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24th September, 2016

Cat amongst the Pigeons

Jeremy Corbyn has won with an increased majority (good for him) and the Labour Party would like us to believe that the party will now come together - in spite of irreconcilable differences. Don't believe a word of it, the alleged Margaret Hodge orchestrated coup against Corbyn, through manipulation of the hodge-potch PLP rebels (172 out of 230 Labour MP's), is still out to remove Corbyn at best, or at worst to isolate him and make his leadership ineffective, at every turn.

This is all on behalf of the EU who are desperate to have the Brexit Referendum result reversed and Britain forced back into its clutches, which it could then proceed, at a rapid pace before Article 50 is triggered, or to stop the process after the fact. In order to prevent any further Referendums and block any further Brexit attempts, Parliament would probably enact Draconian EU Laws into Britain, under the pretext of anti-Terrorism necessities - this is what would happen under the Smith- Blairite - EU Bankers' party.   

In the expectation that Corbyn would win, the PLP are already planning to force through new rules so that, probably Blair, can decide who will be included in the shadow cabinet, along with their instructions, and guess who they would be and why they would be included? - once isolated Corbyn would be marginalised and the PLP would take over the Labour Party in Parliament and form a cross Party coalitions with the the other Scottish anti-British group, the SNP, to vote down the Referendum result and return the Remoanian sheep back to the EU, along with forcing the rest of us to submit to their will - no chance.

To maintain this new status quo the legislation, or similar, outlined in paragraph two above would be enacted. Either way the Blair- Fabian cabal will not rest and wait for a General Election in 2020 - since the EU could be completely broken apart by then - unless the UN helps out or the US steps in under the Clinton administration.

Corbyn is no doubt aware of the probabilities of EU interference through its apparatchiks in our Parliament and in the House of Lords  - hence the notion of deselection of members of the PLP - we should do that ourselves (vote out any EU supporters) in the event of an early General Election.

- More as time proceeds and things develop -

Sorry, Jeremy but it is not right to allow "human rights" lawyers to use false testimony to hound our troops - the politicians are the ones who should be hounded.