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28th June 2018


The following is extracted from article (2012 - 017) - "The BBC and its Bias" website

"The BBC’s Royal Charter charges it with reporting in a neutral, balanced and non-political manner. Jonathon Chapman, however, described as a ‘senior BBC World News reporter’, told the Malta Press Club: “The UK media is broadly sceptical [about the EU] so we try, in Brussels, to break that cycle of scepticism. The BBC’s job is to reflect the European perspective … make news less sceptical. That’s why the BBC has such a big bureau in Brussels” (ref. 2006-58)."

The article continued with:-

"The BBC has now admitted to receiving considerable loans (£250m +) from the European Investment Bank – whose remit is to fund activities that further the EU Agenda." and "The Metropolitan Police have had a dossier (since March 2007) alleging a prime-facia case of ‘Malfeasance and Breach of Royal Charter’. The MET has declared that it does not intend to investigate this."


"It should also be noted that the BBC recruits excessively from the readership of the left wing Guardian newspaper, the very left wing Oxbridge Broadcasting Societies and Common Purpose alumni. If someone joins the Oxbridge Broadcasting societies and they do not demonstrate suitable Left Wing credentials they eventually get squeezed out." see 

The above are just a sample of at least 25 articles on website citing examples and evidence on BBC bias in favour of the EU and its policies (2014 - 016) or against opposition to the EU (2012 - 007); has an institutional Left Wing Bias ((2015 - 030) - including the fact that the EU is funding the BBC (2014 - 043) and clearly in breach of their requirement for independent reporting. These cover areas of bias in favour of such topics as "Climate Change" (2012 - 011), (2014 - 009), (2015 - 067) and (2015 - 149) to under, or non-reporting of immigration related stories from Europe (2016 - 004) and (2015 -103) together with propaganda (2015 - 081) and (2017 - 027).  

The History of the BBC

​The first privately funded radio broadcast took place in 1920 and by 1922 radio broadcasting became a state monopoly, this was followed by state Television and as a result ~70% of all "News" consumption is in the hands of the state through BBC Radio and Television.

Little wonder that during our daily life ever since we have been fed a diet of propaganda that the state (the British establishment) wants us to swallow - astonishing therefore that the Leave vote won the 23rd June, 2016 EU Referendum - despite the fact that we were only ever presented with the negative side of leaving the EU - but the Leave voters did their own research - pity the Remain camp did not do their research.

In fact, the EU has been fully protected by the British establishment - through the controlled Media- and none of its real negative effects have ever been critically analysed by the BBC - as far as we are aware; certainly not in the sense of any campaign to ensure that the ramifications of joining the EEC were fully understood by the general public.

It is a scandal that the BBC is funded by the British taxpayers but is working to further the interests of the EEC(EU) - which by any definition are against the interests of the British people - on that basis alone the BBC should not receive any public funding.

This is especially true for the most important Treaty that the UK has ever entered into - the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - which has primacy over our Constitution, Legal System, Justice, Security, Surveillance, Economic, Fiscal, Defence, Foreign policy etc., etc.

For that matter neither was the European Communities Act (1992) ever critically analysed and exposed by the BBC or campaigned against when we joined the EEC - despite the fact that signing ECA (1972) also signed the UK up to the Treaty of Rome (1957) and that treaty provided all the necessary information to inform anyone of the EEC's intentions to become a Political Union (EU) 

Such analysis done properly would have alerted the public to the dangers of the EU - but that was a UK State Secret - which is why FCO:30/1048 (1971) was placed under the 30 year secrecy rule - in the hope and expectation that by then it would be too late when the British public realised that they had been sold to the EU and under its total control. This could only have been achieved through stealth - behind the backs of the British public - and that could only have been achieved with the help of the agents of the state.

Even in 1975 all of the state (government) propaganda insisted that voting to stay in the EEC (in the 1975 Referendum) would not lead to any loss of British Sovereignty - a downright lie - Sovereignty had already been "highjacked" by the British Parliament in 1973, and was being held on behalf of the EEC.

The BBC could not expose this fact, nor any of the true ramifications of staying in the EEC, but neither did it expose the same lie used in the 2016 EU Referendum when Britain had entered into far more coercive and controlling Lisbon Treaty (2007) which has the effect of allowing a Foreign Power to control every aspect of the lives of everyone in the UK from "Cradle to Grave".

The Lisbon Treaty (2007) is the primary cause of the UK Austerity since 2011 - Britain is signed up to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) and bound by Maastricht Treaty (1992) restrictions on Debt and Deficit rules (3% GDP National Deficit and 60% GDP National Debt) - just as if we were in the Euro.

Britain was further burdened with the National Deficit/Debt bequeathed by the Labour Party (1997 -  2010)

As a truly independent broadcaster the BBC could have saved the British people from subjugation by a Foreign Power (EU) at a much earlier stage and saved Britain an awful lot of money - but they are actually taking funds from that same power and should therefore quite legitimately change their name to the "Brussels Broadcasting Corporation" and hand back all the taxpayers' money that they have wasted whilst they have been protecting the EU from scrutiny by the British people.