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20th November 2018

Britain Surrenders to German Axis

It is astonishing that as a result of the British people voting to leave the European Union that Germany and its allies in the EU have been able to turn that around - with a little help from subversion by our EU collaborators in the mainstream parties, the Lords, Civil Servants and Judiciary over 46 years - to the position where Britain could fall under control of Germany (poorly disguised as the EU) in perpetuity.

What is even more astonishing is that a German Chancellor who has recently lost her political mandate - through unilateral action she took related to a declaration to allow mass uncontrolled immigration into Germany - is still able to run the EU from her "bunker" in Berlin and is on the cusp of achieving what a certain previous German Chancellor was unable to achieve with Tiger Tanks, the Luftwaffe and U-Boats - the surrender of Britain and the subjugation of the British people - without firing a single shot.

Ironically, the state of affairs that would affect Britain - as a result of implementation of "her" (Merkel - May) withdrawal plan (which May has already stated cannot be amended)  - will be the fate of all the Member States in the fullness of time - because this is the endgame of the EU.

The Member States will lose their independence completely - their political parties will be merged into EU wide parties and the connection between the rulers - the Commission - and the Member State populations - will grow wider; they are already Vassal States by virtue of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - see Article 42.3 TEU for a definition of a Vassal Sate - and as arch Remainer Ken Clarke has previously stated that:

  • "He looks forward to the day when Westminster is just a council chamber in Europe"

and another notable quote; from before we joined the Common Market officially in 1973:

  • “Communism run by commissars from Moscow did not work, and nor will capitalism run by commissioners in Brussels. Both deny people their right to develop in their own way.” (Tony Benn, 1966 – British Politician, former EU MP)

Angela Merkel is a Communist who supports a liberalised market economy and has every intention of continuing to rule over the EU, either officially or by proxy. May claimed that Merkel had agreed (80%) of the Chequers plan (from where the "withdrawal plan" was derived) but the latter is far worse, and was probably drawn up in Brussels in the form of an EU treaty, and just like the Lisbon Treaty (2007) it could not be amended; nor could the European Communities Act (1972) when it went through Parliament. 

In the EU everything is handed down in its final form as far as the Member States are concerned; but the EU can change whatever it wants to change and take any powers it wishes to take - even if those powers are not contained in any of the Treaties - it has an "Enabling Act" - Article 48 of the  Lisbon Treaty (2007)

Basic Economics

There was an interesting event at the annual meeting of the Confederation of British Industries (CBI) in London where Mrs May gave a speech extolling the virtues of her latest deal (Withdrawal) and an unidentified business leader told the Prime Minister:

  • "On Sunday you will sign us into a withdrawal agreement."That deal that will lock us into EU regulations on a permanent basis unless the EU agrees otherwise. "That is to ensure we have friction less trade with the EU - which is about 43 percent of our goods trade."We lose £95bn a year on that deal whereas the alternative is a rapidly growing market outside the EU, where we have huge opportunities."So can I ask you to think again about the economics of the whole thing instead of listening to the CBI, which is really the Confederation of European Industry."

The last remark resulted in stunned silence from many of the attendees and jeers from some.

  • In response to other questions from the audience, Mrs May suggested that she would not let the transition period extend until the end of 2022. "Oli Smith"

They do not care that tremendous opportunities abound for small and medium sized companies who do not trade with the EU but have to suffer the same regulatory regime as "big" business for no gain - it is worth remembering that only ~6% of British businesses actually trade with the EU and they only represent only ~12 % of the UK's GDP - but because they all have to money to be able to buy our MP's in our parliament and also lobby MEP's in Brussels - they "Rule the Roost".

The entire withdrawal deal is directed towards the CBI and other vested interests who ignore the votes of who they see as interfering with their "right: to exploit the poor" arriving here from the EU; while the British taxpayers' subsidise their wages and our infrastruture and public services suffer - but to the CBI's repugnant "glitterati", fattening themselves through unconstrained greed - the votes of ordinary people do not count; because they believe that "ordinary" people are "too stupid and don't really matter anyway."

From Guido Fawkes (

"The CBI has endorsed Theresa May’s draft withdrawal agreement, Guido thought it would be a good time to remind younger readers of its long and distinguished history of making bad political calls:
In the 1930s it supported appeasement.
In the 1940s it supported nationalisation.
In the 1950s it supported state planning.
n the 1960s it supported tripartite industrial relations.
In the 1970s it supported price controls.
In the 1980s it opposed getting tough with the USSR.
In the 1990s it supported the ERM.
In the 2000s it supported joining the Euro.
In the 2010s it supported Remain…
… and now it has declared its support for May’s draft withdrawal agreement.  - Not exactly a laudable record…"

In addition, Guido Fawkes also established that the CBI had been receiving funding from the EU, with additional sums during the EU Referendum (EU paid 160 million Euros to Pro Remain Groups May 13 2018 - Euro Guido (

What Next?

