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13th Feb, 2016

Cameron's Speech (to be updated after some kind of "deal" is manufactured by the EU)

Cameron's speech differs from Chamberlain's in September, 1938 mostly because Chamberlain seems to have honestly believed that Germany had no ambitions to take over the countries of Europe, whereas Cameron is part and parcel of the EU deception in which the EU, led by Germany really does plan to take over the countries of Europe, with the help of their own politicians. The EU and trading with countries in Europe (EEC) are entirely different entities, trading with Europe via the EEC was a "front" for the development of the EU behind closed doors - the EEC was the EU's Trojan Horse.

So when you vote in the so called Referendum make sure that you understand what you are voting for - the EEC type of arrangement of trade and mutual co-operation only, that you always thought you where involved in until recently, sovereign and free outside of the EU. Or to live in a Province of a greater Germany known as the EU, where your every move is under the control of a central power with appointed governors and judiciary, rather than a sovereign parliament, whereby a citizen has a means of replacing its government through the ballot box, should that be necessary.

Many people do not realise what the EU really is and confuse it with the EEC, as it was so designed, and it might help to put the EU in perspective, using information provided by the EU itself. The following statement is taken from the publicity material provided by the EU delegation to the USA by way of explaining to the American audience the nature of the EU.  "The EU is unlike anything else - it isn’t a government, an association of states, or an international organization. Rather, the 28 Member States have relinquished part of their sovereignty to EU institutions, with many decisions made at the European level."

The EU was created by the Maastricht Treaty (1992), which also created the Euro, but its institutions and freedoms of movement were built into the original Treaty of Rome (1957). The EU became a legal entity in its own right separate and superior to its member states, by virtue of the Lisbon Treaty (2007), except that it is not fully formed in its projected configuration. As such it is effectively impotent and therefore it is unable to do anything to help keep or restore world peace or even peace in Europe or solve the refugee crisis or anything else, without co-operation from its nation states, whom it seeks to manipulate and deceive.

A Work in Progress

The reason that the EU is still only a work in progress and is therefore effectively impotent in the face of real world events stems from the fact that it has been developing by stealth since at least 1952 when Jean Monnet, one of those credited with founding the EU stated that "The fusion (of economic functions) would compel nations to fuse their sovereignty into that of a single European State.” Jean Monnet, founder of the European Movement, April 3, 1952.

The current EU leaders are hamstrung by the fact that they failed to have the Constitution for Europe (2004) ratified, because the French and Dutch populations rejected the treaty in Referendums (2005), mostly on the grounds of loss of sovereignty. Had the Constitution for Europe Treaty (2004) been ratified then the EU could, by now have been a fully-fledged EU Empire and Britain would have become completely absorbed and entirely meaningless. We are fortunate therefore that the treaty was rejected by the French and Dutch in 2005 - we still have a chance to get out while we still can.

If the Constitution for Europe Treaty (2004) had been ratified there would already be an EU Armed Force, EU Prosecutor's based in the UK, EU Paramilitary Police installed and an EU Corpus Juris legal system imposed, with the the "Presumption of Innocence" lost and "Trial by Jury" abolished for the EU legal system which is simply one based upon Martial Law. Actually, these institutions are all already established, but it was all done behind the backs of the British People, we only see glimpses of what is going on in the background with the peculiar behaviour of the Police and how Law and Order is changing, by degree, so as not to alert and alarm the population. As a consequence of the failure to get its own Constitution directly, it is being built stealthily through the European Court of Justice, which obviously takes a lot more time.

In order to get the EU project back on track the most important legal Articles in the Constitution for Europe (2004) were (under Merkel's direction) subsequently secreted within the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and any reference to the word "Constitution" or to EU flags and other paraphernalia of State removed. The final deception was to call it a Reform Treaty to avoid any further Referenda. Whilst this gave the EU the Articles necessary for the formation of a State it could not automatically become a State with its own Constitution. On this site we have cross referenced some of the most important Articles from the Constitution for Europe (2004) to show where they were included in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and their latest domicile see EU Constitution - Summary.

The Migration Crisis in Europe

As time has passed more people have become aware of the difference between the EEC (which is what really needs reforming) and EU (which needs to be stopped on its tracks).  In consequence the deception is having to be maintained whilst they consolidate power and bring more and more countries in Europe and its neighbours under full control of the EU, with Bosnia the next basket case likely to join. The net result will be an ever growing EU debt crisis which will require more and more contributions from the UK, until the EU simply decides to bypass the UK government and dip into the savings accounts of the UK populations directly, as they did with Cyprus. In order to help force the EU members to give up their respective sovereignty, the UN came up with a plan to increase the pace of the EU project by destabilising them in the expectation that they would have to comply to EU demands. 

The UN Special Representative for International Migration and former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Peter Sutherland has been advocating (since at least 2012 when he presented the UN policy to a British House of Lords Committee on Migration) that the EU should do its best to undermine the homogeneity of (destabilise) the nation states of Europe in order to make them Multicultural, a policy which based upon a false economic arguments. Further, since the migrant populations with outgrow their hosts, Europe will become entirely Monocultural. In 2012 the potential for a worldwide migration crisis was contained within bordering countries in the Middle East, but the crisis in Europe was mobilised by Merkel and Juncker, in 2015 with co-ordinated publicity campaign by Sutherland, to try to force the nation states to accept the authority of the EU, which is where we are today. The next phase is to use the EU Armed Forces or NATO to compel the nation states to give up their internal and external borders to the EU and finally capitulate to the will of the EU and surrender their sovereignty, not by mutual agreement but by intimidation; as was the case with Greece. 

Back to the Speech

The faux threats from external enemies is a well rehearsed ploy to strike fear into the hearts of the populations and basically keep them under control and fear is the essence of the current strategy by the backers of the EU and their handlers, such as the Bilderberg Group, Goldman Sachs other financial interests and the political Left, not forgetting Cameron. The EU cannot in any way protect Europe from any of the external attacks suggested by Cameron, Merkel or any other political commentators and the notion that with Britain included in the EU, Britain is better in NATO, we could be protected is patently absurd, for the reasons outlined above. The very fact that the EU building its own armed forces undermines NATO and is a bigger threat to European security than any external enemy.

This is a critical time for the EU and if Britain leaves the "project" it will be put back, but we will gain our freedom from the EU. Further, we would be able to respond to the latest EU "Good Cop, Bad Cop" strategy of now threatening to invoke massive tariffs on trade if we leave the EU, we could reciprocate and send the EU into a spiral of decline, exacerbated by their loss of all funding from Britain. Simultaneously we can provide selected tariff free trade of the goods most important for the EU to export, to other countries outside the EU, and welcome back those who want to trade with us, but who do not wish to take us over.