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31st October, 2016


​Reading through the text of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) signed by the EU, as one does, we were particularly interested in three aspects of the document

(i) The ability of Canadian companies to take EU member governments to courts in order to claim compensation for loss of profits, resulting from policy decisions made by the governments or the EU, which would be paid for by the taxpayer's. These clauses held up the signing of CETA after the Belgian region of Wallonia objected to its inclusion, and seems to have been bought off with promises, which include a ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to the effect that such would not apply. It is worth noting that for all its pretence to the contrary the EU has the right to dictate any terms it wishes to its member states, and even declare Martial Law, if it does not get its own way - courtesy of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - Article 48. 

(ii)  The CETA document was signed by all 28 member states, including Britain, and we are not aware of any objections to any part of this agreement that were voiced by Britain - it would be interesting to know if our politicians signed the agreement before the Belgium's Wallonia Region's objection was "resolved" or if the agreement has even been read by HM government.

(iii) The third area of interest was the fact that CETA is a Free-Trade agreement (with up to 98% tariff free trade) without the requirement for the free movement of people, indeed it requires strict controls on migrant flow between Canada and the EU; quota's, visa's and restrictions upon length of stay. We understand that this is one 109 other such agreements, and over 100 which do not require free movement of people (

Clearly unlimited, uncontrolled mass free movement of people is not a necessary requirement for free trade between countries, in fact it is a definite detriment, and the Canadians have quite rightly protected their populations from such mass migration together with protecting them from the control and subversive activities of the EU; which serves simply as a means of destabilising the EU member states. We neither want nor need uncontrolled, unlimited mass migration, which simply represents national suicide for any country which does accept it - it should never be part of any agreement between Britain and any other country.

CETA is a smaller version of TTIP and there are clear concerns about such Treaties (Agreements) and their implementation, which can provide for the vicarious control of the governments and populations of the member states by voracious Multinational Corporations.

According to a press report today, the indigenous population of Britain will have to live in pre-fabricated buildings (pre-fabs), whilst the migrants are given our council houses, and 30,000 such better quality houses were given away in 2015 - our figures, based upon Home Office statistics, suggest that around 160,000 had probably been given away since 2010 and very many more must have been given away by New Labour from 1997 to 2010.

As a result Britons are being made into to second class citizen's in their own country, so that its politicians and peers can continue to feast at the EU trough - we need get out now and close the borders while we still can - then let's get rid of the Europhile politicians and peers through a General Election.

Blair, Clegg and Miliband and the rest of the political Left insist that uncontrolled, unlimited mass migration is a benefit to Britain - but they are not known for their love of Britain - only for their love of themselves and the EU.