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​24th October, 2016

Building a Totalitarian Police State by Stealth

Whilst there are various problems with the EU which are too numerous to mention, there a number of fundamental problems which define its past, present and future.  Firstly, the EU was founded on deception - the deception that it was designed to bring peace in Europe by collecting the Nations of Europe through trade. 

It was nothing of the sort. from the EEC onwards it has always been a giant Marxist, Ponzi scheme designed to asset strip its member states and use those funds (a) to expand its own influence by building its own system of government (b) spread its Marxist propaganda around the World promoting Free-Movement (c) promote nationalism within its member states (Devolution) to destabilise and break them up (d) buy the loyalty of regional areas within those devolved states to a foreign central organisation Brussels (Berlin) - and set them against their established democracies (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the UK) (e) use those funds as loans to buy the loyalty of ever poorer areas of Europe and far wider (Ukraine and Georgia) (f) centralise control over every aspect of the lives of every citizen of its member states (Directives and Regulations) (g) control member state governments by infiltration into the parliamentary systems (Houses of Commons and Lords) and even down to the lowest level of local government, as well as the HM Government itself; other Political Parties and throughout the establishment.

Not forgetting the nice slices of the action that are skimmed off by the EU officials and their backers in the Bilderberg Group and the Banking fraternity. All of this was designed to reach a single goal - the destruction of the members states and the take over by a single government in Brussels (Berlin) and ultimately create an EU empire in Europe - modelled on the Totalitarian Soviet Union 

Many people think that the the EU just evolved out of the EEC trade agreements, but that is not the case the EU was formed (in theory and practice) with the Treaty of Rome (1957), set-up by the Bilderberg Group (founded by the Fabian Society) and developed through stealth - which would have been impossible without the connivance of political classes within the members states; all behind the backs of the general populations of the members states, and has done so for the past 59 years - it continues today. The governments of the EU members states continue to hide the truth about the EU (sworn to secrecy - as attested to by FCO:30/1048) to protect the EU project and its bungling management from scrutiny.

All of this developed into a massively complex organisation which appeared to work well, apart from a few hiccups and the members states have today become completely entangled in a giant "Spider's Web of Regulations", whilst  the administrators in the member states, as well as the bureaucrats in the EU administration itself, have become the recipients of large salaries and expense accounts - meanwhile the proto-EU (EEC) has contributed little of substance to the maintenance of peace in Europe.

The first inklings that the EEC was not really meant to be a simple trade arrangement between independent sovereign members states and had much grander ambitions, came about with the Maastricht Treaty in (1992) at which time the EEC ceased to exist - it was subsumed within the EU which was created in that treaty - which also included the expansion of powers to this new EU which included Defence, Justice and Economic control of the members by Brussels. The treaty also created the Eurozone and the Euro and the resulting austerity throughout the EU came about as a result of the fiscal constraints to debt/GDP and deficit/GDP in the members states were set by that treaty and imposed upon the member states - enacted in Britain following the 2008 Financial crash, once the irresponsible free spending New Labour had been removed from power in 2010 - leaving their " money left" note for the next government.

One other result of the Maastricht Treaty (1992) was that Queen Elizabeth II was demoted to the status of an EU Citizen, with the same rights and obligations to Brussels as all other EU Citizen's - although she continues to be Queen Elizabeth II in Britain - to keep the population believing that they are still live in a sovereign nation - but this is patently not true under the Lisbon Treaty (2007) 

The first suggestion that the member states were to be taken over completely by Brussels (as opposed to simple proxy control through "Puppet Parliaments" in the member states - including Britain) came about with the Treaty on the Constitution for Europe (2004) - but that Treaty was rejected by the French and Dutch in 2005. 

It was shortly after that time that Merkel came to prominence and that rejected Constitution was secreted within the texts of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) with all references to the word "Constitution" and any mention of the paraphernalia of the EU State removed. That treaty, under Merkel's instruction, was designated as a "Reform Treaty", in order to avoid any Referenda - and Gordon Brown, D Miliband and New Labour duly obliged.

