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  • 5th August 2018

Blair's 12-Point Brexit "Playbook"

We have reviewed a Memo that appeared in BrexitCentral containing a 12-point plan to stop Brexit by Tony Blair.

The following was provided to BrexitCentral form Austin Mitchell former Labour MP for Grimsby 1975 to 2015

"Through the good offices of Austin Mitchell, BrexitCentral has been passed a memo written by former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to his former Director of Communications, Alastair Campbell, on the subject of Brexit…" 

"Dear Alastair,
While commending your enthusiasm for the cause I wouldn’t want you to antagonise the British people, particularly former Labour supporters who made the mistake of voting for Brexit. Our task is more subtle. It’s to force the government to negotiate with every vested interest in this country rather than the EU, so we don’t build up anger against Europe. The aim must be to make Brexit look so difficult that government gives up rather than increases dislike of an EU which is so good for our people, even if they don’t know it."

Our Comment:Looking back on this memo (received by Brexit Central in December 2017) it is clear that the anti-"Brexit" campaign has been largely coordinated and perpetuated by Blair and his cronies - in the Parliamentary Labour Party and through his Peers ennobled by Blair (plus Cameron) - largely pushed by Blair's mouthpiece in the Lords - and all in order to give advantage to the EU; and for its benefit.

Even in the first paragraph it is clear that Blair sees that creating distractions away from the negotiations of leaving, and making the negotiations as difficult as possible are of paramount importance - but May has also been complicit in the deviation from the job of leaving the EU. 

Back to the Memo
"With this in mind I suggest:"

  • "1. Pretend to accept the referendum result. No use putting it down to lies, Russian gold, or “too close to call”. The majority was bigger and clearer than what the Tories got in 2010, 2015 or 2017. People won’t like being told their votes don’t count." 

Such typical disdain for the electorate by our so-called elected Representatives flows out like water from a bursting dam - this comment should be acknowledged by the Electoral Commission.

  • "2. Don’t call Brexit voters stupid, under-educated, racist or gullible. Many of them voted for me. We won’t win their votes back by abusing them." 

Not many Remain supporters followed this piece of advice, and in fact the truly vicious nature of many of the leading lights in the anti-"Brexit" campaigns has really shone through these EU negotiations.

  • "3. Don’t defend the EU’s point of view: say they’re right to require us to jump three hurdles before they’ll talk nitty gritty, or suggest offering them bucket loads of money. As negotiations turn nasty, we can’t afford to appear to be on the other side, rather than Britain’s."

This was precisely what developed and no doubt the reason for the behaviour of the EU is related to Blair also advising the EU on how to beat the Leave voters into submission.

  • "4. Don’t fraternise with the enemy or run to Juncker, Merkel or Macron. All these pilgrimages (mea culpa) make it look as though we’re helping them and snitching on Britain."

Well we saw much of that from all anti-UK parties - Labour, LibDems and SNP leading lights in particular and such quisling behaviour illustrates how the EU has infiltrated every corner of our society in the past 45 years.

  • "5. Don’t bang on about the joys of the Single Market – we’re in a deficit of £60 billion with it and selling off railways, companies and utilities to finance it. So defend it as better than being assaulted by Trump and forced to eat chlorinated chicken."

Typical diversionary tactics with an admission of how disadvantaged the UK is by being in the EU; having to borrow money and sell assets just to be a member and pay the subscriptions to the EU - wanton treachery from our very own Parliament. 

  • "6. Don’t start attacking the government for being too tough in the negotiations. However incompetently, they are carrying out the wishes of people and, to be realistic, the EU has us over a barrel if it just sits there and demands that Britain jumps through hoops and hands over huge sums before it can be told what it can get. If it had any sense, the government would start whipping up anger about EU intransigence and we don’t want to be seen as defending that, however much it helps us."

Even though the government has done its best to protect the EEC(EU) - as required by the European Communities Act (1972) aka the Treaty of Rome (1952) (and as established in FCO:30/1048 - "After entry (to EEC, 1972) there would be a major responsibility on HMG and on all political parties not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures or unfavourable economic developments to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community.​") -the antagonism with the EU in the eyes of the British people stems solely from the appalling threatening and demeaning outbursts and intransigent behaviour of the EU representatives themselves and the opportunism of the Member States wishing to take advantage; notably Eire( as a favour to the EU),  Spain over Gibraltar and France out of jealousy.

  • "7. This government could collapse, bringing Labour into power. Then our former party will have to choose between fighting and failing. We can’t trust Corbyn to see things our way, but it will be disastrous to be seen as the sell-out party."

I think it is a bit late for any UK political party not to be considered to be a sell-out party - but after 45 years of EU infiltration into British society; continuous protection of the EU and keeping its policies under wraps by successive governments that is the least that could be expected. 

  • "8. Much as cosmopolitans like you, me and Peter love the EU, it was always a deal designed to suit the interests of France and Germany rather than Britain. So it’s no use portraying it as Britain’s salvation and the greatest thing since Sure Start. It’s a good idea to urge changes which will make it better for Britain. They won’t happen, of course, but it makes us look better than telling people it’s wonderful when they know it isn’t. Talk of returning to “lead” Europe is better than admitting that we’d be slinking back, humiliated, to sit on the naughty step."

