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19th August, 2017

Attacked by "Useful Idiots"

We would like to offer our condolences to all those caught up in these recent terrible attacks - in Barcelona, Charlottesville, Surgut and Turku - you are in our hearts, and in our thoughts. These attacks have been carried out by mindless individuals, mostly naive youngsters on drugs, brainwashed and manipulated by their older mentors to believe that they have a right to kill and maim us with impunity - when, in reality, they are simply being used to further the malevolent political aims of others.

In Europe this is facilitated by Open Borders - yet no one in the EU seems motivated to prevent the "Free Movement of Terrorists". Why is this?, Why will the EU not stop the terrorists - their agitators, facilitators and suppliers of weapons and financing - from entering the EU? Once they are discovered inside the EU, why are they not properly monitored and tracked?