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6th January, 2017

Blair and the Fabians

The Labour Party was set-up by the Fabian Society in 1900 and it has controlled it (the PLP) ever since; all Labour Party Prime Ministers were members, with the exception of Ramsey MacDonald who fell out with the Fabian Society over British Foreign policy in the Boer War, which he opposed. Every one of the New Labour Cabinet were Fabians and numerous Labour Party members and politicians have written articles (called Tracts) for the Fabian Society (Blair wrote three tracts - we believe), which are held in an archive at the London School of Economics (LSE). The LSE was set up by the Fabian Society. 

“The Fabian Society is Britain’s oldest political think tank and has been at the forefront of developing political ideas and public policy on the Left” (according to its website (

The Fabian Society has set up or has been intimately involved with numerous organisations since its inception, including the United Nations, Bilderberg Group, NATO, Socialist International, the EEC (European Union), and the National Union of Students, to name only a few.

The Fabian Society was named after the Roman general Quintus Fabius who defeated Hannibal’s Carthaginians, not by direct confrontation, but by patiently waiting for the right time to strike. The crest of the Fabian Society is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and its logo is a tortoise, reflecting the society’s goal of the gradual expansion of world Socialism. This method has been, and continues to be, the precise method of the evolution of the EU, over the past 59 years since the Treaty of Rome (1957) laid the foundations of the EU. Which included the “Four Freedoms”, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers, and the Courts.

However, these were never the main selling points of the EU; the EU has evolved by stealth (the Fabian Way), mostly by promoting free trade, through the European Economic Community (EEC), and not by the promotion of the EU. The EU is unnecessary for the working of the EEC and was established for an entirely different purpose and legal significance (the formation of a single EU government, and the use of such devices as TTIP to exploit its populations for its own gain and that of other international financial interests) However, since the 23rd of June 2016 though, it has become more transparent and now openly pushes for full integration, as a matter of urgency, through fear of its imminent demise.

The idea that a European Union would maintain peace and security were also used to sell the EEC, just as the EU is promoted today, however, peace and security were derived from the presence of Allied occupying forces, principally US, in the Axis countries, the mutual development of nuclear weapons, NATO and the fact that most countries in Europe after the war had little infrastructure capable of re-arming, particularly Germany, which had had its main armaments facilities destroyed.

Fabian Society Philosophy
The Fabian Society, according to literature, aimed to promote World Socialism, through the UN and other international organisations, but it did not subscribe to violent revolution, preferring to change society by stealth, infiltration of all levels of society, international organisations and political activism.
The Fabians were firm supporters of the Soviet State Dictatorship, and its Communist Economy; at one point even claiming that Stalin would have been a “good Fabian”.

The Fabian Society is not just a group of "Corbynistas" though, it is a broad church, and has long been associated with wealth and status, and it has friends in high places, so some are more wealthy, like many EU pensioners in the House of Lords; all of whom though, appear to want to control the lives of other people, at all levels of society, particularly, the working class, whilst maintaining their own elite status.

In fact, Peter Sutherland is a good example of the depth and breadth of Fabian Society influence, through such associations as the UN, Goldman Sachs, BP and the LSE, and his desire to tell everyone what to do, even within their own countries and against their own instincts, whilst he is protected from the "fall out" - what astonishing arrogance. Sutherland was also Irish Attorney General at the time of Ireland's 2nd EU Referendum, and by all accounts was influential in the Irish vote to accept the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and stay in the EU.

These associations are the tip of the iceberg in terms of Worldwide Social, Financial and Political influence that is being used to bring about World Socialism (and hence Communism), currently focusing on using the UN, the EU and mass migration for their political ends - Quintus would be proud, but one question is so far unanswered – did Merkel strike too soon?   

The Labour Party, the EU and Mass Immigration
The Labour Party has quite a history with the EU and with mass immigration into Britain in particular. In 1966 Labour Home Secretary and future President of the EU Commission, Roy Jenkins initiated a policy of Multiculturalism and this has been the Labour Party policy ever since. The policy is nearly identical to that currently being promoted, albeit on a grander scale than just in Britain, by Sutherland, and implemented most recently by Merkel / Juncker in the EU; advocated, in fact, for the whole of the Europe and its near neighbours.

This was, of course the policy promoted by Blair / Brown and New Labour. The publicly announced reason for the policy is to enrich British culture, make British society better, more competitive and more successful. However, the real reason was to “rub the noses of the Right in diversity” and to import large numbers of Left supporting migrants into Britain in order to keep the likes of Blair and his ilk in power (Andrew Neather, former New Labour speech writer, in an Evening Standard article in October, 2009).

New Labour also brought in the policy of treating the host population as inferior to the immigrant population, and used the tried and tested Trotsky technique of labeling the term "Racist" against anyone opposed to mass migration. As part of its immigration policy and desire to increase its popular support with minority groups, New Labour, in particular, promoted the interests of Muslims, with widespread sponsorship of Islamic schools, mosques, cultural centres and charities, including the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB); which in 2011 reported that ".. only 20% of Muslims in Britain were economically active." New Labour also appointed Muslims to key positions within the Labour Party.

The attitude of New Labour to the expansion of the EU and the assimilation of Islamic States was clearly expressed by Labour Foreign Secretary David Miliband who spoke in favour of the “unbreakable ties” with Europe’s Muslim neighbour countries and the inclusion of Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa. He went on to point out the need for developing shared institutions to overcome religious and cultural divides between Europe and Muslim countries (“EU ‘should expand beyond Europe’”, BBC News, 15 Nov. 2007)” The EU signed the Barcelona Treaty in 1995; to include North African Muslim and Middle East States (Eurabia), as part of the EU free movement area, but this is rarely mentioned, the accession of Turkey being the more dominant concern.

Actually Miliband also included Russia in that speech on EU expansion. Whilst Russia does have a strong interest in trading with Europe, it does not want to be part of an EU superstate - Russia has no desire to be controlled by Brussels (Berlin) - Russia has already lived through what the EU will bequeath to our children and grandchildren. 

New Labour’s policy regarding Islamic extremism has always relied upon appeasement, rather than confrontation as witnessed by the tolerance of hate preachers promoting Sharia Law in Britain and the destruction of British society. The policy of appeasement persists today with the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and many others. More worryingly the appeasement of Islamic extremism is rife within the EU.