treaty to avoid any Referendums - Eire is the only country which has had a Referendum of the Lisbon Treaty and was required to vote a second time after rejecting the treaty in the first Referendum.  In 2007 Merkel stated that the substance of the Constitution (for Europe) had been preserved (in the Lisbon Treaty (2007)) a treaty that was ratified by all 28 Member States in 2009.

To quote District Judge Morgan in the 2001 case of the "Metric Martyrs" - traders who were prosecuted for selling goods in pounds (lb) and ounces (oz) instead of the EU legal requirement of kilograms (kg) and grams (g)

​"We are now living under a new legal order. The 1972 European Communities Act was a one-off, not an ordinary treaty, but a new way of life. These are new constitutional powers. The British Parliament surrendered its sovereignty in 1972. EU laws have overriding force with priority over British Laws - The Articles on the supremacy of the British Parliament are now only of Historical perspective - they are non-binding"

Parliament had no right to give away these powers since they did not belong to them - they did however, retain the right to repeal the European Communities Act (1972) and take back our Parliamentary Supremacy - this is one way that Britain can take back control since such repeal would make all the EU-UK Treaties null and void - although Laws that the EU has had incorporated into UK Law already; those which are not viewed as beneficial to Britain; such as the European Arrest Warrant (EAW)(Corpus Juris) would have to be separately repealed.

One great danger though is that in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) there is a requirement for the EU Political Parties to be merged into larger parties representing at least ten Member States - this would result in our political parties being dissolved and merged into these larger, pan-European parties - this would certainly prevent the UK from repealing the European Communities Act (1972) and leave us trapped forever in the coming darkness of the political EU.

The repeal of the European Communities Act (1972) must be given the highest priority

In light of the above it is clear that since Parliament cannot serve two masters - it currently defers to the political EU - it cannot therefore provide any legitimate claim as a Representative Democracy (of the British people who voted 52% / 48% to leave the political EU) in matters related to the EU - the level of support for the EU in Parliament 479/637 or 75% / 25% (declared prior to the Brexit vote) makes the British Parliament simply a "vassal" of the EU - which could not be relied upon to act in the best interests of the British People; as expressed in the Referendum.

The result of the Referendum therefore must take precedence.