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 24th July, 2016 (updated 9th April, 2017)

Brexit Red Lines _ Reminder

Even at this early stage of "negotiations" - Theresa May seems to be slipping in her "resolve" to deliver an exodus of the UK from the EU  - and in light of attempts by the EU and UK politicians to undertake negotiation by propaganda rather than a properly considered approach it is worth pointing out what the EU Referendum vote must deliver in real terms:-

Detailed Red Lines

  • Repeal of the European Communities Act (1972)
  • No compromise on uncontrolled mass migration from the EU into Britain under any circumstances
  • Repeal of all non-beneficial EU legislation which overrules British sovereign laws
  • Return of control over Fishing and Agricultural Policy
  • Return to British passport / drivers' licence identity and weights and Measures
  • Residency in Britain based only upon British national interests - no automatic right of residence
  • No privatisation of public services nor infrastructure to foreign competitors, no more PFI, no TTIP 
  • No sales of strategic assets or businesses to foreign competitors without safeguards and share retention
  • Take the UK out of the ECHR

Withdrawal from all EU integration processes, including, but not limited to:-

  •                  Repeal the European communities Act (1972) with a "Sunset Clause" - to prevent prevarication
  •                  Return of our own Fishing and Agricultural grounds


  •                  No membership of the Single Market
  •                  No transitional arrangement to last more that 18 months
  •                  No automatic right to residence or benefits to non-UK nationals
  •                  No uncontrolled, unfettered, mass immigration or Freedom of Movement
  •                  No giving way on Gibraltar unless expressly decided by those resident 

  •                  Free trade with NO tariffs - except in response to tariffs applied by EU
  •                  No compliance with European Court of Justice (ECJ) rulings or even suggestions
  •                  No EU Corpus Juris - No European Arrest Warrant (EAW)
  •                  No UK "divorce" payments to the EU without UK access to properly audited EU accounts
  •                  No EU Armed Forces                      
  • ​                 No part of an EU Common Taxation, Pensions, VAT
  •                  No part of an EU Common Fiscal Control 
  •                  No part of an EU Common Currency  
  •                  No EU controlled administrative regions in the UK
  •                  No loss of UK seats at the UN, WTO and other organisations which the UK is a member

  •                  Return of British Embassies to UK control
  •                  No EU Public Prosecutors or  Armed EU Paramilitary Police on our streets
  •                  Total Sovereign Border Control over Immigration, Asylum and Refugee Status and policies.

The above list represents only a few of the Terms and Conditions that were hidden in the Lisbon Treaty (2007),  and illustrates only a small portion of our rights and freedoms that our nefarious politicians (in the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament ) have given away to the EU - behind our backs during the past 44 years.

The above list also illustrates some of the what the EUphiles in the Labour Party (PLP), LibDems, SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru, et al., and our Judiciary are trying to keep under the control of the EU - and against our best interests.


"You won't appreciate what you've really lost - until it has been taken away from you by the EU"

So, Mrs May

Anything less than taking back all the rights and privileges that the EU is in the process of stealing from us, with the help of the British establishment, would be a betrayal of the will of the British People; and ultimately lead to to their enslavement within the EU - make sure it does not happen on your watch, and protect the UK population for the future.