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5th June, 2017

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In 1966, Labour Home Secretary and future President of the European Commission, Roy Jenkins – a former Fabian Society Chairman – initiated a shift in government policy from assimilation of immigrants to state-promoted “integration accompanied by cultural diversity” or multiculturalism (Patterson, p. 113).

The dishonest intent of Jenkins’ actions is evident from the fact that he deliberately waited until after the elections (in which Labour won an increased majority) to start promoting this change of policy (Banton, p. 71).

As in the case of mass immigration, multiculturalism has been made a virtual taboo subject. The British people have been given absolutely no say on the matter and all objective and critical discussion has been systematically suppressed and stifled.


Labour’s immigration policies led to the transformation of Britain into a multiracial society. The resulting inter-racial tensions were then used by Labour politicians to win the votes of immigrant communities and muster support for its anti-majority policies. “Anti-racism” has become Labour’s tool of choice for suppressing the rights of the indigenous population (Lewis, pp. 137 ff.), in effect becoming a new form of racism directed against the white majority.

This anti-indigenous policy married up with European Union legislation which led to an extraordinary situation where EU-nationals enjoyed more immigration rights in Britain than did British citizens (Joppke, 136). A situation which the EU plans to extend with the 3 million or so EU nationals currently in the UK., and whatever Kieir Starmer says, the EU would get their way under a Corbyn government.

Promotion of Islam

The Labour policies of uncontrolled and unlimited immigration from Islamic countries, especially Pakistan; shambolic student visa system; mandatory multiculturalism; systematic sponsorship of Islamic schools, cultural centres, charities and mosques; appointment of Muslims in key positions in the Labour Party, Ministry of Justice, Home Office (responsible for immigration and asylum), Social Services, etc., have enabled Islamic extremist organisations to infiltrate all sections of British society and obtain support, funds and recruits for their anti-British activities.

As revealed by a Policy Exchange report in 2009, ₤90 million spent on “fighting Islamic extremism” actually went to groups linked to extremist organisations like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Jamaat-e Islami in Pakistan. Other beneficiaries included the Muslim Council of Britain, the United Kingdom Islamic Mission and the Islamic Society of Britain. In an attempt to win Muslim votes, in Luton alone the Home Office project “Preventing Violent Extremism” funded seven Muslim centres(“How the Government pays Muslims to vote Labour,” Daily Telegraph, 17 March 2009).

Islamic Extremism

Journalist Polly Toynbee, pointed out that the Left has embraced the extreme Islamist cause, which excites its revolutionary zeal (“We must be free to criticise without being called racist,” Guardian, 18 Aug. 2004).

The Labour policy has not been one of eradication of Islamic extremism, but one of “containment” by bribing the Muslim minority and its extremist elements through concessions and cooperation.

In July 2006, the Foreign Office (headed by Margaret Beckett) sponsored a large gathering of European Islamist organisations in Turkey which concluded that all Muslims in Europe should abide by the Koran as a means of “enriching Europe” and setting an example for non-Muslims to follow (Pargeter, pp. 198-9; Topkapi Declaration, 2 Jul. 2006).

Organisations recruiting Muslim fundamentalists under Blair’s New Labour regime were:

MI6, which recruited Indian-born Haroon Rashid Aswat, believed to have masterminded the 7/7 London bombings (FOX News, “Day Side,” 29 Jul. 2005; “As 3 Nations Consulted, Terror Suspect Eluded Arrest,” The New York Times, 29 Jul. 2005);

MI5 (“Al Qaeda may have infiltrated British Security Service,” FOX News, 1 Aug. 2009);

Scotland Yard, which appointed adviser on combating extremism and terrorism the Tunisian immigrant Mohamed Ali Harrath, co-founder of the Tunisian Islamic Front, a fundamentalist organisation advocating the establishment of an Islamic state in Tunisia and on an Interpol list for terrorism-related offences (“Sack Mohamed Ali Harrath, Scotland Yard told,” The Times, 16 Dec. 2008; “Muslim Channel chief held over terror allegations,” The Times, 26 Jan. 2010);

Territorial Army(“Territorial Army infiltrated by Al-Qaeda,” The Sunday Times, 17 Oct. 2004).