We have not been through the latest "Withdrawal Bill and associated documents in their entirety, so we refer readers to two main references for a measure of the contents;

(1) From the Spectator's Coffee House, Steerpike: 17th November 2018 and  "Top 40 horrors lurking in the small print of Theresa May's deal and Brexit Deal and 17th November 2018" "40 Rebuttals to Mr Steerpike's 40 Horrors by 10 Downing Street"and

(2) From Dr Lee Rotherham: "There are some Nasty Surprises in the small print of Theresa May's Brexit Deal" - Article available at - and below:

At the moment we are concerned with how this will play out - considering the opposition to the "deal".

There does not seem to have been much negotiation actually taking place since the EU's position is practically identical to what it was at the start; it seems that perhaps more time was put into trying to sell the idea that a deal would be concocted to suit the EU and then work out how to sell it to the UK politicians as Brexit when it is clearly Remain - "Emporer's new clothes" (which is what Chequers was anyway) - but the withdrawal plan is much worse than Chequers alone.

Deja Vu

What we are witnessing now is a similar  scenario to what happened in 1972 which resulted in Britain joining the Common Market - although the proceedings were not broadcast because the Polling indicated  that the British Public were against joining the Common Market - presumably that would not happen again - or would it?: Surely,  it would all be out in the open this time !

  • Parliament would be presented with the Bill and told that nothing could be amended - same with the European Communities Bill Clause 2 (1972)

  • There would be a time limit to force the hands of Parliament and the MP's who would debate the Clauses of the Bill and vote - but it would be meaningless (a pretend meaningful vote) because none of the Clauses or Articles could be changed by our Parliament  -  voting would be along Party lines

  • There would be a final vote on accepting or rejecting the Bill in its entirety and that would be a Free Vote - when either (a) the Bill would be defeated or (b) the Labour Party, with or without others, would vote with the Conservatives and the Bill could succeed - just like in 1972.

The Lords would not be allowed a vote only approve a "Notice" to indicate that they had been part of the Bill's "Scrutiny"

One of the key questions asked in 1972 - and not satisfactorily answered - related to ECA (1972) Clause 2 - the question was why couldn't we join the "Common Market" as a Sovereign State without Clause 2. After all, if we are only joining a trade arrangement, why is Clause 2 necessary - we would not accept such a Clause 2 when joining WTO or NATO etc.or any other organisation?

(see Occupation without Force for more about Clause 2)

The Transition Period

The need for Clause 2 was not readily apparent to some politicians in 1972 - unless there was some unspecified purpose in the future that would require its inclusion.

In 2016 the British Government put a "Great Repeal Bill" through Parliament (Commons and Lords):

"Great Repeal Bill 2016

The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that provides for repealing the European Communities Act 1972, and for Parliamentary approval of the withdrawal agreement being negotiated between HM Government and the European Union. Wikipedia
Royal assent: 26 June 2018
Citation: 2018 c.16
Commencement: 26 June 2018; (partly in force)"

What has not been repealed is Clause 2 which allows the EU to pass its Laws directly into our Domestic Law - bypassing our Parliamentary system - and this will stay in force until "Exit day" - which should have been the 29th March 2019 - but it will not be repealed until the real "Exit day" - which Theresa May, the majority of our MP's, Peers, Civil Servants, Judiciary and the EU are doing their best to prevent the British people ever reaching.   

This is because if we ever fully repeal Clause 2 of the European Communities Act (1972) we, the people of Britain would be totally free of control by the EU - since it would make all the EU Treaties relating to the UK null and void and prevent EU Laws being forced upon Britain. 

This is also why Mrs May's Transition Period is so dangerous for the British people. The primary duty of the government is to protect its citizens - so her actions are a dereliction of duty - since we have been deliberately made vulnerable to abuse by a foreign power.

The European Communities Act (1972) signed the UK up to the Treaty of Rome (1957) and upon repeal, we would therefore no longer be bound by that Treaty or any of the administrative nightmare it has spawned in order to take over Europe from those to whom it really belongs: the wonderfully diverse, multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, multi-talented and beautiful people of Europe; who have contributed so much to the betterment of mankind - only to be ambushed by deranged psychopaths with ambitions for Empire at various times in their history - and even now.

We will know soon enough if we will throw off Brussels' yoke or be condemned to servitude by our own so-called elite.

The only way to escape now - with a real Brexit, is to leave on WTO rules on the 29th March 2019 - that would automatically repeal Clause 2 of the European Communities Act (1972) and set us free - all other alternatives, including Remain lead to the UK being a Vassal State of Germany.