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26th February 2018

Chameleon  Corbyn

The political EU is not a friend to its Member States, at best it is a competitor, at worst it is a nightmare for everyone in Europe (Lisbon Treaty (2007) - so why was Corbyn sneaking off to see Barnier recently on a second meeting following earlier meetings with others in our establishment - who are also intent on keeping the UK in the EU at any cost to the UK and its population - and is now trying to pretend that the Labour Party has a position on leaving the EU that will be advantageous to the UK - knowing full well that such a position is untenable - it is simply denying the EU Referendum vote and only giving advantage to the EU - Classic "Emperor's New Clothes" - classic Blair

A position which involves the Labour party doing everything that benefits the EU, but is no good for the UK - protecting EU rights above the rights of UK citizens - paying ever increasing amounts into the bottomless pit that is the EU - preventing the UK from negotiating free-trade deals with the rest of the world - unfettered free movement of people with no limit on the size of the UK population - and being under perpetual control of a biased European Court of Justice (ECJ).

An EU court whose primary purpose is to promote and maintain "Ever Closer Union" in order to bind the Member States into perpetual subjugation at the hands of unelected law makers in the EU Commission - Lawmaker's who make laws for the interests of lobbyists in Brussels; laws to bring about the "Ever closer union" by binding the Member States in ever encompassing "Red Tape"; and laws to give advantage to large corporations over SME's.

In essence what Corbyn is doing is precisely what the Labour Party (PLP) have always done to assist and protect the EU by -

  • (a) perpetuating the myth that the EU can be reformed in any way that does not comply with the Treaty objectives as defined in the Treaty of Rome (1957) unless it suits Merkel or any other EU dictator - the EU is an ideal incubator for potential dictators.

  • (b) systematically working with the EU to make structural changes to the working practices within the UK establishment for compatibility with those in the EU (e.g. changing UK legislation to allow EU citizens to join the UK Police Force, thereby breaking down Community Policing, and establishing a pretend UK Supreme Court in 2009 (which is accountable to the ECJ) to fool the public into believing that the UK was a Sovereign Nation inside the EU - whilst also undermine the UK Parliament)

  • (c) having no intention of sticking to what might have been promised

What will change under Corbyn's new position is that there would be a major clampdown on the UK to prevent any further dissent, we would be forced into the Euro, we would have no more "pretend Opt-outs" or concessions (they weren't any real use anyway because the EU always had ways around them (ESM fiscal controls even though we were not in the Euro, and uncontrolled mass immigration even though we were not in Schengen - courtesy of New Labour), and we will be sidelined and punished for having the temerity to object to being told how we should live our lives - the EU would finally destroy the UK fishing grounds.

We have been sorely betrayed by those who pretend to represent our interests - they were only ever interested in themselves.   

What the EU wants

In order to explain why Corbyn cannot do what he is claiming to be able to do we refer to the Lisbon Treaty (2007)

We wrote an article on the 21st February 2018 about the EU and privatisation under the heading of "Poor Germans" and we include some of that below beginning with the EU mantra on "Liberalisation" by way of discussion:-

"Liberalisation - Some essential services — energy, telecommunications, transport, water and post — are still controlled by public authorities rather than private companies in some countries. EU governments can entrust specific public service functions to a company, conferring on it duties, specific rights and financial compensation. This must comply with state aid rules. When these services are liberalised — that is, opened up to competition between several companies — the Commission will see to it that the services remain available to all, even in parts of countries where they are not profitable. Moreover, it is essential to ensure that the liberalisation process is done in a way that does not give an unfair advantage to the old company that had the monopoly before the liberalisation." (

This liberalisation is then enshrined in legislation under various articles: Article 3 (see below) , Article 106 (issues warnings about none compliance and exceptions), Article 254 (threatens any dissenters with ECJ action)  These Article are contained within the "Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU)" and Article 4(3) of the "Treaty of the European Union (TEU)" issues more threats about Member States not assisting the EU in pursuit of its objectives and warns of any attempts to stand in the way of the EU's objectives - for example, the last sentence of Article 4(3) states:-

"The Member States shall facilitate the achievement of the Union's tasks and refrain from any measure which could jeopardise the attainment of the Union's objectives."

