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19th March, 2017

Brown's Latest Ruse

Gordon Brown entered the indy2ref debate by offering a "third way", which involves Westminster repatriating powers  back from Brussels only to hand them to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales - so that thy can then hand them back to the EU. This is the same Brown who signed the Lisbon Treaty (2007), along with David Miliband, but instead of signing with the rest of the EU member state representatives somehow missed the photo opportunity in Lisbon and, instead signed it over a private lunch. This is the same Brown who had the Lisbon Treaty ratified without Parliamentary scrutiny and thereby introduced the rejected Constitution for Europe(2004) into British Lawby stealth - which, in 2009, took precedence over our own Constitution.

This is also the very same Gordon Brown who was part of New Labour who obliged the EU by helping to carve up the UK into regions of theEU  (UK Regions of the EU)in order that they can be controlled directly by Brussels, through appointed Governors and Prosecutors, who will apply the EU's Corpus Juris  {Police State legal system) - thereby overruling our Common Law protections from the tyranny of the state (see Corpus Juris and English Common Law)  Even as recently as last week the EU tried to get Britain to devolve more power to Cornwall, as a further act to undermine our government.

These are deliberate acts being attempted by the EU to undermine the, predominantly English attempt, to break Britain free from the clutches of the EU - while Brown / Sturgeon and others are simply working on behalf of the EU to stop Britain leaving, at any price - whether we like it or not the EU is at war with Britain, in every real sense, and those siding with the EU are little more than saboteurs, loyal only to the EU, trying to thwart that bid for freedom. All of those who were complicit in bringing the Lisbon Treaty (2007), together with the previous EU treaties, into UK law should be jailed, and then kicked out of the country, including the rest of the New Labour politicians who are traitors to Britain.

Let's face it, Sturgeon's SNP Conference speech sounded more like an personal interview presentation for a job with the EU, than a real attempt to bring about an independent Scotland - she clearly does not even understand what an "Independent Country" really is following her insistence that Scotland would be Independent within the EU. She should ask Brown to explain what the Lisbon Treaty (2007) is and how it provides the legal framework the EU to takeover and control all of its member states - but, of course, she must already know exactly what that treaty does, she just hopes that the Scots will be so blinded by the lure of her faux independence call that she trusts that they will not ask any awkward questions.