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​​Established in 2015. The website is run by volunteers. We do not accept donations, crowdfunding, nor advertising, we do not have sponsors, nor do we have any connection with any political nor public, commercial, private organisation, charity nor any other group.

We operate by analysing published documents related to the EU (Treaties) and its connected groups, as well as from information gathered from its proponents and opponents alike - too many to mention.

In doing so we have followed the history and development of the EU in order to establish its real motivations and its true purpose - alerted to its true ambitions by the most recent Treaties and the behaviour of New Labour (1997 - 2010), in particular - together with actions of the subsequent governments.

We believe that this is a necessary undertaking, particularly in Britain, because our population has been systematically misled about the EU, by the British establishment, for the past 44 years, and there is a danger that the real EU will only surface after it is too late for the populations of EU member states to take the necessary action to extricate themselves from the project.

We have already shown that critical parts of the Constitution for Europe (2004) (Articles, Declarations and Protocols) - a treaty which was rejected in 2005 by the French and the Dutch - were indeed hidden within the Lisbon Treaty (2007) (see EU Constitution)

Systematic deception has been a hallmark of the development of the EU project - from its inception, through the EEC to the EC and on to the EU.

Other results of our work (our analyses are ongoing) are presented on this website - with a view to encourage anyone who is perplexed by the EU Project, and even those who are besotted with the EU - to look deeper into the true nature of the EU before deciding how to vote (whenever they are able), as the project proceeds - the June 8th, 2017 General Election is particularly important to the UK.

Our position with regard to the EU is, as stated on our Home page:-

Trade with Europe - Not Controlled by the Political EU.

Stop the Occupation of Europe by the EU

The Real EU

We at consider that the European Union (EU), which often appears benign, friendly, open, welcoming and beneficial for all, apart from when it occasionally slips up, is nothing of the sort. On the contrary, we believe that it is being organised on the designs of an Empire (so much coveted by older powers within Europe), in the Treaty of Rome (1957) and on, through new treaties, to the Lisbon Treaty (2007); which in itself, came about through a monumental deception - that is was a Reform Treaty - when in reality is was the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004) in disguise. 

We believe that EU will become a Totalitarian Dictatorship following the Soviet model with the populations of former nations treated as little more than EU-Ecofodder to be mobilised at the whim of Global Corporations; and that any freedom will be illusory.

We consider that the vast majority of current politicians, from the Left, Centre or the Right, together with some in the Political Media have entered into a Faustian Pact with those who control the EU and are willing to sell their own countrymen to the EU project for their own personal gain.

We do not believe that large Supranational States, to which the EU aspires, are any less likely to start wars than smaller Nation States. and indeed, it is clear that neither WWIII (nor any other conflict) was prevented by the EEC nor EC nor EU, but rather by the disarming of the belligerents (subsequently re-armed and within NATO), the presence of occupation troops (until April, 2013), NATO (formed in 1949), the Cold War (1947-1991) and the threat of nuclear annihilation - which seems to be being ignored - in favour of promoting the EU - as a faux saviour of Europe.

The EU has only existed as a legal entity since the 1st January, 2009, after the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and therefore is now less than 10 years old - and so the EU could not have had anything, at all, to do with keeping peace in Europe since 1945.

In fact, the programme of disarming West Germany only lasted between 1945 and the early 1950's, after which they were re-armed prior to joining NATO and have had, ever since then, developed a sizeable  military; engaged in domestic and foreign operations and training. They have also developed a thriving export market for their weapons' industry; in fact Germany was the third largest arms' dealer in the world up until 2010, when it was overtaken by China. More worrying it has actively exported weapons to the Middle East, including dual use chemicals to Syria (admitted by the German government in 2011)

Indeed, we believe that there is a higher likelihood of conflict leading to a world war/nuclear war because of the EU's obsession with expansion and its desire for domination of smaller nation states on its borders; into Russia, the Middle East and North Africa.; not exactly mitigated by the recent calls for the formation of EU armed forces, under control from Brussels; and including the British nuclear weapons.

For those misled by the EU, particularly regarding the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize which was, in reality an undeserved political gesture, designed to present to the world the EEC(EU) as a Utopian ideal; but it is without any merit as a peace keeping organisation, either within or outside Europe. To be fair the award was based upon the EU's "promotion of peace", rather than its woefully inadequate actions over the previous decades, where it spectacularly failed.

Such an accolade is also totally at odds with the ambition to bring together the armed forces of all the member states under the control of Germany - as an EU Armed Force.

The original motivation for setting up mutual cooperation between West Germany and France though, was peace - but not by mutual desire for peace - they were made to share responsibility for the means of war, iron and coal, so that neither could re-arm in secret.

The EEC developed by entangling the member states in a single control mechanism - trade - which could be developed into total control of the member states through a single government - Treaty of Rome (1957)

The mode of development was by stealth at citizen level, so as not to alert the populations of Europe, and collusion at the political level - with the offer of a higher status place in the new Empire, than they could attain in their own nation states.

Equally, the idea that the EU has increased prosperity in Europe is also fallacious, as can easily be demonstrated by the unemployment levels in the Mediterranean and Atlantic member states.

We believe that for the sake of our children, grandchildren and their offspring we must leave the political EU and form other relationships with countries which share a common vision - not that of an Empire building EEC->EC->EU->Europa - controlled from the Brussels branch of the Berlin ​​central command.