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23rd April 2017

Blair's EU Lords

Blair has not made any attempt to hide the fact that he is working tirelessly to overturn the result of the EU Referendum vote by any means and we see the result in the recent House of Lords defeat of the government in a Lord's amendment to the "Withdrawal Bill" designed specifically to keep the UK tied to the EU Customs Union - though not expressed as such - but simply given as advice to the government to seek an EU Customs arrangement.

Such an arrangement would quite specifically prevent the UK from seeking free trade agreement with the rest of the world and effectively thwart the "Brexit" vote - this defiance of the will of the British people will subsequently translate to coordinated action, on the same lines, in the Commons to which Mrs May must not acquiesce - following the loss of her majority - facilitated through what was probably the worst election campaign in history. 

For all the bluster from the Commons and the Lords about "What is best for Britain" - our politicians are only really looking after their own interests and those of the EU - their claims are all lies, since by definition - no country on earth can be deemed to be better off under the control of a foreign power - unable to openly trade freely in the world and without any real voice or legal independence.

The fallacy that the UK had a voice or real influence in the EU is borne out by the facts of our current negotiations - we are being systematically asset stripped of everything that is of true value to any nation - its fishing rights, economy, legal system, identity, tradition, history and national pride - through tactics enshrined in Cultural Marxism - and are now, and have been since the 1960's - under constant attack on behalf of the EU - facilitated by our EU compliant so-called elected representatives who sold us out in 1973 and continue the trend today - and this is while we are still in the EU (until the end of March 2019) 

Worse - if that were possible - Theresa May has already opened the door to further sustained abuse by the EU by requesting an unnecessary and highly destructive "Transition Period" which gives free rein to those in the EU who seek revenge upon the British people for daring to question the EU's right to rule over them - and they gather like carrion to pick at the prone body of the UK - so treacherously laid out by our own governing class - ably assisted by the opposition - Labour Party, Lib Dems, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Greens and a sufficient number of Conservative politicians who have entered into Faustian Pacts with the EU - not forgetting the "Pied Piper" of Islington - Corbyn. 

Blair - EU Collaboration

From 1997 the Labour party systematically set about turning Britain into a province of the EU - and sought to ensure that our entire legal, parliamentary system and society itself were changed for a future under direct rule from Brussels - a Multicultural society where the English were sidelined in favour of what was good for the EU and the Labour Party's Communist ambitions. 

"This is the reality of New Labour, a coterie of Eurocommunists secretly planning to change the country beyond recognition, while emitting cosy, dishonest slogans about education and crime to fool the masses.

Later they would pretend to be ‘tough’. The trouble was that this ‘toughness’ had real effects on real lives. We have, as New Labour secretly planned, become a different country, and a much less free and fair one. 
(Peter Hitchens - Sunday Mail 22 April, 2018 - PETER HITCHENS: The real villain behind the Windrush scandal? Once again, it's BLAIR"

Controlling Parliament

Between May 1997 and June 2007 Blair ennobled 374 "chosen ones" to the House of Lords - Conservative 62 - Labour 162Liberal Democrats 64 - Independent /Cross bench/Other 96 

In the recent defeat of the government the Lords passed an amendment to effectively keep the UK in the EU Customs Union by a vote of 348 to 225 - a majority of 123 - and this is a rallying cry by the Lords to stir the Commons to inflict a similar defeat in the lower chamber.

The Lords defeat was organised by Blair and his mouthpiece in the Lords - Adonis - and pushed by former EU Commissioners.

Such Commissioners risk their UK taxpayer funded EU pensions if the do not support the EU project - and who have sworn a mandatory Oath of Allegiance to act only in the interests of the EU as a whole. Such vested interests should not be allowed to vote on such matters because of conflict of interest - and this goes for any elected representative in the Commons with ties or conflicts of interest related to the EU.

Our analysis of the figures from Hansard suggest the following:-

Out of the total number of Peers ennobled by Blair (1997-2007) a total of 187 of them voted against the government or ~50% of the total ennobled by Blair.

This manipulation of the Parliamentary system by Blair, the Labour Party and others - collaborating with the EU - can only be seen as corruption of our Democracy at the highest level - since Blair and the rest of the legal fraternity are fully aware that Britain cannot repeal the European Communities Act (1972) except through a majority vote in both Chambers of Parliament - Sections 2(1) and 2(2) et seq. being the ones that give the EU legal supremacy over the UK. 

Blair's attempts to control the Lords through securing a majority of unelected Peers in the Upper Chamber who are against leaving the EU represents a total betrayal of the British population - he should be arrested for inciting and facilitating acts of treason - along with those with vested interests in the EU - who are voting against the "Withdrawal Bill" - actions which seek to keep Britain under the control of a foreign organisation - the EU - they are a disgrace to this country. 

The Worst Outcome for the EU

The worst possible outcome for the EU is that they lose control of Britain - a jewel in the EU's crown, although it would never admit that it is the case - representing the 6th largest economy contributing to and underwriting much of the EU's development and foreign aid, a large relatively wealthy population with a highly developed military and intelligence capability - an international financial services sector and leading edge technology base.

Without control of the UK the EU's status is much diminished and its attractiveness is far less for potential investors and multinational clients who would prefer to lobby a centralised controlling hub which can then impose its will and the terms and conditions of any trade arrangement on its members, particularly the UK - rather than having to negotiate with individual administrations.

It takes many years for the EU to obtain trade deals with even small countries because of internal vested interests and its, so far, incomplete takeover of control of its members - whereas the UK already has the links with many countries around the world and, a common legal systems, outlook, customs and language - it would be a disaster for the EU to have such a competent and entrepreneurial single country which can obtain trade deals much more rapidly in direct competition with the EU bloc.

The main problem that the EU has is that it cannot control its Member States until it can create a new Constitution that the members will openly (or through stealth) accept - such a Constitution would finally take away the last vestiges of independence and render the members impotent to protect themselves from even the most onerous terms and conditions that the EU could negotiate - if it did not have to defer to its member state individual interests.

The UK wants to trade with the EU and the British people want Britain to trade as an independent sovereign nation - which is incompatible with membership of the EU Single Market and Customs Union - we will not be a colony of the EU or any other organisation.