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5th June, 2017

Labour's Roots

It would be a mistake to directly compare the "alleged" Pacifist Corbyn, who openly supports selected terrorist groups and admires Marxist states - with failed economies - around the world, with the "alleged" War-Monger Blair. Because Blair was only half of a double act - with Brown. Some, New Labour politicians, like Blair, were more than just Champagne Socialists, and others were part of an extreme Left wing Cabal, all Fabians, and all intent on the same programme that Corbyn would also adopt - with only one objective, to bring the UK to heel within the EU; as part of a larger programme to bring about a single government in the EU.

While Blair was living the rock star lifestyle on the one hand, he was also systematically dismantling the UK through Devolution, wrecking our state education with "dumbed-down" programmes - thereby producing a lost generation of our youngsters, who were unable to compete with even basic overseas education systems - let alone on the world stage - leaving Britain with a major loss of skilled workers, barely able to carry out basic reading, writing or elementary Mathematical tasks.

Blair and Straw interfered in our legal system, to make it compatible with the EU Corpus Juris system. They also began the privatisation of our NHS, cut the number of beds in our hospitals, gave GP's a pay increase and cut their requirement for after hours provision; whilst simultaneously opening up the UK to mass migration from the EU. Meanwhile, Brown developed a benefit system designed to distribute our NHS provision, and other public services to all those who enter the UK from the EU - which in effect, because of open borders, was for anyone from anywhere in the World; and all free at the point of delivery - even though none had made any contribution to the service.

Basically, Blair got into power in the UK by pretending not to be part of the Labour Party represented by Corbyn, but when in office behaved exactly the same way that Corbyn and his "Dream Team" would do, if elected, on the 9th of June 2017. The only way that New Labour was different from Corbyn's Labour Party is, was that, Blair-Brown, held back from Nationalisation of our public services - from fear of not being re-elected.

After Miliband, from the New Labour Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP), failed to get elected in 2015 with Blair's Centrist policies, contrick, Margaret Beckett put forward Jeremy Corbyn as a candidate - and this is where we are today - a bare-faced Labour Party pretending to care for Britain - without the pretence of Blair and New Labour - but with exactly the same motivations and objectives as Blair and Brown.

Clause IV  of the Labour Party Constitution - related to Nationalisation of Public Services was removed by Blair, because it was deemed to be the reason for the lack of progress in gaining electoral success by the Labour Party, and that turned out to be the case - however, Its revival under Corbyn has now been put to the electorate in this 2017 General Election. The entire programme was presented for approval to the Fabian Society in a speech, earlier this year - that speech forms the basis of the Labour Party Manifesto. 

The significance of Corbyn and his speech to the Fabian Society is discussed below, to explain that there is no real fundamental difference between the Blair / Brown New Labour and Corbyn's Labour, apart from re-Nationalisation of public services - except in presentation - which Corbyn has lately brushed-up on. But the real Corbyn is far more sinister than his demeanour suggests - just as it was with Blair. The real link between them though, is the Fabian Society and its ideology; to which both of them adhere.

The Labour Party - Fabian Society Connection 

The Labour Party has its roots in Fabian Socialism, which is a subversive ideology inspired by Marxism. It was founded in 1884, in London, by a group of Liberals and Radicals with links to financial interests. In 1893 a group of local societies merged to form the Independent Labour Party (ILP).

In 1900, Fabian Society and the ILP formed the Labour Representative Committee (LRC) (Keir Hardie) - in 1903, the LRC formed a pact with the Liberal Party against the Conservative Party, and went on to win 29 seats. Soon after the 1906 elections the LRC was renamed the Labour Party with the ILP as an affiliate. The Labour Party became the second major Party in 1922, forming a minority government between 1924 and 1929. It formed its first majority party in 1945 under Clement Atlee.

The declared objective of the LRC, in 1905, was to "Overthrow Capitalism and to institute a system of public ownership of all means of production, distribution and exchange." The Labour Party adopted a Constitution written by Sydney Webb in 1918  which aimed to establish "State ownership of the means of production, as well as state control of all industries and services" (Pugh, p.138)

During WWII, Labour MP's in Churchill's coalition government campaigned for Socialist policies, such as nationalisation, social welfare, based upon increased taxation and cooperation with the Soviet Union (Callaghan, p.156) In 1945, Atlee introduced the Beveridge "Nanny State" welfare system - based upon the Soviet model; whilst simultaneously working towards dismantling the British Empire in preparation of a Socialist world government. Under Harold Wilson in the 1960's the Soviet Union was the ideal model society, which continues the case to the present, in one guise or another - particularly within the EU.

