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11th January 2019

Brexit response - "A sham from the off"

The anti-"Brexit" actions and general behaviour of Parliament this week - with even more to come - during the recommencement of the meaningless debates on the draft "Withdrawal Agreement" was planned soon after the Referendum result was announced in June 2016.

After the result of the EU Referendum was announced - and the blood, which had drained from the faces of the UK establishment had returned - behind the scenes, planning began; to ensure that control was wrested from the "People" into the warm and friendly arms of the EU's puppet UK parliament - though on the surface the Parliament were claiming to accept the result and even voted, in large majority, for the result to be enacted.

Gina Miller and a group of other interested parties - began legal action to prevent the government from using executive (Henry VIII) powers to force the Referendum result through - thus giving those in parliament with vested interests in the EU (the majority in the Commons and the Lords) control over the manner of the negotiations; with a view to preventing the UK from leaving the EU, under any circumstances that did not suit the EU.

The Miller action finally ended up the British "Supreme" Court (BSC) - which, in matters related to the EU, is the same as going directly to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) - the British "Supreme" Court was set-up by Blair and defers to the ECJ on all matters related to the EEC(EU) Treaties - it, in turn, is tasked with promoting and enforcing the EU mantra of "Ever Closer Union"

The British "Supreme" Court was established to continue the myth that Britain was a sovereign country and that all grievances could ultimately be settled by its own courts - but it is a lie - we are not a sovereign country - and our "highest" court is subservient to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) - brought about through the illegal Treaties that our politicians have signed us up to, and Ratified over the past 46 years - without ever to asking permission.

There was no way that the EU would allow the final decision of the Referendum to be granted to the British people, who they had no control over - so it had to pass through, and be subverted, by a parliament that they do control - but it must be made to look like the EU was not involved.

But they are involved in our domestic politics - up to their necks - they showed that when the ECJ ruled recently that the UK could unilaterally revoke Article 50 - a direct intervention within our domestic politics.

We have witnessed the resulting actions by the Remain parliament ever since - culminating, currently, with the Speaker dispensing with precedent and allowing untrammelled attempts to subvert the process of leaving the EU by those opposing the Referendum result.

The draft "Withdrawal Agreement" Shenanigans

The fact that Theresa May "ambushed" her own Cabinet and forced agreement to the Chequers "Deal", from which WA was derived, reveals that she is acting under instructions from Merkel - she stated at that meeting that the Chequers "Deal" could not be changed because it had been approved by Angela Merkel - prior to the British Cabinet had any sight of its contents.

At least 80% was agreed by Merkel with the remaining 20% put together by Brussels.

One can only assume that such subservience to Merkel and the EU by our Prime Minister - who deliberately withheld information from her own Cabinet and then threatened them into accepting (without scrutiny); the behind their backs deal that she had already agreed.

Which means that our successive Prime Ministers and opposition leaders have clearly been required to swear an oath of allegiance to the EU (see FCO:30/1048); just as Member State Commissioners are required to swear an oath of allegiance to the EU's mantra of "ever closer union" - which overrides the interests of the individual Member States - which is how the EU can progress despite opposition from the Member State populations.

Add to this the fact that clearly a majority of parliamentary candidates are chosen for their EU friendly disposition - as are the chosen ennobled peers in the lords - and we have a picture of a highly developed corrupt political system.  Where the elected representatives do not represent the interests of their electorate - they represent the interests of a foreign power to whom they owe their true allegiance - and would always vote to keep the UK in the EU.

After 46 years of EU entanglement, the UK must rank as one of the most corrupt 1st world political systems in existence today - it is imperative that this system is changed as soon as a General Election is called - and rid ourselves of these loathsome EU collaborators who have entered into Faustian pacts with those in the EU who wish the UK only harm.

That Chequers meeting led to the resignation of David Davis and Boris Johnson and others and "flushed-out" some of those who were not really wedded to leaving the EU - former "Brexiteers"; Liam Fox, Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom.

Just like Chequers, the new EU treaty (Withdrawal Agreement) that May is trying to get through parliament cannot be amended - so our politicians can do and say whatever they like, but the "Withdrawal Agreement" cannot be altered - same with all the EEC(EU) treaties.

The Political declarations and the EU's verbal assurances and warm words cannot disguise the fact that WA is totally one-sided - gives away £39 billionn for nothing in return - none of the reasons for the UK population voting to leave the EU is addressed; the terms and conditions are worse and there is no exit clause.

Based upon the fact that the EU successfully turned the Lisbon Treaty (2007) into its de facto Constitution by hiding the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004) within its texts - called it a "Reform Treaty" and then - through sleight - of - hand, the ECJ (using its own "Case Law")  declared that it was now the EU Constitution - we know from experience that the EU cannot be trusted.

in fact, it is significant, that Cameron (who has been working with Number 10) had sold the idea of a Referendum to the EU on the grounds that it would be used to permanently "Dock" the UK in the EU - and the Withdrawal Agreement does exactly that.

Our Remain parliament are doing their best to ensure that there are no options on the table which actually represent the Leave vote result - HMG is falsely claiming it has a Deal with the EU - but its Withdrawal Agreement "Deal" is just an extension of the pretend Article 50 "negotiations" by another name - which will never result in a "free trade deal" between the UK and the EU.

Worse still the UK would have no defence against any actions by the EU if the Withdrawal Agreement is ratified by parliament: new Directives and Regulations could devastate our industries, businesses, social cohesion and rule of law (which gives a lie to the idea the "Transition Period" will allow businesses or anyone else to adjust!); and it will be open season on the UK by, any and all, of the individual Member States who have a grievance against the UK or simply wish to exploit the weakness that Merkel and May are placing  upon the UK population; whether it is Gibraltar, Fisheries or benefit payments to EU citizens resident in their own countries etc.

Theresa May's Withdrawal "Agreement" is a United Kingdom suicide note - whereas World Trade Organisation rules are our only way out of the EU control represented by the EU Treaties that our disreputable elected representatives have signed us up to  - and that is the reason that it is being Demonised.