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27th July,16

Bankers and Remainers 

Today it was reported in the Express that Jamie Dimond the CEO of J P Morgan possibly the world's largest bank stated: "Maybe you can even reverse Brexit. There are always solutions to the problems, as long as you have the right people in the room."

Perhaps more interestingly the Express also reported that an Italian financial analyst, Paolo Bernard had commented upon what Dimon had said with the following "Before the referendum the Governor of the BoE, Mark Carney, did try to intimidate the Brits by forecasting economic gloom in case of Leave. And they are still trying to overturn the Brexit result."

The banks are massively involved in the EU and J P Morgan and Goldman Sach also financially supported the Remain Campaign and clearly the former, at least appears to have no qualms about interfering in, and potentially subverting the Democratic processes of a foreign sovereign State in order to achieve their own ends and enhance their business interests.

They are not all doing well though, Deutsche Bank has reported a drop in income of 98%, from 798 Million Eur to 20 Million Eur for the same period last year - in the economic miracle known as the EU - Not - meanwhile the Europhile IMF and some ratings agencies downgrade our credit rating and do down our economic prospects. This is intensifying in the comments pages of the Guardian and Independent with verbal abuse verging on insane ranting and rage which could only ever be associated with extreme politically Left wing agitators; all clearly designed to do Britain down and bring about an economic decline through continual "Doom Mongering" - they already tried everything short of walking the streets with billboards declaring " The End is Nigh"

This attitude and behaviour of the banks and the media trolls is no different from that of the Remainers in Britain (and especially in the Scotland) who are also primarily interested in subverting Democracy in Britain on their road to their fake independence in the political EU; and by default are acting in the interests of a foreign power against the best interests of the majority in the UK who voted to leave.

The Cavalier approach exhibited by J P Morgan is similar to that from the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) who, controlled by the Fabian Society membership have been attempting to unseat Jeremy Corbyn on the basis that he lost the Referendum for the Remainers. Corbyn was accused of not being sufficiently enthusiastic for Britain's continued EU membership to motivate enough sneering, snarling and thoroughly unpleasant Remain camp thugs and Communist / Marxist / Maoist agitators to get out and vote to stay in their own beloved political EU.

But let's face it it wasn't really Corbyn's fault, it was the fact that the Remainers thought it was all in the bag and they did not really need to vote because of the cross party (and TUC) project fear would do the trick with the English; as it had done with the Scots in the Scottish Independence Referendum. 

The real truth is that Democracy was deliberately subverted by the Bolshevik PLP in order to get a Blairite - in particular an arch-Europhile, D Miliband who is bent on ever increasing expansion of the EU into the Middle East, North Africa, Ukraine and even Russia - elected on the premise that then the Labour Party could defeat the Tories and overturn the Referendum result or in the worst case take Britain back into the cesspit that is the EU.

Of course the Left in Britain are not just subverting Democracy in Parliament they are also acting through multiple media outputs - headed by the EU funded BBC, aided and abetted by various other groups from lawyers and foreign nationals acting as agents for the EU; brainwashed University students directed to take to the streets by aging celebrities to complain about old people destroying their EU future which is being dictated by a bunch of old Communist men and women in Brussels - and the Remainers don't even recognise the irony of their position.

Not everyone on the political Left though see the EU in the same light - the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) seem to see the EU in its true light - the destroyer of Nation States through economic warfare e.g. Greece and the southern European countries, where mass youth unemployment has been deliberately created through programmes of unremitting austerity; in order to encourage (force) mass migration within the EU; in addition to that encouraged across the external sovereign borders of Member States along the EU perimeter by the UN. 

The PLP and the House of Lords are desperate to maintain their dream of building their very own Militarised Totalitarian EU Police State - the reincarnation of the Old Soviet Union in Europe to replace the original - which they had previously served with unswerving loyalty before switching to the EU.

The irony of the Referendum result and the resulting polarisation of the British population is that the Left who claim to despise the Bankers are really not that different from them - self centred, greedy, ignorant and superficial and who have not even taken to the time to find out about the true nature of the EU; which they plan to inflict on the rest of us unless we prevent them.

The Fabian Society was always a coming together of the rich and famous and the Middle-Class Liberal left who believe that they are better than the lower classes, who they should collectively control "For profit and for their own good" except that the political EU is only good for a few corrupt, so called "Elite" and their apparatchiks on the extreme political Left.