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4th August, 2017

A Simple Choice

If we stay in the Single Market and Customs Union, or allow EU legal jurisdiction to overrule our laws, then we have to accept all the terms and conditions of the EU - and the EU Referendum result is thwarted. As a result Britain would be under the total control of the EU in perpetuity - without any control of its own future direction. You can then forget any direction for the UK, other than that dictated by the German financial controllers (via the Quadriga - formerly the Troika) - just as Greece, Spain, Italy etc. have to do - follow orders: including imposed and enforced austerity; together with integrating fully under the EU Constitution - (that is currently the system that the UK is under)

Many people do not realise that the EU Constitution was hidden within the Lisbon Treaty (2007), and that it superseded the Constitutions of all its member states after the treaty was Ratified on the 1st of January, 2009 - in reality therefore, the EU has only had any legal power for the past 8 years and 7 months, prior to that we were under the control of the EEC(EC)  So the EU could not have had anything to do with keeping peace in Europe from 1945 up to 2009 - nor has it done anything  to keep peace in Europe since 2009. We have been under the ECJ jurisdiction though, since the Ratification of the European Communities Act (1972) on the 1st of January, 1973 - everything else changed after the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - when the "Four Freedoms" began to be more openly implemented - notably with mass uncontrolled immigration into the UK.

Vetoes and Opt-outs

As for staying in the EU, you can forget "UK Vetoes" and "Opt-outs", they will no longer exist, except in the short-term. They were only there to entice countries to join the EEC, and more importantly, to allow their politicians to sell the idea of joining the EEC to their populations, whilst "Lulling them into a Feeling of False Security", which many in the Remain camp fell for during the EU Referendum in 2016 - this played an important part in the Remain vote in the EU Referendum - since it was one of the top 3 reasons why Remainer's voted to stay in the EU.

The Remainer's argued that with "Vetoes" and "Opt-outs" we could stay in the EU and have the "Best of Both Worlds", and whereas the Leave voters did not trust the EU (from past experience and the clear signs that the EU was going to fully integrate - whatever the cost) - the Remain camp continued to believe that they really could have this "perfect" arrangement.

Once Article 50 was invoked, those were certainly lost and would never again be available - but those would only have been delayed in any event - the EU has a single purpose and various devices, including qualified majority voting and political manipulation would certainly have overridden the "Vetoes" and "Opt-outs" anyway. The way that the EU really operates, exposed during the negotiations, shows that the EU will stop at nothing to get its own way. The UK opted out of Schengen, but for the good it has done for the UK, they may just as well have not bothered - since we "trust" our Politicians - while they just work with the EU behind our backs.

By staying in the EU the lives of the member state populations will be under the total control of one government - there will be no national political parties - only Europe wide, faux political parties, and no means of self determination - is that what the Remainer's  want for your children and grandchildren?

The Latest Remain Assault

Following the 8th of June, 2017 General Election, the political Left supporters of the EU have increased their propaganda and spin in order to push the idea that, because Mrs May did not increase her majority then the country has changed its mind, and in any event with a weakened majority in the House of Commons, the EU Referendum could be thwarted - by those who would rather see the British population living under a Dictatorship in the EU, than in a Democracy in the UK. We wonder though, how such individuals or groups, who would willingly sell out their own country and fellow citizens would be viewed by the EU - since they clearly could not be trusted - and what is the price for such collaboration - an EU pension, funded by British taxpayers, a Légion d'Honneur, a Coudenhove-Kalergi (Charlemagne) prize,  for services to the EU, free travel around the EU, or just a fist full of Euros?

This new skirmish, is being driven by an interesting analysis of the results of the recent General Election - the Remain camp are claiming that the results show that more people voted to remain in the EU, because they believed that Corbyn would keep Britain in the Single Market (not completely defined in the Labour Manifesto) etc., - but the notion that therefore more people want to remain in the EU makes no sense.

The conclusions from the General Election results and subsequent events show the following:-

  • No-one can now believe a word that Corbyn says - unless it is support of terrorist groups and contains ant-British rhetoric
  • Conservative voters do not like being attacked by their own government and voted in protest
  • Voters turned away from the most virulent EU supporters - the SNP - and turned to the Conservative Party - and Alex Salmond lost his seat
  • The most vocal party for a 2nd Referendum, the Liberal Democrats, only gained 3 new seats and the most fanatical EU supporter, Nick Clegg, lost his seat (no doubt influenced by tuition fees)
  • Most Labour gains did not represent a substantial swing to Labour, in fact a number were won with only a few votes - e.g. Kensington 20 votes
  • Most Labour gains were related to an offer to students to get rid of their debts and free tuition - money for votes - of which, allegedly, there was an avalanche of votes
  • Theresa May, in spite of everything thrown at the Conservative Party and her personally, still won the election with a vote share greater than the Blair "landslide" vote share
  • Nothing in the results, apart from speculation and mischief, point to an increase in support to remain in the EU

The only reason for the upsurge in the number of claims that more people support remain comes from a more concerted effort by the remain camp to exploit May's majority position, and it is mostly driven by the usual suspects, the  PLP, various celebrities and peers and other ne'er do well individuals, with vested interests.

Funny thing is that, if the Remain camp really do believe that there are more people wanting to stay in the EU, why would need to give 16 year olds the vote (Clegg wants them to have two votes each) with some calls for people over 50, to not be allowed to vote - such suggestions destroy the idea of an increase in those wanting to remain - otherwise, why would they need to fiddle any new vote?

New Schengen Area for NATO

While we are on the subject of "Opt-outs", the Dutch and some NATO military generals are pushing for free movement of the Military within the EU, they want to be able to travel "like the migrants do", so that they could quickly reach areas where threats exist- their "problem" apparently is the fact that the existing infrastructure is not conducive to the rapid mobilisation of military machinery/troops (assets) - because of weak bridges and low tunnels etc. preventing free travel across the EU. They did also mention Sovereignty, being a bit of a hassle (our words, not theirs) - perhaps Poland and Hungary have been put on notice?

We speculate that HS2 would be a good infrastructure project for rapid mobilisation of troops and military equipment/supplies to where the EU might feel threatened. So there we have it, now the EU (NATO) want to have free movement of armies across Europe - perhaps it is time for Britain to begin a massive programme of rearmament, and we should look at defending ourselves, rather than helping Germany with its aggressive expansion of military power.