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15th July 2016

Brexit Negotiations 2016

According to comments in the Express today the government has responded to the petition to repeal the European Communities Act, 1972; stating that the only legal way for the UK to leave the EU is through invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - although they do make it clear that any other route would also lead to a hostile negotiating environment.

Clearly that has to be a major consideration, not only for relationships within Europe, but also any new relationships that Britain wishes to establish in the wider world, which ultimately rely on trust - even though creating harmony and trust within Europe has never been very close to the top of the EU's own agenda.

Other items that have been brought into the mix are TTIP and CETA trade agreements between the UK and the US and Canada respectively and the government's position on the details of these any many other areas are not very clear - which will require transparency throughout; not the way that the EU pushes through agreements in secret.

What has become clear is that we are expected to have to wait until December, 2018 before we have concluded the break from the EU - this assumes that Article 50 is invoked by the end of this year or early 2017 (before March, 2017) and that there are no, mutually agreed extensions beyond December, 2018. This leaves us with a total minimum waiting period of two years and five months - assuming Article 50 is invoked on the 1st of January, 2017; during which time we will remain under EU rule. This period will require the utmost vigilance on the part of the British population or at least the Brexiters to ensure that no secret deals are enacted behind our backs and that we are not signed up to the EU armed forces or other unsavoury arrangements (Bigger Picture) 

We must not enter into any new binding deals with the EU without true transparency and proper scrutiny and ensure that we are not allowing a massive population surge of legal or illegal immigrants - by enacting emergency measures which are available under the treaties.

These are troubling times and much mischief can interfere with even the best made plans - to thwart the best efforts and since our Parliament does not properly represent us (having illegally given away its sovereignty (which wasn't theirs to give)) to a foreign power in 1972) until we finally do repeal the European Communities Act (1972) and that would not take place until after we finally break from the political EU.