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13th March, 2017

Cleared For Take-off?

Today the House of Commons voted down the Lord's amendments and cleared the way for Theresa May to trigger Article 50 (TEU) and we can begin to plot our course for a bright prosperous future out of the stifling confines of the EU where groups of ex-Communists, old men and women, conspire to take over and control, with an "Iron Fist", the populations of western Europe, the Middle East and North Africa - as some have tried before. This latest attempt was by stealth though, rather than through direct force; that is until the EU Referendum vote which has opened up the EU to the scrutiny that they had so carefully avoided for the past 44 years - with the help of nefarious politicians in the EU member states.

Our journey is not expected to be without turbulence or delays, but with God's good grace we will escape from the clutches of the Atheist EU and forge a new, better future for our children and their progeny.

We are fortunate that our politicians in the House of Commons sided with the British population, and acted on our behalf to help us break free, at least so far - not so fortunate that we still have an Upper House of Parliament intent on mischief and many others, in the rest of the UK who wish us only harm. In order to properly escape we need to take back our Sovereignty from the EU which currently completely controls our actions - whether it is through deciding who can live in this country or how we must behave. 

Analysing the results of some of the voting in the recent attempts by the Peers to completely block the invocation of Article 50 (TEU) it is noticeable that the Liberal Democrat Peers played a fundamental role in attempting to keep the UK in the EU - in fact , 85 Liberal Democrat Peers formed the largest part of the undemocratic attempt. Of those 85 some 70, or 82% of them had been created since 1997, by Blair (27), Brown(2), Clegg / Cameron (41) - thus forming a single unelected, EUrophile bloc distributed within our political system. The behaviour of the Peers in attempting to give negotiating advantage to the EU, against the best interests of Britain, under the guise of adding "unrealistic" amendments to a simple Procedural Bill has been analysed in detail, by Martin Howe QC, and he has concluded that they have acted outside their remit, and have simply attempted to delay and block the process of the UK leaving the EU (full text at 13th March, 2017)

What is worse is that as we go through the next two years, they will still be in "play" whilst we unpick the EU legislation, and it is certain that their mischief making will continue - unless we rid ourselves of these anti-British elements in the House of Lords by Reforming it as a matter of urgency - why do we need more unelected Peers (838) than elected MP's (650)?

The Remainers' new Mantra

Since the so-called British "Supreme" Court ruling about Parliamentary participation in the process of leaving, the Remain camp have been cock-a-hoop with their claim that the Leave camp have achieved the Sovereignty of Parliament - with that ruling - which disguises the fact that we do not have a Sovereign "Supreme" Court capable of giving back our own Law making powers when it comes to the EU - simply because the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is the UK's actual Supreme Court - until we repeal the European Communities Act (1972).

The "British Supreme Court" was set-up by Blair in 2009 and that removed the Appeal responsibilities from Hereditary Law Lords, and in doing so the lines between political appointments and other designated Law Lords were blurred.  Or to quote:-

"Until the creation of the Supreme Court, which began operating in October 2009, the House of Lords played a judicial role as the highest court in the land, as well as being part of the legislature. Judicial work was carried out through the Appellate Committee of the House by Lords of Appeal. Lords of Appeal in Ordinary appointed to the House as life peers under the Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1876, distinguishing them from hereditary peers or the vast majority of life peers appointed to the House under the Life Peerages Act 1958. It should be noted however that not all Law Lords were appointed to the House under the 1876 Act; some were able to take part in judicial proceedings having held high judicial office and who owed their membership of the House to an hereditary peerage or life peerage under the 1958 Act. It is therefore difficult to separate ‘judicial’ appointments to the House from ‘political’ appointments" (after, House of Lords Library Note, 2011 - Peerage creations since 1997 and Wikipedia for peerage creations from 2010 to 2015)

We cannot be truly free without getting rid of every last vestige of EU legislation that controls our actions, including the European Arrest Warrant (EAW), and which encumber our future prosperity, including taking back control over our own Fishing rights - these must go hand in hand with Parliamentary Reform that prevents those who wish the UK harm from ever being elected to our Political or Judicial system - the EUrophile, Communist supporters are waiting in the wings, ready to take Britain back into the EU whenever they get a chance - that opportunity must never again present itself.

Theresa May must announce, on the date of the announcement of the triggering of Article 50 (TEU) that, new arrivals into Britain via the EU no longer have any automatic right of residence - otherwise we will be presented with an unprecedented flood of migrants claiming  the right to live in Britain.