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23rd June, 2017

Choreographed Deceit

The "Yes" vote to leave the political European Union in the EU Referendum on the 23rd of June, 2016, was about the interests of the British people against the interests of the British establishment - who have been firmly entrenched with the EU since at least 1972 (45 years ago). Up until 1992 (Masstricht Treaty) we were in the EEC and being in the EEC had not much impact upon the people of Britain- with that treaty, the EU was born; we all became complementary citizens of the EU, along with our Queen: the EEC became the EC, the Euro was created, along with the Eurozone and the "three Pillars" of the EU were announced - at this point in time though the EU was without any political power, though not the EEC.

A court case ("Metric Martyrs) opened a window to what had been happening behind the backs of the British people, and to some extent the people of Europe, in the 2000's. A fishmonger and greengrocer in Camelford, a market trader in Hackney, and a greengrocer in Sunderland, were all convicted for using imperial scales and labeling, instead of the statutory Metric Kg units, as their primary measures. They were convicted under Council Directive 80/181/EEC, stipulating the use of metric measurements, which was incorporated into English law, as a Criminal Offence in January 2000. The friendly relationship between the UK and the EU was suddenly exposed as a sham, since people began to realise that the UK was under the control of people in another country - i.e. under the control of the EEC. see the Spectator Article, 9th July, 2016 "The original Metric Martyrs are still waiting for a royal pardon - Their story became a turning point in Britain’s relationship with the EU, It isn’t over yet." by Ysenda Maxtone Graham


The next significant event in the relationship between the UK and the EU occurred in 2004 / 2005 - A new Treaty was brought into existence by the EU known as the "Constitution for Europe (2004)", it was signed by Tony Blair and Jack Straw, but rejected in Referendums in Holland and France in 2005. It later re-appeared, in a disguised form, hidden within the texts of the Lisbon Treaty (2007), and was signed by all 28 EU member states. The Treaty was subsequently ratified on the 1st of January, 2009 and formed the basis for an EU wide Constitution covering all the member states - taking precedence over their own Constitutions, including abolishing our British Constitution.

The current Legal Position

The treaty elevated the EU to a new legal status - separate and superior to its member states - hence allowing the EU to take control of all the assets of its member states, and giving it total control of all funds and assets previously provided by the members through the EEC - which is why the EU (Barnier's Team) recently  stated that the member states do not own anything that they have contributed to the EU - effectively the EU have "nicked" everything off the EU members.

Some other major consequences of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) , if we remain legally tied to the EU; by what ever means, include:

EU Citizenship - we all became real citizen's of the EU, as is our Queen - with obligations, responsibilities to Brussels and we owe allegiance to the EU, not to the UK - Our Queen though, as a result, is more of a "Disney" type Queen since she cannot be a real sovereign, and also be a citizen of a foreign power. This is also the reason why our soldiers are not protected from prosecution, because they are no longer under the protection of the Crown. (see - Article 2016 – 003 How and why our soldiers can now be prosecuted. (28 January, 2016))

The EU is Military Union - and we will be required to join an EU armed Force loyal only to the EU (Germany really)

and the

EU Legal System - Our Common Law protections are being supplanted by the EU's Corpus Juris Legal System - a variation of the Napoleonic- Inquisitorial Codes (see - Article - 2016 – 006 EU replacing English Common Law with repressive Corpus JurisPosted on 31 January, 2016 - see also, - and also on this site, under Corpus Juris)

The EU seeks to implement a single government in Brussels (Berlin) to control every aspect of the lives of everyone in the EU, and the rest of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa - these are contained in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and include, but not limited to finance, taxation, education, communications, anything that it is possible to control.

The Metric Martyr's case was a warning of what the future would hold for the UK.

It is worth noting that, although these are known about, they are generally not part of the daily lives of most people who are not really aware of their implications or don't care, and the danger that the EU represents for the people of Europe, since they have never really formed a part of the mainstream debate about being "in" or "out" of the EU, in the UK - scaremongering about predictions for jobs and the economy, have always moved people away from what the EU is really about.

"Brexit" Negotiations

The EU Referendum vote was not designed to allow the UK to leave the EU, and in fact, the authorities have being playing games with the electorate ever since they woke-up to the result on the 24th June, 2016 - since then they have procrastinated, denied, deflected and postponed, as they sought to thwart the will of the British people at every opportunity.

This has been through the EU controlled UK courts, through appeals, through debates in the Houses of Commons and the Lords - they even had a rigged general election to weaken the government and to try to prevent "Brexit" from ever happening - their key objective though has always been to make sure that Parliament (EUphile Upper and EUphile Lower House) would have the final say on any agreement to leave the EU- thus ensuring that the EU would never have to offer any satisfactory deal to the UK, and therefore would be forced to concede, in the end, or walk away - since the EU controls both sides of the negotiating table.

Some credit to Theresa May for keeping up her part in the charade and keeping hope alive - that the UK might break free from the shackles of the EU - but having a "Remainer" majority in her latest Cabinet does not build confidence that she is serious about the UK leaving the EU, nor did her performance during the election.

Nevertheless, she is still able to hold a majority in the House of Commons, by the skin of her teeth, which must be a disappointment for the EU and the EUphile British establishment, since that keeps alive the possibility that she might be able to take back from Brussels (Berlin), at least the main elements of escape from the EU - Single Market, Customs Union, Agriculture, Fisheries and keep out of the EU (ECJ / CJEU) jurisdiction, in spite of our establishment.


In response to Theresa May's offer related to EU nationals in the UK, Merkel has stated "Free Movement or Nothing" - but forcing foreign nationals upon the UK against the will of its people (as clearly express) would be the same as an occupation of our country by a foreign power - an act of war - time to walk away from the negotiations; and to increase our spending on UK defence.