This is far too honest to believe it was written by almost any UK politician - unless he (they) thought it would never be leaked.

  • "9. Another fear campaign won’t work. People won’t believe it any more but it’s difficult to admit that our government allowed manufacturing to shrink so far that Britain can neither pay its way nor support the structures of an advanced society. So talk of all the help we get from the EU without saying ‘it’s our own money back’. Don’t mention the drain of belonging or Germany’s huge surpluses at our expense."

As for item 8 - it is astonishing that such collusion would be openly expounded - what an admission.

  • "10. Accept that Britain has its problems but don’t admit to the scale of a disaster which can be blamed on us. In or out of the EU, we’ll face the huge problem of building back to viability. We must avoid the Dunkirk spirit for the moment, but create just enough fear to make people think it’s safer in the EU than standing up for ourselves. This is a bit difficult because Europe punishes failures like Greece rather than helping lame dogs over styles. So we need to concentrate on suggesting domestic reforms, particularly any which help such symbols of our national greatness as the City of London, the banks, the multinationals and all those foreign investors who’ve bought up our companies, utilities, railways and properties because of their faith in this country. Keep the people happy by building more houses and offering bigger mortgages, rather than dirty factories or risky investments."

Another Mea Culpa moment and more confessions (but most people would already be well aware of these betrayals of the UK) - but it also gives a hint as to how Corbyn is trying to trick the public with talk of regeneration - it appears that even outside the Parliamentary Labour party Blair's advise is also taken. Corbyn also borrowed from Bernie Sanders US election campaign for his Manifesto title "For the Many not the Few" - yeh right! - in the 2017 faux UK General Election.

  • "11. Warn about galloping inflation rather than the cheaper food available outside EU agricultural protectionism."

More propaganda (Project Fear) based upon the Goebbels principle: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." but beware "The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” how true, but government figures can also be "massaged" shall we say?. (comment added)

  • "12. Don’t mention the war, Germany or the euro. Your skill at putting a first-class case for second-rate policies served us well in the old days before Gordon messed it all up. Now the issue is not the future Labour offers Britain, but the gloomier one Brexit offers you and me. I don’t want to diminish your enthusiasm for the cause but we must not open ourselves up to accusations of sexing up the EU or offering another dodgy dossier. This is an occasion when the hand of history must be portrayed as punching our people in the gut, rather than resting on the shoulders of you and I, or the rest of Britain’s elite."

This part and some others cast doubt on the authenticity of this document - this appears too honest for most of our current and earlier crop(s) of politicians - but this memo was accepted in good faith.

It does though following closely the way that the UK-EU faux negotiations have travelled and most importantly the Eire / NI border dispute fits very well into the category of:- Our task is more subtle. It’s to force the government to negotiate with every vested interest in this country rather than the EU, so we don’t build up anger against Europe.

(End of 12-point memo comments)

Yours Fraternally,


Whilst the attempts by our Parliament and Judiciary to block Brexit have been widely reported and do follow the Blair 12-point plan (to some extent), but they appear to have much less of an effect (apart from the Irish border vested interest) than efforts by Theresa May and our Civil Service (also associated with Blair in the past) together with Merkel which have led us to this point. 

Blair's plan may have been more useful for the "Best for Britain" and "The People's Vote" in their campaigns to revoke Article 50 with another Referendum before 11 PM  March 2019. In their case though they have stopped pretending to accept the EU Referendum on the 23rd June 2016 - at least they followed the plan for a while before revealing their true intentions - but the Remainers' were never very convincing liars anyway - too much hysterical reaction to leaving the EU. 

May needs to come Clean

Theresa May needs to come to Parliament and explain how and why she colluded with Merkel and sidelined a Free-Trade agreement devised by Davis Davis and accepted an agreement that was approved by Merkel before it was given to the Cabinet at Chequers for discussion and approval. Why she pretended that the Chequers meeting was convened in order to reach a consensus with her Cabinet colleagues by way of demonstrating collective responsibility - and being a politician playing politics is not a good enough answer either -  since we clearly have a Commons and Lords stuffed-full-to-the-gunnels of those kinds of lying, scheming politicians. 

For the past 45 years the British public have been lied to and deceived about the EU at every opportunity and now we are presented with a fait accompli set-up; once again behind our backs.

It is now time for the truth to be told about the EU - time for a full disclosure of vested interests and time for the vote on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) that we were previously denied; other Member State populations should campaign for the same - it is no good just having votes on staying in on some made-up agreement between Merkel and May that will keep the British people trapped in the EU in perpetuity.

We the people need a systematic analysis of those parts of the EU Treaties that we have been signed-up to by our politicians so that we can properly assess whether or not we want to be associated with the EU any longer - those Articles and Declarations in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) that tie us and our offspring into servitude in the EU. It is not necessary to look at all of them - certain ones are sufficient to show the true nature and intentions of the EU - the ones that our politicians don't want to talk about.

No-one believes that the Chequers agreement was anything but a sell-out of the British people devised between Merkel, May and the other "usual suspects" - the EU, just like our own Parliamentary system, has lost its veneer of competence, respectability and veracity - now the EU is seen as disjointed, divisive and a threat to European cultural traditions - and something to be feared by many Member State populations.