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27th May, 2017

An Alliance of Apologists

The Salman Abedi story tells us what is wrong with our approach to Islamist terrorism in the UK - apparently Salman's father was an opponent of Col. Gaddafi in Libya and sought refuge in the UK - and now his son and others have returned our generosity, by using our taxpayer paid-for benefit system, and tuition fee loans to pay Britain back for its Christian charity and providing sustenance, for him and his family - by blowing up 22 people, young girls, in particular, but many others - in a callous repayment. The words of the the hate preacher have never had more resonance - when stating that UK benefits should be used as a "Jihadi Seekers' Allowance" to further the cause of the Islamic extremism in the UK.

In a disgusting, self-indulgent monologue Jeremy Corbyn has shown his true colours by claiming that it is our fault that our children have been slaughtered by a deranged member of a Muslim family whose parents had claimed asylum in our country - because we supported those oppressed in Libya against the tyranny of their former leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi. Now we learn that Corbyn is not the only member of the UK establishment who feels the same way about the British population, after the other liberal Political Left clan member, the "Greens" places their head above the parapet and agrees with Corbyn's deliberately lazy analysis; which relies on false memory and a blind disregard for the fact that other countries have suffered terror attacks without any overseas military intervention - Sweden, for example. 

Corbyn is selling a deliberately distorted view of the cause of terrorism to gain political advantage at a time of distress within the British population - by shamelessly playing for the ethnic minority vote - a minority which, apparently, contains some 23,000 Jihadists in its midst. How long before Corbyn and the Greens are joined by some of the Lib.Dems. and others?

There has never been a more stark choice for the next government of the UK. Corbyn has made his cynical position perfectly clear, and no doubt those of minimum voting age will see him, in their naivety, as the new (if aging) Che Guevara or should it be Don Quixote; tilting at imaginary windmills that he has spent his life condemning - the British population and its establishment - to which, ironically, he now belongs.

The future path that the UK should follow has also never been clearer - out of the EU in less than 2 years, no ifs, no buts, and no EU controlling legal connections; no Customs Union, nor Single Market membership, no ECJ nor other EU Jurisdiction; no transitional arrangements and no European Arrest Warrant etc., - no more false asylum seekers; either in the backs of lorries or by any other means; no EU quotas, and our borders properly managed - for our benefit - not for Merkel's benefit nor that of opportunist businessmen, who have no loyalty to the UK.  A clear move towards our Commonwealth, BRICS and US/Canada and other alliances in the wider world - with an "arms length" relationship with the EU; except where it jointly benefits the UK and the EU - a real clampdown on benefit fraud and terrorist sympathisers within our society; including within the liberal Left.

Before you vote - don't forget that the Labour Party have a habit of ignoring their Manifesto commitments - they promised a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - the most important of all EU Treaties - then reneged. The only thing that is guaranteed is a Marxist dominated government intent on its own self-indulgence and the financial ruin of the UK, trapped inside the EU.

This General Election is the last chance for the UK to regain its identity and its pride outside the EU.