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9th August, 2016

BBC Remain

Yesterday evening at 9:00 PM the BBC (Brussels Broadcasting Corporation) broadcast its latest EU propaganda contribution on behalf of the "remain" campaign group entitled " Brexit: The Battle for Britain" with a content to suggest that the Brexit win was a negative for Britain - whereas, in fact, Brexit is a definite positive for the future of the British people.

The overall focus of the BBC-EU propaganda was in presenting the leave supporters as old, stupid and ignorant racists who did not know what was good for them; who were incapable of understanding what was important and in the best interests for Britain - except that the older population were generally better educated than those under New Labour and subsequently and not subjected to continual EU propaganda in school - the real difference between the old and young voters.

Added to which the older voters are living the reality of what staying in the EU meant to their lives and their communities, and it did not match what the establishment were claiming; in fact, it had become perfectly clear that our "so called" representatives were simply acting in the best interests of the political EU .

The remain camp simply followed the plan developed for the earlier successful Referendum in 1975 and which has been the main technique designed to bring about the Totalitarian EU Police State (single government Federal EU) - to relate all discussions and debate about the advantages of trade and the economy in an over regulated, closed protectionist bloc, and the false claims that "peace" in Europe had anything to do with the EU.

In doing so remain simply avoided all of the truly dangerous aspects of the political EU; such as the deliberate mass resettlement of foreign nationals and the destruction of the nation states of Europe, disguised as free trade; just as the manufactured migration crisis is part of that same programme - but telling the truth would obviously not be a vote winner for those affected by the consequences of staying in the the political EU.

The remain camp seem to have believed that they had presented a coherent arguments for staying in the EU - but patently false "stronger in", "more influence" and "safer" claims are all demonstrable lies from our establishment; and their main thrust was to simply try to put the fear of God into the British people through scare tactics and doom-mongering - with the help, shamefully, of numerous governments, business interests, international banking and financial institutions and celebrities. 

But they forgot that the people of this Island are not as easily frightened as some other groups - and the majority of the population realised that we, as a people, are in grave danger if we do not leave the political EU for the following reasons.

The Lisbon Treaty (2007) replaced the British Constitution on the 1st of January, 2009 with the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004) and by staying in the political EU the leave voters knew that it was only a matter of time before Britain would be "required" to join the Euro, relinquish all control over its borders and every aspect of daily life; from taxation to criminal justice and civil law; lose its position on international organisations including the UN and the WTO etc., to the EU; give away British foreign Embassies to the EU foreign services; give over control of our Armed Forces to Germany; suffer the presence of EU paramilitary police on our streets and EU Prosecutors active within our communities - all requirements (and more)  in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - signed by Brown and D Miliband.

Blairite Interference on behalf of the Bankers

The most shameful aspect of the BBC programme though was the intervention by Mandelson who claimed that the remain camp lost the Referendum vote because Cameron had been ineffective and Corbyn had undermined the entire remain campaign by only offering a lukewarm support for staying in the EU - but the reality is that the attempts by Blair, Brown, Campbell and Mandelson to get more involved in the referendum only served to antagonise the leave voters and, had they become more involved, as they would have wished, then the leave vote winning margin would have been greatly magnified. 

Mandelson is just another (New Labour) mouthpiece for the Bankers and other speculators who "grubstaked" the remain campaign and lost money betting against the Leave vote - a typical EU apparatchik. He is only interested in himself and those others, of a similar ilk on the rabid Left, who want to maintain their EU pensions and perks; whose principal desire is to keep Britain in the EU in order to trap the country in the TTIP and other trade agreements which would enrich those he represents and would impoverish the people of Britain.

Channel 4 Dispatches Brexit: Who'll do your job now?

This programme was rather pointless since it suggested that the Poles who currently work in the UK might be replaced by North Koreans who are "outsourced" to the EU as slaves in order for North Korea in order for the rogue state to derive foreign currency to support its current military commitments and future expansion - it cannot have been meant as a serious documentary can it? - and in any event the external borders of the EU are pretty well porous and all the cheap labour migrating north and west have been being replaced by poorer imports for many years.

The only difference for the North Koreans will be that they will not be given Polish (EU) passports since they are not free to migrate without their minders - apparently. In 2015, RTE reported that Poland had allowed in 400,000 Ukrainians and given them passports so even Poles in the UK may not actually be Polish. 

Is May trying to divert attention from Brexit while she comes up with a Brexit Lite deal? 

Why is May getting involved with Grammar schools which only enhances the chances of children whose parents have "sharp elbows" and provides a low cost version of an Independent School education? Britain should be building a first class education system for everyone; only a massive expansion of the Grammar school system would provide such opportunities for the poor and disadvantaged. 

Right now we need to focus on getting out of the political EU, so that we can rebuild our country - Give those resident in the UK before 2004 their blue passports as a sign of good faith.