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17th February, 2017

Blair's Referendum Re-Run

Blair recently visited those to whom he owes his true loyalty; though his true love stares him in the face whenever he sees his reflection, assuming that he does have such an attribute. Having returned from the EU, Blair is once again now stirring up more trouble - but this would seem to be oddly timed - unless it is directed at the House of EU Lords - Pensioners, EU apparatchiks and PLP supporters, and it begs the question, why did he not act more vociferously in advance of the House of Commons voting on the triggering of Article 50 (TEU) - or was he too busy working behind the scenes?

The answer would seem to be that (1) he feels or, perhaps, his masters in Brussels (Berlin) feel that they should give up on the Lower Houses of Parliament - after the coup by the Fabian PLP failed to oust Jeremy Corbyn or (2) the EU believe that they have a better chance with the Upper Chamber of the Houses of Parliament, where EU pensions could be a game changer or (3) bizarrely, the EU would prefer to have a second Referendum, also pushed by Owen Smith in his Corbyn leadership challenge - the idea of never ending Referendums has most often worked in the past for the EU, and is a favourite with the SNP.

Perhaps the the EU, and Blair / PLP believe that another Referendum on the EU would give more Democratic credibility than the EU simply ignoring the first Referendum, or having it overturned or simply stopped in its tracks, by fair or nefarious means, or in the courts or in Parliament - but,perhaps a second Referendum would not give the a different result - what then? Apart from deliberately creating more economic uncertainty to damage Britain's economy further, what would be the point of having a second Referendum that could go either way?

The most likely reason for the EU / PLP / LibDems /SNP / Greens / Plaid Cymru et al., to want to hold a new Referendum would be to provide an opportunity to change the terms of reference; extend the franchise, or kick leaving the EU into the long grass, or move the goal posts or simply rig the Referendum result using some little known political device that makes it, "still only advisory", or by, for example, lowering the voting age - but it did not work for the SNP. Perhaps the voting age could be lowered so that primary school children could vote - which would elevate the arguments of most of the politicians and activists on the Remain side to a higher intellectual level - particularly the widespread use of scaremongering, although it is more likely to work on the young - who also believe in EU unicorns and other fairy tales, but only if we stay in the EU.

It is interesting that the arguments for Remaining in the EU have not changed - fear of the unknown and doom and gloom, if we leave the EU - even though it is clear that it is the EU that is a financial disaster; mostly because of Euro (Eurozone) austerity programmes and  Merkel / Juncker / Sutherland's mass immigration policies, supported by Obama / Clinton and many others of the "Liberal" persuasion - and it is the Left that is causing the most problems. The UK is also following the EU austerity measures, but with more enthusiasm, in order to bring down the catastrophic Blair / Brown New Labour - debt / deficit burden, which will only increase, as mass uncontrolled immigration into Europe continues.

The longer we stay in the EU the poorer we will become, as we have to contribute financially, directly and indirectly, to support ill-thought-out EU policies, including the current EU mass influx from the third world, and those still projected to join - those included in the Barcelona Agreement (1999) - North Africa and Middle-East and many others. We are also constrained by not being able to settle trade deals with other countries and we have little or no say as long as we are trapped in the EU - and the EU is a trap for all its member states, whether they realise it or not.

Just a reminder of some of what Blair / Brown and the PLP  have already contributed to the break-up of the UK and its ultimate subjugation within the EU, if we don't leave soon - if you are interested, please see the following   Blair and the Fabians No  Mandate to Remain,    Quick EU Summary,   UK Regions and Loss of Sovereignty,   and  What Remaining Really Means,    and also a summary of the part of the disaster that Blair and New Labour bequeathed to the UK can be seen on the Home page of this website; under "The Labour Party and the EU" Other aspects of the EU, in particular, the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and the development of the EEC and EU are also available on this site.

‚ÄčThe most cynical aspect of the Remain camp spokespeople, such as Blair is that they also claim that it would be better for our children to stay in the EU - nothing could be further from the truth, and the most ridiculous claim from some Remainers - that they are UK patriots , when nothing could be further from the truth.


Since he was first elected, Blair has only ever acted on behalf of, and for the benefit of the EU, and, of course, himself; whether that was through the undermining our Education system, our NHS,  our Judiciary, Civil Service, our Financial well being or our Armed Forces, to name only a few - and along with the PLP conducted, by stealth, a Multicultural "pilot" attack on British Culture, as a precursor to Merkel's 2015 Multicultural attack on European Culture.  Blair is little more than a subversive influence, who continues to undermine our country, and continually attempts to prevent our escape from the clutches of the EU. 

As such, it is legitimate to ask why the British taxpayer is paying for Blair's security when his true "employer", the EU, is the only beneficiary - those who voted Leave should also "Rise-up" and insist that Blair is stripped of his UK paid security services; which could help, in some way, the NHS, and those expenses should rightly be paid for by Merkel or Juncker et al., or be at his own expense.

One final comment - On Question Time last night the SNP are still pushing the quite false claim that Scotland would be an independent country as a member of the EU - as long as this fundamental untruth is not exposed, there will be other attempts to keep the UK in the EU - on the false basis that the EU member states are not under control of the EU.  To cap it all, Ms Chakrabarti confirmed that the HoL would interfere in the triggering of Article 50 - would that be because they are emboldened by their own self - importance, or perhaps because of some other reason?