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28th July 2016

Agitators and Opportunists

It seems that not a single day passes since the Brexit vote to Leave the political European Union (23rd of June, 2016) without the political Left continuing its relentless, unfounded or made-up doom-mongering, apocalyptic predictions or scare stories and lies which appear everywhere in the press - either through the actual media editorials or the articles themselves or vicariously through trolls on the comments pages of Brexit related success data and predictions. 

Perhaps it is not surprising considering that prior to the Referendum some 479 out of 637 or 75% of MP's in the House of Commons who declared their position expressed their desire for Britain to remain in the political EU - which was totally at odds with the 52% of the voting population who wanted to Leave the political EU. In fact, the vast majority of the members of the political Left in all the political parties supported remaining in the EU - since the EU is a politically Left organisation whose hierarchy is populated by former supporters of the Old Soviet Union who wish to re-establish their former lifestyle and apply their well tried control methods in Europe.

In fact, there is a list (substantial though not complete) of those governments, politicians, individuals, notables and celebrities who stated their position on Britain Leaving the EU - either for or against - on Wikipedia which would serve as a reference for any pronouncements that any critical or favourable comments and their stated position with regard to Britain being in the EU; stated prior to the vote. This website is definitely worth a visit and; it is worth remembering that the effects of Brexit will not be felt properly until the final UK-EU arrangements are agreed and put in place - in addition we are still suffering from the latent effects of the 2008 crash which had nothing to do with Brexit, rather it was the usual suspects in New Labour who were heavily involved.,_2016#Government

After a quick look at the above list one name that "popped" out immediately, was António Horta-Osório the CEO of Lloyds Bank who was listed as a remain supporter and whose company today announced that Lloyds Bank would lose 3000 jobs and close 200 bank branches "because of Brexit" - well since nothing has changed in our relationship with the political EU in any respect since the Referendum vote and will not change for about 2 years and 5 months it appears to be a rather cynical move by a remain supporter whose conclusions do not stand up to scrutiny - Lloyds Banking Group though is listed as a business which officially endorses neither side.

Other opportunists include those petrol retailers who are happy to slap on price increases at every any opportunity - so I guess they concluded "Why not use Brexit as an excuse to make a fast "buck" and blame it all on the "Leave" voters."" 

The biggest opportunist and agitator of all though is the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon who like others with a "Bolshevik" mindset is trying to get her own way by pushing to take Scotland away from the UK and into the hands of the EU; this time because of Brexit.

Having read some of the comments in some of the Scottish newspapers though I do have some sympathy (not with Sturgeon) but with the Scottish position.

The Scottish comments that we had read indicate that; to the Scots Westminster is worse than Brussels when it comes to how the Scots could determine their own destiny - so they might be better off in the EU, rather than staying in the UK.

Unfortunately, what the SNP is telling the Scots does not bear much relationship to reality. 

Scottish aspirations parallel the reasons why the rest of Britain want to Leave the EU - the majority in the UK want to leave the EU for the same reasons that the SNP wants Scotland to join the EU - but they can't both be correct; that is to say that the rest of the UK want to be able to determine their own destiny as well - but that cannot happen in any country which joins or stays in the EU, which is why Brexit took place - to illustrate that point:-

The Lisbon Treaty (2007) contains, de facto the "Constitution for Europe (2004)" which was rejected by the French and Dutch in 2005 on the grounds that Ratifying that treaty would have led to the total loss of their sovereignty - not just sharing - but losing it all - so for Scotland to join the EU it must totally give up its ability to determine its own destiny - Nicola can shout as much as she likes but she won't get her own way in the EU; unless it is also part of the EU's own objectives. (UK Regions)

Scotland can currently change its own government and its lawmaker's if they are unfit to govern, so in that sense Scotland is "locally Sovereign" but it does not have a big enough majority to change UK laws that might affect them, however Scotland would have an even smaller percentage of the vote in the EU currently, and under the Lisbon Treaty (2007) EU Member States will be merged into pan-European parties representing at least 10 countries - so it is possible to calculate Scotland's influence at a particular moment in time, based upon Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) - but the EU is ever expanding and wishes to expand to include; Turkey, further into the Middle East, North Africa, Ukraine and other Russian marginal states - all of whom will want a share of the vote; effectively diluting individual Member State votes. 

Scotland would do better to stay with the UK and we can all benefit with the right arrangements outside the political EU but still trading with Europe, as well as the rest of the World.

The reason that this full frontal assault on Brexit continues is because the EU and the Fabian Society membership,  PLP the Bankers and the multinational corporations et al., have not given up on attempts to to reverse the Referendum result - the next main thrust is likely to come after the PLP sorts itself out or forms a new party - "The New Bolsheviks" perhaps would be most appropriate and at least honest - and begins to form alliances to bring down the government.