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20th October, 2015

Cameron's Reforms (Updated)

On Cameron's pretend attempts at EU Reform.
Once the Lisbon Treaty was ratified in 2009 it empowered the EU with a different status* to its members; as a state superior to its member states and whose laws have primacy over the laws of the member states. These powers and many others were derived from the fact that the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004) was hidden within its texts and therefore by signing, all of the member states have accepted the terms and conditions of the treaty, all of the earlier Treaties and conferred their powers to the EU.

Merkel was the main instigator of the Lisbon Treaty. In 2007 she was President of the European Council and following the signing of the Treaty on the 13th December, 2007 she reportedly visited the other leaders to ensure compliance prior to ratification (2009); following the humiliating rejection of the Constitution for Europe by the French and Dutch in Referendums in 2005. The mechanism by which a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty were avoided was simply to call it a Reform Treaty, and to claim that, as such, no significant changes had taken place as a result of the Treaty - This must rate as one of the greatest deceptions in History, no wonder Brown did not attend the signing with the other members in Lisbon, but slipped in quietly afterwards and signed it separately.  There was no “14 day cooling-off period” the EU calculated that the public in each country would not understand what they had been signed up to and therefore rely on their politicians to look after their constituents’ best interests.

The Lisbon Treaty was ratified without any Referendum and therefore has no mandate from the populations within the EU and any talk of Democracy in the EU is moot, simply a diversion from the true nature of the EU, and that is ignoring the fact that Britain's entry and continued association is founded upon deception by successive British governments, including the present one.

The bottom line is that we have been signed-up and all of that deception from the EU and our politicians has borne fruit. The people of Europe have been successfully conned for the past 42 years (since the signing of the EEC Treaty on 1st Jan, 1973) and nothing of significance can be changed by any member state because that would lead to a break-up of the EU. However, anything can be changed if it suits the EU (independent and superior to its members), and they are too close to their final goal to allow any member state to spoil their ambitions. The only power that the member states might be able to apply would be to dismiss the Commission with a vote in the EU Parliament, but that could simply be replaced and the EU could declare a State-of-Emergency and ban all political activity, including any attempt to obtain a Referendum on leaving the EU.

Britain's low influence level in the EU is illustrated in Business for Britain briefing note 3 by the fact that since 1973 the UK’s voting power in the Council of Ministers has decreased from 17% to 8%, in the European Parliament it has decreased from 20% to 9.5% and in the European Commission it has decreased from 15% to 4%. In addition, in terms of our success in the European Parliament, Business for Britain briefing paper 5 covering the period 2009-2014 points out that In the last term, 1,936 motions were put before the European Parliament. 576 of these motions were against British interests and were voted against by the majority of British MEPs. However 485 of these 576 motions still passed. This is a failure rate of 84 per cent; we cannot  even protect ourselves from EU meddling, so why on earth does Cameron continue with his charade on reforms. Neither of these statistics  take account of the fact that Germany and France signed a cooperation agreement, the Elysee Treaty (1963) to look after there mutual interests and effectively run the EU for their own benefit. 

Clearly no country or business could possibly believe that there would be any benefit for them by Britain being in the EU (unless they haven't carried out due diligence), indeed they could simply invest in almost any other EU country to obtain greater influence. Business for Britain briefing paper 5 went on to point out that Britain's influence in the EU would decline even further in the next 6 years - Another reason to get out while we still can.

Behind the Scenes

Most people do not realise how the EU rules over the people within its boundaries, but the techniques used have long been practised wherever populations are to be controlled without their consent. The controlling power keeps its members believing that they are actually ruled over by their own existing governments**, but in reality they are "Vichy" style governments, acting on behalf of the controlling power to ward off dissent, keep their populations onside and dispel any disquiet. The obvious techniques of control by each government include propaganda from the state owned media, such as the BBC and elsewhere, but the politicians are also complicit in the massive confidence trick played against their own people. 

Meanwhile new infrastructure and control systems are put in place under the noses of the populations; these go under such headings as "Devolution of Power", but in reality these will be under EU administration, through directives initially and subsequently directly from Brussels; as part of a "Federalisation" plan, which demotes the UK to the status of a regional backwater of a supranational state. They have even setup a new system of postcodes for us, part of a proposed EU wide system; this would remove all of our counties e.g. Devon and Hampshire etc., would all disappear, replaced by 12 regions of a greater EU.   

Even more worrying Blair had the Police legislation and oath changed, among other things, when New Labour came to power. The new legislation allows any nationality to be a member (Police Constable) of any UK Police force, the notion that Police need to be part of its community and police by consent was thereby swept away. The oath to "Our Sovereign Lady the Queen" (1964 oath) was replaced with an Attestation simply to "the Queen" (Police Reform Bill (2002)) and from the following section "... prevent all offences against the person and properties of Her Majesty's subjects", references to "Her Majesty's subjects" was removed - it could even be to "Queen Merkel" that the UK police must show their loyalty.  Since 2002 therefore our Police forces have included two groups of Constables, one swearing allegiance to our Queen and her subjects and another group who have done no such thing. Our armed forces are going (have gone?) the same way with our forces being required to swear an oath to the EU superstate (A very much more frightening Nationalism than the deceptive EU had proclaimed it always tried to prevent (Nationalism) in the name of peace). 

