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13th September, 2016

Call a General Election

With new threats today from the House of Lords and our MP's that they will, effectively, overturn the Referendum result in Parliament or delay the invocation of Article 50 in the House of Lords - despite the fact that Parliament had agreed to act on the result and follow the will of the people in the Referendum Bill (2015), thereby guaranteeing that the government would be bound by the result. However, with a majority of about 75% of the MP's in Parliament publicly declaring for Remain, and the Bill passing through the House of Lords, where there is also majority of EU supporters, they all clearly did not imagine for one moment that the People of Britain would have the temerity to vote to leave the despotic European Union.

They were no doubt assured that the government would win the Referendum, as it had succeeded with the Scottish Referendum, and they must have slept soundly on the night of the 23rd of June, 2016, in their belief that the result was in the bag after they applied their fear, scaremongering and abuse tactics against the British population in the Leave camp - who were attacked from all sides by the Establishment and its dogs.

Having lost, and wishing to maintain their status quo, and look after their own vested interests these treacherous individuals wish to stab the British people in the back by attempting to claim that it is Parliament who should decide - in what can only be described as a spectacular display of conflict of interest and loyalty to a foreign administration - the Politicians and Peers cannot claim the sovereign power - that they gave away to the EU in 1972 - to overturn our Democracy in Britain.

Sovereignty is in the gift of the people and only ever loaned to Parliament for a fixed period of time - in 1972 our politicians gave away our sovereignty to a foreign power - the EEC(EU); allowing our laws to be subservient to the Laws of the EU - courtesy of the Treaty of Rome (1957); Parliament kept the secret of their infamy over the subsequent 43 years and only since the EU has been exposed for the danger that represents to Britain and the rest of Europe, does this latest batch of politicians they show their true colours. 

The majority of our MP's in the Commons, and Peers in the Lords are effectively working to destroy our national identity, our infrastructure and public services on behalf of the EU - they have, therefore, not been our legal representatives for the past 43 years - they have only been representing the interests of the EU - they cannot be allowed to overturn the sovereignty of the People for any excuse that they may wish to contrive. The EU is a proto-Totalitarian Police State which has no truck with Democracy, it cannot be allowed to overrule our Referendum through its apparatchiks in the British political system.

If they persist in their intentions then Theresa May should call a General Election and we can then democratically remove these EU fanatics before they do any more harm to our country; replace the Lords with loyal public servants; and replace the MP's with individuals who have the interests of their constituents at the top of their list of priorities; not their own interests, and those of their masters in Europe.