Other Fabian Socialist projects included the creation of the UN, NATO, EEC (EU), Bilderberg Group, the NUS and LSE, to name only a few.

Controlling the Labour Party

All Labour governments have been dominated by Fabian members, and all Labour Prime Ministers have been members - Blair and the rest of the PLP are Fabian members and there about 200 Fabian MP's in the House of Commons ("The Fabian Society: a Brief History," Guardian, 13 August, 2001)  London Mayor Sadiq Khan is also a Fabian member. Effectively, the Labour Party is a front organisation for the Fabian Society - which explains the continuity of its actions, by whatever disguise the Labour Party leaders inhabit - be it Blair or Corbyn or anyone else.

How the Labour Party Operates

The Labour Party has had a negative impact upon the UK through its policies for most of its existence, and it was particularly extensive under the previous Labour Government (so-called New Labour): including its hallmark economic mismanagement, state education failures, social breakdown, extremism, crime, immigration, Multiculturalism and and Islamisation. The  main positive effect of the Labour Party has been the NHS, a Healthcare system based upon the Soviet model, under Aneurin Bevan in 1948 - designed and funded (costed) for a population of some 46 million; and even this has been handicapped by the Labour Party, through PFI obligations, bed reductions and uncontrolled mass immigration (see Bob Lyddon's analysis of the effect of EU immigration on the UK public services, derived from official figures) Labour's destruction of the UK


The actions of Blair and Brown (1997 - 2010) led to the longest and deepest recession since WWII, creating an unprecedented budget deficit of £90 million in 2008/09.   According to the Guardian, not only is the deterioration of the public finances unprecedented, but it is due to the credit crunch which began in 2007 (“UK budget deficit hits record £90bn,” 22 Apr. 2009). The Labour - created economic disaster left three million people unemployed.


In 1934 The Labour Party took control of the London County Council - primary and secondary schools - and similar bodies across the country - it had already seized control of universities and other institutions like the Fabian created London School of Economics

The fact that the Labour regime has found it necessary to import millions of skilled workers from countries like Pakistan speaks for itself. It shows that in spite of the vast amounts of tax-payers’ money invested in it, Britain’s education system is worse than that of failed Third World states.

Breakdown of Society

Labour policy has been to ignore the importance of marriage in the development and progress of children, allegedly, so as not to appear “discriminatory or judgemental” towards unmarried and single parents.

The direct result of this has been that in 2009 married couples became a minority in Britain for the first time in history and this in turn has led to a rise in broken homes and the anti-social and criminal behaviour that comes with it. The overall result of Labour policies has been than the overwhelming majority of Britons (70%) now believe that British society is broken (“We’re living in broken Britain, say most voters,” The Times, 9 Feb. 2010).

Rising Crime

In 2000 there was a significant rise in violent crime and this trend continued unchanged during the Blair-Brown regime (“Big rise in violent crime,” BBC News, 18 Jul. 2000; “How the police missed the violence,” BBC News, 23 Oct. 2008). 

Gavin Lockhart, head of Policy Exchange’s crime and justice unit has said: “After a decade of unprecedented spending on policing, courts and prisons, England and Wales have a recorded crime rate twice that of the European average” (“UK failing on causes of crime,” BBC News, 11 May 2009). In particular, religion-motivated extremism has become a new cause of crime under Labour.


In 1948, Labour Prime Minister Clement Attlee passed the British Nationality Act allowing all 800 million inhabitants of the British Empire to enter, live and work in the UK without restriction. Controls were introduced after public concerns. Labour Party policy has always been to allow more and more immigrants into the UK. Perhaps we should ask - is 800 million the real cap that Labour might consider for immigration into the UK - perhaps not even that.

In 1997-2010, Labour’s Blair-Brown regime imposed an official, deliberate and systematic policy of mass immigration, while blatantly lying about the true extent of immigration (“Labour lied to public about immigration, says Ed Miliband’s aide Lord Glasman,” Daily Telegraph, 17 Apr. 2011). Labour’s policy of mass immigration, that is, deliberate and systematic import of cheap labour from abroad, has resulted in wages being kept artificially down, and clearly exposes Labourism – a system ostensibly representing the British working class – as a fraudulent system.

Following the demise of the Blair-Brown regime in 2010, immigration policies remained largely the same due to government advisory bodies like the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) which was set up by Labour in 2007 and is run by the likes of Professor David Metcalf, Emeritus Professor at the Centre for Economic Performance at the pro-immigration London School of Economics (LSE) and Dr Martin Ruhs, director of the Migration Observatory at Oxford University, who has served as adviser to a string of pro-immigrant bodies like the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Global Commission on International Migration (GCIM) and the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

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