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20th October, 2017

Anti-Brexit Trolls

The Anti-Brexit Trolls are now out in force, whether it is the IMF, the OECD, Goldman Sachs or the usual suspects - Abbott, Blair, Cable, Campbell, Clarke, Clegg, Heseltine, Mandelson, Starmer, Sturgeon, the PLP, many in the House of Lords (at least 85 LibDems) - and in the Labour Party. However, we will not consider any of these usual suspects, instead we will concentrate on the others.

Corbyn - the anti-British, terrorist supporting, Marxist "Pied Piper" trying to lead our youth into abject poverty and subjugation, with promises he cannot keep, under a proven failed ideology, based upon coercive government, riches for a "new elite", economic incompetence, and State-Police control for the masses.

During the 8th June, 2017 General Election Corbyn backed leaving the EU and claimed to respect the EU referendum result - but since he visited the EU negotiating team in Brussels, with Abbott and Starmer, he has been singing a very different tune. Was he shown how well he would be rewarded, what power and glory would be his in the EU, as many others in our society have been, if he were to betray his fellow countrymen and women by thwarting Brexit on the EU's behalf?

Whatever the reason, he is now showing his true colours and siding with the EU under the pretence that the EU can be reformed - where have we heard that before? The EU cannot be reformed except in the short term, temporarily, and only with caveats - "It would be easier for a rich man and his camels to pass through the eye of a needle" or to reform the Catholic Church.

Corbyn's objectives, and those of the PLP,  are clearly to bring down the government by interfering and undermining the Brexit negotiations to ensure a "No Deal" scenario; coordinated with a plan in the Commons and the Lords to prevent the government being  allowed to accept a "No Deal" - Communist Corbyn is clearly working with the EU, against the UK - towards a coordinated common objective - he is as duplicitous as Blair (the student Trotskyite)

Corbyn's excuses for wanting to keep Britain in the EU are a total falsehood, and it is hard to see how, as a lifelong Eurosceptic, he can keep a straight face when he explains his behaviour - he is claiming to be looking after the economic interests of the UK, when in fact he is offering any deal the EU wants or desires. To suggest that the EU represents freedom throughout Europe is totally opposite to the EU's behaviour over Greece, Italy, and soon in Spain and Portugal, and to suggest that worker's rights could only be protected by staying in the EU is outright nonsense, and he knows it.

Corbyn would be helping the UK economy only if he and the other political parties and parliament were united in the negotiations with the EU - the EU is not the friend of any on the populations of any of its member states. Corbyn's actions, and those of his fellow trolls is simply to undermine the UK's position for their own benefit - their objective is to destroy the UK - they are traitors.

The long term vision for the EU is cast in stone - the Lisbon Treaty (2007) is an international contract to which all the member states are bound. The EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini recently called the European Union a "superpower for peace, security, and democracy." But the EEC(EU) began with Germany and France being forced, by the Allied powers, to share the resources for war - steel and coal - so that neither of them could re-arm in secret, and go on another rampage across Europe.

And the longer term goal for the EEC(EU) was spelled out in 1952:-

"The fusion (of economic functions) would compel nations to fuse their sovereignty into that of a single European State.” Jean Monnet, founder of the European Movement, April 3, 1952.

The EEC(EU) was clearly designed to take over the nation states of Europe - nothing to do with a desire for peace- Germany was the world's 3rd largest arms' dealer until 2010 - when it was overtaken by China - Germany's clients were mostly in the Middle East - and the German government in 2011 admitted selling arms to Syria and even supplying Assad with dual use chemicals - does that sound like the EU is a peaceful organisation?

The reality is that the EU plans to be a Military Dictatorship with the Laws of a Police State - a replacement for the old Soviet bloc - in western Europe - using all the resources; military, research, physical, intellectual and manpower of the member states, including nuclear weapons, and all under the control of Germany - the Bilderberg group and international Bankers.

Other Trolls

Recent interventions by the IMF show that the EU is mobilising more of its assets to keep the UK trapped - The IMF was part of the EU "Troika" (European Council (EC), European Central Bank (ECB) and the IMF) now "Quadriga" - part of the Eurogroup which systematically asset stripped and forced Greece into poverty just to pay interest on loans to German banks - they are part of the EU, so cannot be trusted.

The OECD on the other hand are funded by the EU and their call for a second Referendum is simply the mobilisation of more assets against the UK - with more predictions of the future by economists, with a twist.

Goldman-Sachs (GS) - the fact that Peter Sutherland (UN Immigration), one of the main promoters of mass uncontrolled immigration into the EU, particularly from Africa is (was) their Chairman - speaks volumes for its ambitions, but there is more. Goldman-Sachs effectively controls the banking in the EU, through its ex-employees, and funded the Remain camp - which suggests that they might not be unbiased either.

Baroness Brinton (LibDems) - last night on Question Time tried to suggest that we would have massive tariffs imposed upon just about everything that we buy if we reverted to WTO rules (in spite of the fact that under WTO rules the EU must treat the UK as a "Most Favoured Nation" for trade) - until she was brought down to Earth by the "Next" - CEO, who pointed out that all that was required was a simple application of a common tariff on any other country regarding trade in goods - so another Anti-Brexit Troll was outed by the BBC - inadvertently.

EU "Divorce"

Finally, regarding the EU-UK "Divorce" - It is not a Divorce - We were never married - the populations of Europe were lied to from the outset and sucked into the quagmire that is the EU, although, our elected Representatives knew all along - to their shame and eternal damnation.

We were simply given away to 27 other countries by our politicians, peers and judiciary; sold into perpetual servitude and controlled under an unaccountable single government - an arrangement without our consent (a Referendum for each new Treaty).

Now we have lived with the EEC(EU) for 43 years, and we find the arrangement very uncomfortable, so we are leaving; we are taking our children, our properties, our livestock, our agriculture, our fisheries, our lives, our culture, our identity, our armed forces, our Common Law protections, and our country with us - unless we are betrayed by our own elected Representative.

In reality, it was only ever a club that we joined - we have paid our dues - ergo not a divorce, simply the termination of a club membership - under which we are required to give two years' notice - no more, no less.