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​​​​2nd December, 2017

Blair's (secret) Plan to Stop "Brexit" +

According to today Austin Mitchell (former Labour MP for Grimsby) his office had received a copy of a "leaked" memo from Tony Blair to Alistair Campbell, in which he sets out his "12-point" plan to stop "Brexit" - and which included some of the following comments, after first stating:-

​"The aim must be to make Brexit look so difficult that government gives up rather than increases dislike of an EU which is so good for our people, even if they don’t know it."

 The points are numbered as indicated

  • (1) "Pretend to accept the referendum result. No use putting it down to lies, Russian gold, or “too close to call”. The majority was bigger and clearer than what the Tories got in 2010, 2015 or 2017. People won’t like being told their votes don’t count."


This behaviour has been "de riguer" amongst the political Left ever since they formulated the idea that - it would be unwise to directly claim that they outright rejected the June 2016 Referendum result - which might suggest that they are undemocratic - "Heaven forbid" 

  • (5) Don’t bang on about the joys of the Single Market – we’re in a deficit of £60 billion with it and selling off railways, companies and utilities to finance it. So defend it as better than being assaulted by Trump and forced to eat chlorinated chicken.

To put the position of the UK establishment regarding the EU - It is clear that approximately 77% of our MP's want to stay in the EU; in the Lords it is at least 58%; mostly LibDems and SNP, and in the Judiciary, it is more difficult to assess, but the voting ratio in Supreme Court on recent rulings related to "Brexit" appeared to be 75%  - or perhaps that is just the way it comes across - but Blair even admits that the EU is bad for the UK in his point (5) above.

  • (7) "This government could collapse, bringing Labour into power. Then our former party will have to choose between fighting and failing. We can’t trust Corbyn to see things our way, but it will be disastrous to be seen as the sell-out party."

So it seems that Blair is more worried about the Labour Party under Corbyn than "Brexit" under May - because he would have no control of events if the government fell - that does not seem to be the reality on the ground though, since it appears that just about every EU friendly politician in Parliament and most of the Judiciary is trying to limit the power of the government during the Article 50 negotiations, or are just determined to bring down the government.

  • (10) "Accept that Britain has its problems but don’t admit to the scale of a disaster which can be blamed on us. In or out of the EU, we’ll face the huge problem of building back to viability. We must avoid the Dunkirk spirit for the moment, but create just enough fear to make people think it’s safer in the EU than standing up for ourselves. This is a bit difficult because Europe punishes failures like Greece rather than helping lame dogs over styles. So we need to concentrate on suggesting domestic reforms, particularly any which help such symbols of our national greatness as the City of London, the banks, the multinationals and all those foreign investors who’ve bought up our companies, utilities, railways and properties because of their faith in this country. Keep the people happy by building more houses and offering bigger mortgages, rather than dirty factories or risky investments."

Blair is clearly amoral - as are most Left wing and Statist SNP politicians - and their only real interest is the destruction of the UK at any price - on behalf of the EU - to whom they clearly only owe their allegiance.

We have presented only four of Blair's 12-points on how to help the EU against the interests of the UK - please visit (1st December, 2017) for the details of the entire letter between Blair and Campbell, and much more UK - EU related information and news. Disseminate the letter, far and wide, to expose the corruption that Blair, the Labour Party, the rest of the political Left and Statist SNP really represen

Sturgeon's Power Grab on Behalf of the EU

Again from Brexit Central, an article form the Jersey Evening Post - whose Headline was 

"62% of Scots want European powers moved to Holyrood after Brexit, poll finds"

It transpires that the EU have held responsibility for the devolved parts of the UK for the past 40 years, and as BrexitCentral points out:-

"Given that the SNP still wants the EU to retain those powers, its current argument is utterly absurd. Where was the SNP’s belief in sovereignty over the last 40 years, when laws were imposed on the people of Scotland by the EU without debate in the House of Commons or, in the last 20 years, at Holyrood?"

Evidently, Sturgeon is working for the EU - not for Scotland - and it is time that the Scots woke up to the fact that she is the one trying to grab power - not the Westminster Parliament, and with only one aim - to repatriate that power to the EU - so that Scotland can be ruled over by Brussels (Berlin) in perpetuity. 

In which case, the Scots might consider that they have had their true Sovereignty taken away from them by their own First Minister, who then gave it back to the EU.

Perhaps the Scots should think more carefully when the decide to vote for the SNP - or should it be the Scottish (EU) Nationalist Party. 

Please ensure that these facts are also widely disseminated