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30th August, 2016

Blitzkrieg of Threats and Abuse from the EU

These attacks from the EU and from the Remain supporters in the UK will go on until May invokes Article 50 or repeals the European Communities Act (1972); or both.

Once the EU realises that we really are leaving then they will back off with their threats, but it would be naive to believe that the open abuse would end, or the attempts by the EU's, UK based "Fifth Columnists" and "Lord Haw Haw's" to subvert every aspect of life in Britain; from trying to sabotage the economy to fomenting social unrest with wildcat strikes and intimidation of leave voters - the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation leads the media outlets, and the EU's propaganda units will be at the vanguard of the attacks.

Actually, it will be just a more intense version of what has been happening since before, during, and following the actual Brexit vote - with greater venom than a bag full of vipers, from the likes of Sturgeon et al. Blair, Mandelson and Clarke will become prominent and from under their rocks will emerge many other EU agents; from the House of Commons and the House of Lords - a new Fear Campaign - with bells on.

The EU is now in its death throes and it will shrink back to its core group, which will come together to form a little "superpower" with even bigger ambitions; and annoy the hell out of its neighbours - what's new.

One other possibility is that Germany may leave and revert back to its own currency. 

Once again using the Brexit vote, the EU  has rolled its plan for its Superstate - but most people already know that these plans are in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - aka the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004) - so how long can they pretend that their plans are only a reaction to a particular event, rather a sinister takeover of all of Europe - and when are people in Europe going to wake-up the death threats against the Nation States of Europe from the EU?.

After leaving the EU - and we do not believe that it is as intractable as it is being deliberately made out to be - all obstacles can be overcome because of mutual interests in maintaining trade and friendly relationships (whatever the negotiating rhetoric) - after leaving, Britain should become a low tax country - just like Eire - as far as inward investment is concerned - so we can bring in entrepreneurs, specialist trades, research scientists, new and expanding businesses and rebuild our country for our youngsters and their numerous offspring - not stay attached to a 1957 model of a Communist Totalitarian EU Police State. 

PS We are currently investigating if it is possible to have the European Communities Act (1972) struck off the statute books through the HIgh Court, since the ECA (1972) is illegal under our Constitution and Laws - our politicians at the time secretly gave away our sovereignty to a foreign power, the EEC(EU) - but our sovereignty is only ever on loan to the politicians for a period of 5 years - so it was never theirs to give in the first place. Worse still, subsequent governments have continued the deception against the people of Britain for the past 43 years - it is time to end that abuse. Anyone with specialist knowledge who can assist us?