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  26th January 2019

A Collaborators' Parliament

A quick reminder - Shortly after the result of the 23rd June 2016 EU Referendum was announced, Angela Merkel made it clear that the core principles of the Single Market (Four Freedoms and ECJ Control) could not be sacrificed for "Brexit". This was further reinforced  with the publication of the EU's negotiating principles in March 2017 - with the addition of a payment of £39 Billion; EU Citizen's rights and the Irish "Backstop"; together with numerous flourishes - such as the indignity of UK taxpayers having to pay pensions to those in our midst who have betrayed, and continue to betray the UK.

Some sixteen months later (July 2018) the Chequers "Agreement" was given to Theresa May by Angela Merkel - and May forced it upon her reluctant Cabinet through the use of threats against any Minister who dared to oppose it - even though they were not even given time to read the document. This should tell us all that we would ever need to know about the calibre of our government. 

Subsequently that Chequers "Agreement" was turned into a new Treaty by the EU - the draft "Withdrawal and Implementation "Agreement" (WA)"- and May has since tried to force this (WA) Treaty through parliament - but it was rejected by the biggest vote in history - essentially because it did not keep the UK close enough to the EU's Customs Union and Single Market and contained a controversial  issue of the Northern Ireland "Backstop".

Numerous attempts by UK parliamentary factions are seeking to establish other means to prevent the UK leaving the EU; including a complete capitulation to the EU (revoking Article 50) - meanwhile May went off to bring back a plan "B" which was a polished-up version of the original. Notably, some of these factions are led by, or are acting in concert with, the very same people, including an unelected Lord and leaders from other political parties (and their hangers-on) who were visiting the EU for secret meetings with its "negotiating" team - during the time that Theresa May was supposedly in direct negotiations with the EU. Not forgetting secret meetings between Blair and the EU.

Blair has been advising the EU negotiators on tactics, and is coordinating anti-"Brexit" activity in the UK on behalf of the EU - through his connections in the Lords, the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and numerous other groups - trying to bring about a 2nd EU Referendum, the revocation or extension of Article 50, or to bring about a parliamentary coup against the government - or anything else he can concoct.

Secret Meetings

The overriding characteristic of the above meetings was that they were conducted in secret and no minutes taken, at least none were published? - which is the modus operandi of the EU Commission's lawmaking, and of the "Eurogroup". By way of illustration of some of the working practices of the EU - Yanis Varoufakis, during the Greece Crisis, was in discussion with the "Eurogroup", at one point, he asked about the legality of the group that he was in discussion with; following his meeting he stated:

  • So what we have is a non-existent group that has the greatest power to determine the lives of Europeans. It’s not answerable to anyone, given it doesn’t exist in law; no minutes are kept, and it’s confidential. So no citizen ever knows what is said within. … These are decisions of almost life and death, and no member has to answer to anybody." Yanis Varoufakis referring to the "Eurogroup" in the New Statesman interview, 13th of July, 2015.”(see Greek Crisis)

When asked about her meeting Anna Soubry responded by stating that the meeting was secret - she is not the only one who has had such meetings, while Theresa May was supposedly trying to get the UK out of the clutches of the EU. Others included: Diane Abbott, Lord Adonis, Ian Blackford, Vince Cable, Kenneth Clarke, Nick Clegg, Jeremy Corbyn, Dominic Grieve, Chris Leslie, Liz Saville, Anna Soubry, Keir Starmer, Nicola Sturgeon, Chuka Umunna to name only a few - Corbyn though, was quick to point out that he was not negotiating with Michel Barnier - yet Corbyn is desperate to prevent the UK leaving on WTO rules - the best bargaining "chip" that the UK holds - but the worst thing for the EU.

Following the meeting with Barnier Anna Soubry was reported to have stated “It’s all sorted, we’re staying,” and Chuka Umunna said that:

  • "he believed Barnier had recognised the good that an activist Commons could do. “What they do recognise is that the UK legislature has a distinct and sometimes different voice from the UK executive and we’re not going to behave like some simple rubber-stamping mechanism,” he said. “Parliament is not just a bystander."

  • “It’s all well and good coming up with a withdrawal agreement with the government, but if they can’t get it through parliament that represents a problem for all involved.” (Comments were reported in the Guardian in January 2018 - almost a full year ago - and we see the effect taking place in the UK today.)

Reading these words - for example, "the good that an activist commons could do." but good for whom? Barnier would not be interested or happy about an "activist commons" looking after UK's interests, would he? Comments about the UK parliament not being "a rubber stamping-mechanism" must have raised an eyebrow or a wry smile; considering that EU legislation passes through the UK parliament into domestic law without hindrance; by virtue of the ECA (1972) Section 2. With regulations that affect every business; being levied by the EU on behalf of the lobbying multinational organisations and large UK companies - in order to stifle competition from smaller businesses.

