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13th November, 2016
Anti-British Psyche War

On the day we commemorate those who fought and died in the hope and expectation that Britain would never be subjugated through the Tyranny of any foreign power, yet we are closer now to being subjugated by our enemies in a new proto-Tyranny - the EU. These notions might appear to be an overplay of the true picture, unless the development of the EU is examined - which has previously been discussed in various earlier articles on this site - and is not the subject of the following comments.

Previously examined here have been; how the EEC developed and mutated into the EU in 1992 (based upon the original blueprint in the Treaty of Rome in 1957), and its most recent developments. From Blair and New Labour in 1997, followed by the rise of Merkel in 2005; the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and the subsequent events up to the present time; when our Constitution was replaced by the Constitution for Europe (2004) - hidden within the texts of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - upon which we were not allowed a Referendum. 

During this time the infrastructure necessary to build an EU Totalitarian Police State has been steadily implemented by stealth - for example, a proto-EU Army was set up by the French and Germans following the 1963 Elysee Treaty, and comprised some 5,000 personnel, and the wider EU Army has been in development ever since; largely out of sight - through the control of the legal systems and compliance of nefarious politicians in the EU member states, including Britain; all financed by taxation of the member state populations (also known as, contributions to the EU). 

Throughout this process, but most noticeably under Blair, a Psychological War has been conducted, on behalf of the EU and continued by successive Tory/LibDem, and most recently, the Tory Government; through our Education establishment, the Judiciary, the compliant Media and numerous, apparently "independent" or "unconnected" useful EU idiots; in order to control the way we think and behave, with a view to psychologically conditioning (PC reprogramming) the population of Britain; in order to destroy its common roots, and ultimately its National identity. Mass migration was added later to accelerate the process by importing an ever increasing number of potential Left wing voters, in order to overwhelm our infrastructure and Public Services - again by stealth. 

These methods have been applied through attacks on family life and values, Religion, and our British (specifically English) traditions; attacks upon our Protestant work ethic, civic duty and responsibility, with a growth in the welfare dependence culture, under Brown and Blair, together with lack of respect for our History; by discriminating against the native population in the Civil Service and other areas of our Public Services job vacancies - all the while, loyalty to Britain and British traditions are mocked and debased by a constant stream of abuse from the BBC and more recently LBC and the print Media. 

The abuse continued in many other ways, including the removal of English identity from the census forms, and Blair changing the oath of allegiance in our public services and introducing EU wide recruitment into our Police Force - thereby breaking the traditional social link between communities and the Police; which was also extended into other public services, Most importantly and most widespread was the corruption of our youth, through the destruction of our education system and the widespread distribution of EU propaganda and Marxist dogma into our schools, colleges and Universities.

The latest manifestation - The attempts to prevent us from honouring our parents' and grandparents' efforts to protect this Island Nation, and its culture, traditions and heritage, from the European Tyranny of the combined efforts of Germany, and its Allies; Vichy France, Italy, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria in WW II - by attempting to ban the "Poppy" from public display and attempt to "guilt trip" anyone in Britain out of commemorating our brave countrymen and women, our American cousins and those from the Commonwealth, and many others, who gave their lives so that we would never be trapped within any Totalitarian Police State such as  the EU - as if defending your country was in some way a shameful act - if so, why does the EU need an Army? and why does it have a flag, a motto or a required Oath of Allegiance? 

Fortunately, England and Scotland footballers defied FIFA - which is appears to be part of the EU / UN driven, Left wing Psyche War being conducted against the British population and Europe more generally, in order to attempt to extinguish its identity and replace it with an ideology which condemns misogyny and homophobia within western society - whilst happily importing thousands of members of the most misogynistic and homophobic religious culture on the planet. 

​The not-so-liberal Left would not dream or even dare to openly protest the behaviour of such religious cultures - even as they flaunt their feminist credentials throughout the compliant Media outlets - which continues to avoid "calling them out" on their spectacular hypocrisy. The reality is that they don't really care about people - their outrage is quite false, and just a part of the Psyche War that they are conducting.

Don't allow our culture and heritage to wither under the combined attacks from those who would enslave us - keep and cherish our ideals of freedom and justice and push back against those who wish to destroy us - particularly those in our Establishment who betray us to our enemies - including the EU pensioners in the House of Lords, the quislings in the House of Commons, and in Blair's EU Judiciary.