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5th July, 2017

Animal Farm

The image of Tom Watson, Deputy Labour Leader, enjoying tennis at Wimbledon from the Royal Box reminded me of the those who took over Animal Farm, in George Orwell's famous book parodying the Communist Russian Revolution (October, 1917), in which the Bolsheviks took over the established order and assumed the mantle, and the positions of those they despised, but whom they only despised out of envy, and were simply motivated by a lust for power. It is not to say that Tom Watson should not be entitled to sit in such a privileged position, if he was invited. 

It does show though that those in the Labour Party who espouse the notion that they represent the workers do not, in fact, have the restricted access to the "goodies" in our society that would be denied to ordinary workers. Just as Jeremy Corbyn has now squeezed his son into a nice little earner off the back of the taxpayer's - working with John McDonnell - and with a take home pay equal to twice that of the average wage; or Diane Abbot who sent her son to a private school, and of course many others who are well-off to very well-off in the Labour party - and they accuse the Tories of being privileged, and out of touch with ordinary people -  in fact, "For the Many, not the Few" rings rather hollow when it is just a meaningless slogan which does not apply to those in the Labour Party - where it is quite the opposite.

The voters should be reminded of the hypocrisy that the Labour party actually represents, through their actions, when they seek to rule over them - even after they spectacularly fail to win the 3rd Democratic General Election in a row.

In the June, 2017 General Election the Labour Party singularly failed to win even though Theresa May had actually given them every opportunity to win - through deliberately attacking her own core voters, and offering unending sacrifice, and unrelenting misery to anyone who voted Conservative - and even when the Labour Party offered unlimited cash, no fees and everything for nothing, if they voted Labour - they still lost!

In fact, they lost by 55 seats and the Conservatives increased their vote share to the level greater than that achieved by Blair in his landslide victory.

The Labour reaction to the defeat was to claim that they had, in fact, won and that Theresa May should step aside (typical Communist propaganda mischief), even fomenting revolution and a "Day of Rage" - intending to march on Parliament, force out the elected government, and take over the running of the country, on the false premise that the government was responsible for the Grenfell Tower block fire.

One excuse was to blame the government for an horrific tower block fire which has killed more than 80 people; a similar ruse was previously used by Hitler to grab power in 1933, with the Reichstag fire - which was blamed on the Communists at the time (ironically enough) - the Grenfell Tower fire was labelled, quite ridiculously by McDonnell as "Murder" - an accusation which will not only be found to be, entirely dishonest rabble-rousing by the those who rightly belong behind bars - prison bars that is, serving time, not drinks.  

The Labour party has not given up on its attempts to grab power - by any means - and that has not faded since the election - and that coincides with the centenary of the Bolshevik October Revolution (1917 - 2017) which they are trying to emulate - its activists ("Momentum") are working relentlessly to undermine the Democratically elected government, and allow them to take over - at any price.

The Labour Party has that October, 1917 centenary as a focal point for its effort to grab power - thwarting that attempt on its plans by October, 2017 would take the "wind out of the sails" of Momentum - at least destroying its immediate impetus. 

When you decide who to vote for remember the "single law" from Orwell's book, Animal Farm "All Animals Are Equal / But Some Are More Equal Than Others."

The UK will be in a very dark place if the Labour party or any of its affiliates in the so-called liberal Left ever get into power again, or if we fail to get completely out of the EU.