It is worth remembering that these MP's - who are paid salaries, expenses and acquire their high status by dint of UK taxpayers - at least some of them, are offering support to a foreign power in order to give that foreign power the support of MP's in the UK parliament to ensure that the EU succeeds in keeping the UK population (their constituents and everyone else in the UK) trapped within the EU.

These MP's who have openly flaunted their support for the EU cannot hide behind the common excuse from MP's - that they are working in the interest of their constituents - they know, or should know that staying in the EU will destroy the UK:

  • unless they believe that it is to the benefit of their constituents - when the EU's stated aim is to break-up the UK into regions to be administered directly from Brussels,
  • to allow the Westminster parliament to be reduced to the status of a council chamber in the EU - Kenneth Clarke's aspiration;
  • to allow the EU to command UK armed forces and allow our civilian and military, research and development, capabilities to be under control of Brussels (Berlin) - to direct military research and its funding by the UK - for any purpose that the EU defines.
  • and to have a new Draconian legal system (EU Corpus Juris) - an alien inquisitorial system - imposed upon the people of the UK - which overrules our English Common Law protections - not forgetting the many more, equally onerous and unacceptable, edicts from the EU - courtesy of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - which became the EU Constitution in 2013 - and upon which we were not allowed a Referendum.

Remain MPs should be required to campaign in General Elections on the merits of the Articles of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and the EU Constitution (2004) and see how many get elected then - instead they hide the EU's dark side and protect it - keeping its real ambitions from the public, as prescribed in FCO:30/1048. The Lisbon Treaty (2007) must be put to a Referendum following its change of status from Reform Treaty to a Constitutional Treaty.

These visits are of course not of any consequence under normal circumstances - but we are not in normal circumstances - and we should ask why these visits were necessary, their purpose and were they documented? Remain espousing British MP's appear to have been the largest contingent of visitors to the EU negotiators. Surely, it was the government who were tasked with the job of delivering "Brexit" and not an unelected Lord, nor a bunch of anti-UK "backbenchers", nor opposition politicians nor former Prime Ministers such as Blair.

Anatomy of Betrayal

It is worth reminding those who intend to betray the UK population how we came to this point in our history.

  • The Conservative government under David Cameron promises an EU Referendum and was duly elected in 2015.
  • Parliament enacts the necessary legislation for the Referendum by a majority in the Commons (544 to 53) and Lords. (SNP 53)
  • Prime Minister promises that the government would enact the outcome of the Referendum - "Whatever the Result".
  • The EU Referendum took place on the 23rd June 2016 result was to Leave the European Union - Cameron resigns and May takes over.
  • Parliament enacts the legislation to invoke Article 50 - again in a majority in the Commons (498 to 114) and Lords.
  • Article 50 is invoked on the 29th March 2017.
  • In July 2018 Theresa May presents the "Chequers Agreement" to her Cabinet - it was given to her by Merkel; with instructions that nothing could be changed - a document effectively forces the UK to Remain in the UK with worse terms and conditions - under the pretence that it allows the UK to leave the EU. The Cabinet is forced to agree to it under duress.
  • The "Chequers Agreement" is converted into a new EU Treaty - "The Withdrawal and Implementation Agreement" - again purporting to be a "Deal" that would lead to the UK leaving the EU - it is presented to Parliament, where it is rejected by 230 votes on the 15th January 2019 - because it did not tie the UK closely enough to the EU!
  • Currently, May is still trying to get her new EU Treaty through parliament with Plan "B" (same as plan "A") by pretending that it delivers the EU Referendum result - while parliamentary factions collude to sideline HMG; prevent the WTO leave option and overturn the EU Referendum result.

What is clear is that no negotiations - of the type that would allow for the UK to leave the EU, under acceptable terms and conditions, have ever taken place since the Referendum result was announced in 2016 - the EU (Merkel) simply presented their Red lines, and the UK (May) presented their Red lines; by July 2018 though, the EU had maintained all of its Red lines, and more - while May had dropped all of her Red lines.

What is more likely is that between March 2017 and July 2018 (Article 50 period) HMG and parliamentary factions (Commons and Lords) colluded with the EU in order to put together a new Treaty (WA): in a a form of words appearing to deliver "Brexit" which, they believed, would be basically unreadable to the leave voters - who they consider would not be able to untangle the web of deceit that it contains within its cross-references to other Treaties - just as the EU did with the Lisbon Treaty; in another lengthy treaty document 585 pages (the Lisbon Treaty was 560 pages) The deception continued with the written non-legally binding Political Declaration, designed in such a way as to give the appearance that it would provide a way for the UK to leave the EU.  The UK - EU collusion is ongoing.