Changing the nature of Europe

Cameron has never had any intention of obtaining reform from the EU and is simply stalling for time, with the connivance of the EU, whilst Brussels (Berlin) pursues its relentless drive to follow the UN declared policy of turning the EU into a single multicultural state, against the wishes and best interests of its own members. The policy was presented to the House of Lords in 2012 by Peter Sutherland, the UN Special Representative for Migration who stated that "The EU should "do its best" to undermine the "homogeneity" of its member states" to create a single multicultural EU state in order to mitigate the effects of low birth rate in Germany and southern Europe.  This latter claim cannot be the reason though as outlined below, because the countries which need "new blood" are either not where the migration is directed, apart from Germany, or when they get there they do not seek nor find gainful employment.

To achieve the UN objective requires an EU policy of uncontrolled mass immigration with mostly young people in the vanguard from poorer parts of Europe and elsewhere, which the EU has mobilised through austerity programme induced large scale unemployment, particularly amongst the youth of southern and Eastern Europe, and also to former EU member state colonies, in Africa and elsewhere, through the Cotonou Agreement (2000). These programmes were coupled with EU economic sanctions applied to Syria and elsewhere. Germany has only recently been pushed from 3rd place in the world for arms sales by China. The Merkel government changed Germany's arms export policies after the Euro crisis to become became a major arms supplier to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states - Germany not only acts in its own right in terms of its own foreign policy, within and outside the EU, but is also involved in the Middle East and the supply of weapons to these regions which places Germany in a different light in terms of its role in conflicts around the world and its so called humanitarian credentials.

Importing cheap labour from outside Europe was tried by Germany previously, in the "Gastarbeiter" period 1950's to 1970's when foreign workers were invited to work in the "German Economic Miracle", but after the economy declined in the 1970's the resulting social problems and cost led the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble to declare in 2011, that multiculturalism had been a disaster for Germany because the immigrants refused to integrate.

Even Merkel had stated in 2010 "Attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have "utterly failed". In fact, to add to the problems in Germany foreign born workers are 74% more likely to be unemployed than the native population, and further north in Sweden immigrants are 2.5 times more likely to be unemployed than anyone else, according to the OECD. In Britain only 20% of Muslims were economically active in 2011 according to the Muslim Council of Britain. In spite of such figures and the expected number of immigrants, which do not include family members, reportedly up to 8 per family from Syria alone, and their obvious burden on the populations of Europe; Merkel, followed by Juncker, opened up Europe to, effectively uncontrolled mass migration, but without restrictions on the reason for immigration, in order to allow for further EU expansion, and thereby enact the UN policy, advocated by Peter Sutherland, of what amounts to "ethnic cleansing" of the European populations. One notable association between some of the individuals, who are pushing for this population replacement are members of the Fabian Society (Blair, Brown and Sutherland) who's slogan is  

 "Educate, Agitate, Organise”.  

Why is this supported

Don't be fooled though this evolving system has large support within the Left and Right of politics, each of whom can claim it for their own, for example, on the Left they see the development as a good old Marxist (or variant) redistribution of wealth, perhaps leading to a great Communist state; whereas on the Right they see that wage costs can be reduced and worker's rights ignored, perhaps leading to a new economic miracle - but they are both wrong. Mass immigration and free movement of people are scams against the host countries, part of a bigger scam, the EU itself which has nothing to do with benefits for people in the EU and more about the UN programme of population displacement, replacement, subjugation of the indigenous people of Europe and the destruction of the most vibrant and diverse cultural groups in the world - the Europeans.

Attempts to create this system will lead to chaos and despair in the whole Continent - nevertheless it will be supported, not only by Cameron, but also by Corbyn, Clegg, Sturgeon, Lucas, Bennett and Woods, as well as many others who would continue in the same manner and remain in the EU, acting on behalf of the EU against the interests of the population of the UK and more widely. We do have other options though, and initially we can use Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in order to leave the EU, before Article 50 is removed.

Looking back

Looking back over the past 42 years it is clear that was never necessary to have an overarching controlling power in Europe which was superior to its members and whose laws have primacy of its members’ laws in order for the UK, or any other European country or countries to successfully trade with each other or overseas.​ Indeed, as Alistair Heaths points out in today's Telegraph (23/10/2015) Carney's claims about a dynamic UK economy relate to trading within an EEC style economy, but without its baggage. It is inconceivable that any EU-sceptic would argue against trading or striking up partnerships and deals with other European countries, as long as we have nothing to do with being in the political EU; which seeks only to regulate and to make deals in its own right, for its own benefit, often behind the backs of its members (e.g. TTIP).

Further, it is definitely not in the interests of any country in Europe to be controlled, manipulated and modified by such an organisation as the EU , which only acts in its own interests or the interests of other, outside organisations, to the detriment of its members.  

*This is how the EU delegation to the United States describes the EU: "The EU is unlike anything else - it isn’t a government, an association of states, or an international organization. Rather, the 28 Member States have relinquished part of their sovereignty to EU institutions, with many decisions made at the European level." which only represents a work in progress since it continues to strive for an EU armed force and for complete monetary union - the trappings of an independent super state. The UK government** would like us to believe that the UK is​ still independent and has not really lost any of its sovereignty and it will remain as such, which is entirely false, see below:- 

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office documentFCO 30/1048 in 1972 alerted the Heath government to the true nature of the EU, before we joined the EEC in 1973. The Constitution for Europe (2004) texts (signed by Blair) which were roundly rejected by the French and Dutch in referendums in 2005 (mostly on the grounds of loss of Sovereignty) are shown where they were subsequently included (hidden) in the Lisbon Treaty in (2007) (signed by Brown) see EU Constitution - Updated