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23rd September, 2017

Appeasement Never Works (for the appeaser)

Theresa May should have "nailed her UK colours to the mast" and showed that we would not be cowed into submission by the EU, as was the case with Chamberlain in 1939 with Germany - except this time British armed forces will be part of the new "Wehrmacht" with sworn loyalty to the EU (Germany) - appeasement does not work - it simply shows that you are either weak or are working more for the EU than for the UK.

The situation that the UK is now being placed into is the worst of all worlds - if the argument was that businesses needed certainty, then they have less certainty now than they did when we would have had to walk away at the end of March, 2019 - they then could have at least  made other arrangements - by the first quarter of 2018.

Following May's speech we now have no idea (a) when we would actually be leaving and (b) no certainty that May is doing anything but kicking our leaving the EU into the long grass - so there will not be any attempt by any UK business to prepare to leave the current UK - EU arrangements.

Why should businesses take any action to make provisions for leaving the EU, when they could, instead, spend their time and money lobbying (bribing) our politicians to have the EU Referendum overturned with our Parliament working to force a second EU Referendum upon the country - the most acceptable means of overturning the first, as far as the EU is concerned.

The only difference between the Conservative approach and that of the Labour Party, SNP et al., approach is that, in the latter case the UK would immediately capitulate to the EU - pay any price without a a fuss, let alone without a fight. Whereas, in the former case the UK is capitulating through a system of 'Death by a thousand cuts", where no-one is sure about anything - except that we might be leaving at some point in the future.

May's speech endorses our "gut feeling", when she was first appointed leader - "That she was the quintessential "sniper", left behind by the retreating "Remain Army" - to slow down the progress of the advancing "Leave Army" - while the "Remain Army", regroups and comes back with reinforcements." That is precisely where we are now.

By definition we are being continually duped by the majority of our elected Representatives, and those in the House of Lords - since otherwise they would not allowed Britain to have joined the EEC (EU), and subsequently maintained that status quo throughout the past 44 years.

May's Offer

Let's be clear - What May has offered cannot be accepted by the EU (27), for the very same reason that they would not accept Britain leaving in the first place - if May were to succeed on behalf of Britain in this case, then other countries would also have to be let go under similar circumstances (whatever they were) should they desire. Otherwise, the EU would, potentially, start falling apart or, discontent would grow in greater intensity within the bloc.

Particularly, as the EU seeks to further subjugate the populations of the EU member states as a matter of urgency, as they are now doing with Spain, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus - and also, for different reasons, Poland and Hungary. Actions which are little more than a demonstration of German domination of the EU - with its new EU order - Germany's vision for the bloc, to quote Wolfgang Schaeubler, German Finance Minister.

Merkel is busy at the moment, even so, she is pulling the strings in the background (a recent article in Die Welt, indicates that she opened the borders of Germany to migrants in 2015, without Bundestag approval - no doubt using Merkel the 1st powers) - Barnier and Juncker  are just front men, while she concentrates on getting re-elected tomorrow, after which, she will start pushing to use May's offer of a transition period to formerly push for deep integration of the member states, using new legislation to trap the UK, and the rest of the member states, before we have a chance to leave.

That is why, what May is doing is just "smoke and mirrors" - the EU cannot afford to negotiate in good faith with Britain, it has too much to lose - so it does not matter what she offers, there will be no trade negotiations unless we walk away and then negotiate. Under such circumstances we could then offer to contribute to the people of Europe and the rest of the world and only with the EU (a rogue state in the making) at arms length - and only on our terms - that is what a free country can do - we are not a free country until we leave the EU.

The idea that we want a deep and special relationship with the EU is preposterous - the EU only want to dominate Europe (as prescribed in the Lisbon Treaty (2007), and that means dominating the UK - there can never any deep and special relationship between such opposing philosophies.