For good measure also included a punishment regime - the never-ending "Implementation Period" - typical EU thinking (to allow them to take revenge on the UK population for attempting to leave and give a warning to others not to try the same) - the UK would pay £39 billion with no guarantee of a any acceptable trade deal with the EU; free movement must continue, as must ECJ control, and no free trade agreements with any country outside of the EU either - and that is what May is shamefully still trying to get through parliament.

More worrying is the fact that Corbyn and the Labour Party want even tighter constraints on the UK, than those contained within in the new WA Treaty - i.e. full EU membership with no representation at all; and a continual paying into the EU project by the UK taxpayers - forever. What is astonishing is that it appears that the only sticking point as far as some EUsceptic politicians and the DUP (apparently) are concerned about is the Northern Ireland "Backstop" - but the entire treaty is a total disaster for the UK - and even worse, if the Labour Party and others manage to get their way and have the UK completely tied up in the Customs Union and Single Market - which we pay to access - through  subscriptions, fees, taxes (VAT), tariffs and our freedom.

Parliament "turns" on its Government?

Of course, parliament turning against its government, as in this case, is not unprecedented  - it happened in 1940, when the French parliament voted 569 to 80 to abandon their government, the Third Republic, and replace it with the "Vichy" government (1940 - 1944) which chose to collaborate with the enemy of their country - German armed forces - "was it a choice between living under partial occupation rather than total occupation?"(From: "Was Vichy France a Puppet Government or a Willing Nazi Collaborator?", Lorraine  Boissoneault, November 9, 2017,  Germany and France collaborated again in the Elysse Treaty (1963) and again in the Aachen Treaty (2019); against the interests of the other EU Member States - with the formation of a joint EEC (EU) army.

Having voted down the draft "Withdrawal and Implementation Treaty" that May is falsely claiming to be a "Deal" with the EU - which she offered to the UK parliament on behalf of Merkel; as a 585 page document which could not be amended, along with a non-legally enforceable Political Declaration - all of which was put together through "negotiations" that never actually took place. No-one was surprised by the resulting vote against the WA treaty, apart from the size of the majority against it.  The surprise was - not that parliament thought that the new Treaty was too onerous on the UK - which it is and much more - but that it did not go far enough - in favour of what the EU wants(!) The majority of UK parliament has a stated aim in favour of the EU and will not accept anything other than the UK staying in the Customs Union, accepting all Single Market rules and under the control of the ECJ - in perpetuity.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn is trying to get the WTO leave option removed - a move intended to get rid of the UK's best negotiating option - in order to weaken the UK's position on behalf of the EU - which, in the absence of any other deal, would be the default legal position as legislated in "The European Union (Withdrawal) Act (2018)" So much for the Labour Party Manifesto promise in the 2017 General Election - and Corbyn's  EUscepticism which now looks more like he simply likes being "a little bit of a Lenin", but would now be happy with the UK inside the EU, following his meetings in Brussels - presumably, as long as he is allowed to wreak untold havoc on the UK population should he ever be UK PM - before the EU gets its chance to finish off the UK.

Effectively the largest majority in parliamentary history has shown that parliament is more than happy to overturn the 23rd June 2016 EU Referendum result and blatantly dismiss it without a single notion of conscience - just to please their masters in Brussels - Berlin.  Next Tuesday Yvette Cooper (Blairite, former New Labour,  PLP) together with others plan to take control of the negotiations on behalf of the EU in order to stop any attempt at leaving the EU on WTO rules on the 29th March 2019 or on any terms that are not favourable to the EU - a direct "attack" not on the government - with whom they are also colluding - but more importantly it is against the UK electorate, the taxpaying public who carry the cost of the EU - the people of the UK.

The only way out is under WTO rules

All the efforts of parliament are currently directed to removing the WTO option for the UK - because that is the only option that delivers the Referendum result. There are multiple attempts being enacted to stop the Article 50 process altogether - the problem for the conspirators is that it is the default legal position. And, if all else fails - then the UK will leave the EU under WTO rules (Most Favoured Nation Status) It will automatically repeal the remainder of the European Communities Act (1972) that Her Majesty's Government (HMG) and parliament left in place - it will void all the EU Treaties - on "exit date"; and the UK population will be free to trade with the world and with any EU country that wishes to trade with us. Leaving the EU completely is the only way for the UK to gain respect and have the EU negotiate in good faith - for they will never negotiate with the UK in good faith if we are tied to any EU treaty - they don't need to because they hold all the cards.

Naturally, the UK establishment and the EU will not countenance that - the last thing either of them wants is a freedom loving, independent, inventive and entrepreneurial Nation, competing with the EU on its western margin - so be prepared for any, and all nefarious activity taking place before the 29th March 2019. - after all, there are a lot of moneyed interests (which represent businesses providing less than a 10% contribution to the UK GDP) who have no interest in the welfare of the people of the UK, or that of the UK - who are primarily motivated, and with connections, to stop the UK from leaving the EU.