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2nd September, 2016

Breaking up the UK

The EEC (EU Trojan Horse) has had formalised designs on the breakup of the UK and all the other member states, since at least 1965 - even before we joined the EEC (in 1973) and our government began implementing their plans in 1966! - in fact, in 1971 the European Commission produced a map of England broken up into 9 regions; each controlled directly by Brussels, and in 1973 the EEC (EU "Common Regional Policy") was established. Regionalisation - i.e. the breakup of the UK has proceeded apace ever since that time. see

The largest part of that breakup occurred when New Labour devolved Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from Westminster; on behalf of the EU, and, ever since, the EU has worked to pit these devolved regions against the UK establishment with preferential financial inducement to "buy" loyalty to the EU - which is more easily facilitated against a background of ancient antagonism between the nations;  using monies from the EU member states, including Britain.

The SNP and New Labour basically operate as an EU fifth column, partly to favour the EU for their own ambitions, and partly out of malice and resentment derived from the old grievances and a desire to ensure that the breakup of the UK is complete - with all the main protagonists from north of the border (SNP and New Labour) and their influence is writ large following the Brexit vote. These anti-English EU agents have been joined more recently by representatives from Wales (Smith), the Australian (Bennett) and new joint Green party leader (Lucas) in their support for their Utopian, Totalitarian EU Police State; against the best interests of the UK and the whole of Europe. 

But it is not just the breakup of the UK into individual nations that the EU has its talons into, it is also those individual nations themselves who have been "Regionalised"; including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - all to be controlled directly by Brussels - the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish populations are being sold into EU slavery by their "so-called" representatives - who in reality are only looking after their own interests. see UK Regions and Loss of Sovereignty

So before Sturgeon and the SNP or Smith and the Blairite Fabian Cabal - and the rest - sell you and your children into perpetual servitude within the failed EU, just ask them one question - if we stay in the EU will we be in control of our own future, or will we be told what we are allowed to do by people we did not elect and cannot dismiss? I did not elect Merkel - did you?