Both of the above Treaties (TEU and TFEU) are part of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and contain numerous threats of a similar ilk throughout the Treaties - is it any wonder why we were not allowed a Referendum of the Lisbon Treaty (2007)?

Article 3
1. The Union shall have exclusive competence in the following areas: i.e. EU is all powerful regarding the following
(a) customs union;
b) the establishing of the competition rules necessary for the functioning of the internal market;
(c) monetary policy for the Member States whose currency is the euro;
(d) the conservation of marine biological resources under the common fisheries policy;
(e) common commercial policy.

Once enshrined in EU law and applicable to specific areas such as the postal service, it would spread to almost every organisation, public utility and infrastructure - and the EU's liberalisation policies and legislation are why the Conservative / LibDem coalition privatised our Royal Mail which also led to further widespread use of zero hours contracts and non-jobs (the so-called "gig" economy) - not to mention that it was sold off cheaply. It is also why such luminaries as Mr Branson would rather like to keep the UK in the EU.

Liberalisation cited above, which includes all of the "EU Free Movements", is the reason for the widespread use of zero hours contracts, food banks, low wages, loss of workers' rights, low pensions, housing shortages, high rents etc., etc., etc. and all are made that much worse by EU controlled "Austerity" measures (ESM regulations) - precisely what Corbyn claims to be against and keeps berating the government over - but that is what he would be signing the British population into continuing in the UK, if we are forced to stay in the EU by the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP). 

A spending spree by the economically incompetent Labour party in order to fool the population into believing that it was a good thing to be in the EU would end up as the usual disaster after all credit facilities were lost - apart from the ECB - the disaster that the EU planned all along - just like Greece - a bankrupt Britain administered by an appointed EU bureaucrat would be wiped from the maps of the world and the British identity stricken from History. 


What can Corbyn get from the EU?

Well he has already conceded many of the "Red Lines" for those wanting to leave the controlling effect of the EU - so it is difficult to see how he can get anything worthwhile except through pretence - the politicians' toolbox.

But the real answer is nothing that the EU does not want to give away.

Referring to Article 3 (TFEU) the EU has spelt out its position regarding items (a) - (e) in Article 3 above and that position is that the EU has absolute power (exclusive competence) over all of them - no ifs, no buts! and the supporting Articles - 106, 254 (TFEU) and 4(3) (TEU) effectively warn against any attempts by any Member State to get around them.

I have no idea whether Corbyn has read the Lisbon Treaty (2007) or not - but it reads like a treaty that would be imposed upon a defeated nation - which is clearly how the EU and the Labour Party / SNP / LibDems / Green / Plaid Cymru / Sinn Féin and some Conservatives all view Britain.

It may be possible for the EU to agree some terms with Corbyn such as placing UK railways under a single "Company" - put your hand down Branson - but whatever was agreed with the EU they would have to renege on, if they were substantive, otherwise other Member States would want the same - which is why the punishment programme is in place anyway - to prevent us or anyone else from getting anything changed - it is worth remembering that these treaties are legally binding contracts, enforceable in International Law.

Since it is clear that Corbyn cannot negotiate anything worthwhile with the EU - his volte-face is simply a tactic for the Labour party to use to grab power by an attempt to force out the government and then bury "Brexit" on behalf of the EU - this all smells of Blair, the PLP and the EU interfering in the UK Parliament (so much for Sovereignty in the EU) - using Corbyn to keep the UK in the EU. 

We must take on all those who oppose "Brexit" and if it comes to an election -

Corbyn and the rest have now nailed their "Colours to the Mast"