The importance of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) cannot be over emphasised in terms of the development of the EU. With that treaty the EU became a separate legal entity to its member states in International Law - a new state whose laws have supremacy over all the laws of its member states. The treaty also empowers, through its Articles, Declaration and Protocols, the EU to take control over the Fiscal, Domestic, Military, Judicial, Border Control, Immigration etc. etc., in fact, the EU will take over all matters of state from all of its member states and take from them the various seats on International bodies such as the UN, WTO, for example, and the EU's Foreign Service takes over all of the Embassies of the member states.

The member states will be subsumed within a Federal system administered directly from Brussels (Berlin) at a regional level - all achieved, effectively, by stealth from the humble beginnings of the EEC's predecessors, in the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) - established in the Treaty of Paris (1951)

Clearly such monumentals changes involving the complete take over of the nation states of Europe could not have taken place without the tacit approval and the collusion of the members of "Vichy" administrations within the member states - including the House of Commons and House of Lords in Britain; with the Scottish dominated, Blairite New Labour the most treacherous group of EU apparatchiks, and unfortunately for England the longest lasting. But the infiltration is just as widespread within the entire system from the lowest councillor to the highest government officials - though some are not infected. Judging by the level of Remain camp EU supporters - perhaps 48% of British society, and very much more in our Parliament and Judiciary, may be more loyal to the EU than to Britain -  for various reasons; including riches beyond the dreams of avarice for failed member state politicians.    

Following the 2008 recession, which had its origin in the Clinton Administration and sub-prime mortgages, for which Deutsche Bank was recently fined - the EU has become increasing enveloped in Economic chaos, but this did not prevent it from attempting to expand its borders into Russian Territory (Ukraine), to the Middle East (Turkey) and North Africa. As this expansion has taken place various existing members states have become alarmed at the ever increasing number of new potential member states are considered for acceptance into the EU - which necessarily reduces their voting power.

Up until 2015 many of the structures of the EU control have been put in place, but the problem is that whilst the project has managed to continue behind the backs of the member state populations to-date, the final take over was difficult to achieve except by direct confrontation between the EU and its member states and they are becoming more obstructive. The solution has always been espoused as "more EU integration", but this has become increasingly opposed by the members states.

In 2015, Merkel and others came up with a plan to move the EU Superstate  project along (also promoted by the UN, who had been working on the same plan since at least 2012), in which she invited Syrian refugees to enter Germany and make new lives there - in spite of the fact that she knew that they would not integrate; from Germany's past experience with the Turkish Guest worker's between the 1950's and 1970's.

This move showed a total arrogance on behalf of Merkel and a complete disdain for the population of the EU member states - since the plan involved an alien culture trespassing across the borders of supposedly sovereign nation states, without so much as a "by your leave"- it also showed that it was nothing to do with helping refugees - since true refugees would wish to return home and it was clear that there would not be any return home in Merkel's plan.  This was quickly followed by Juncker inviting all and sundry into the EU, for any reason, and from anywhere in the world and he was offering EU passports (or the equivalent of the US Green Card) to anyone who applied - a totally open system without any checks in order to create total chaos in Europe.

This migrant influx has created the desired effect for the EU - apart from the Visegrad opposition (who can be dealt with after the EU Army is fully operational) - and with the assistance of the UN; ensuring the maximum distress and inconvenience to the populations in Germany and elsewhere in the EU, Merkel has managed to quite deliberately precipitate the rise of opposition groups of citizens's concerned for their children, and the future of their offspring, groups whom Merkel has deceptively managed to label as ultra or extreme right wing groups - further exacerbated by left wing groups acting on behalf of the EU to stir up even more discontent. Now Merkel is close to meeting her objective of clamping down on the EU populations in Europe with the introduction of state wide censorship - which is being closely followed in the UK. This is the beginning of the EU Police State which the Remain camp wish to ensnare us whilst they claim their 30 pieces of silver.