Foreign Policy

The United Nations:As admitted by Fabian Executive member and Chairman of the Fabian International Bureau Denis Healey, the main objective of the 1945-51 Attlee Government had been the conversion of the United Nations into “some form of world government,” which was to be achieved “by a steady strengthening in both the scope and the authority of the United Nations” (Healey, 1963, pp. 1, 3).

NATO:Ostensibly meant to contain the expansion of Soviet and Chinese Communism, NATO was in fact used by the Attlee government as a smokescreen to make deals with the Communist regimes and promote world Socialism.
Socialist International: declaration at the 1962 Oslo Conference: “The ultimate objective of the parties of the Socialist International is nothing less than world government. As a first step towards it, they seek to strengthen the United Nations so that it may become more and more effective …”

Bilderberg Group: A Fabian organisation set up in 1954 by leading Fabians Joseph Retinger (a London-based Polish Socialist belonging to Fabian Society circles), Hugh Gaitskell and Denis Healey in collaboration with David and Nelson Rockefeller and other leading Council on Foreign Relations officials. Healey was a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee from inception (Callaghan pp. 203-4; de Villemarest, 2004, vol. 2, p. 15; Healey, 2006, pp. 195-6; Rockefeller, p. 411).
The Bilderberg Group, the European Movement and the Action Committee for a United States of Europe (ACUSE) – founded by French left-winger Jean Monnet – were the key organisations campaigning for a united Europe in the 1940s and 50s (Aldrich, 216), which led to the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) that later became the European Union.

Islamisation of Europe
In November 2007, at the Opening Ceremony at the Bruges Campus, College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium, Labour Foreign Secretary David Miliband spoke in favour of “unbreakable ties” with Europe’s Muslim neighbour countries and inclusion of Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa in Europe. Ominously, he stressed the need of developing shared institutions to overcome religious and cultural divides between Europe and Muslim countries (“EU ‘should expand beyond Europe’”, BBC News, 15 Nov. 2007).

For more information about the Labour Party, and how it despises Britain and the British people;  seeks to promote its own agenda; not just in the UK but also in Europe and further afield, please see  "Exposing the Labour Party" at

The Bottom Line

The EEC (EU) is a Fabian Society project, so is the Labour Party, the Bilderberg Group (as well as many other affiliated, supporting organisations, such as the UN, LSE etc.) - they are all interrelated. The entire project is about controlling the working class populations in the UK and Europe - on behalf of the Banking and Multinational Corporations (mass migration lowers wages on behalf of big business and acts against the interests of the working class - who the Labour pretend to support) - that is what the Labour Party has always really been about.

This has been the case since its Fabian Society origins; which are based upon Marxism - and was established and run by Middle Class individuals (Beatrice Webb / Bernard Shaw) and supported by Moneyed interests (Rothschild / Rockefeller)  - see "Origins of Socialism" by Cassivellaunus, 25 December 2012, 

If Cobyn, or an alliance with the Political Left wins the General Election on the 9th of June, 2017, then Britain will be lost in any form that we would ever recognise in the future, and not for the better - only a Conservative government, which wants Britain and its people to be successful and economically, viable and independent, can prevent the dire future that awaits the UK in the Communist dominated EU Dictatorship - by getting us out of the EU.

A Labour Party government would simply defer to any proposition put by the EU, since their interests run in parallel - they have no motivation to get us out of the EU - quite the opposite - they would spend us into bankruptcy, then borrow from the EU.

The Conservatives have accepted that the majority of voters in the UK (in June 2016 - with a subsequent increase in support from 52% to 68% more recently) do not wish to stay in the EU - and they have agreed to act upon that instruction. We must believe that our Democratic vote will be defended by the Conservative Party, in the same way that we have no faith in the Labour Party to do any such thing.

In fact, the Fabian, Bernard Shaw, had stated that "Democracy is incompatible with Socialism" - which links together all those who have refused (or only pretend to accept) the result of the EU Referendum on the 23rd June, 2016, and the EU in their insistence on repeat referendums. 

Until we are free from legal control by the EU, we cannot solve our numerous problems within the UK, which have been mostly created by the EU and the Labour Party, in collusion.  If the EU was so good for the populations of Europe why did it have to be built through stealth and deception; behind their backs?



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