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Referendum News and Commentary

                                   Austerity March 20th June, 2015

It is a shame that a lot of well-meaning people don't realise that the Tories are only doing what the EU requires of them; including selling off the NHS, Schools, Royal Mail (Directive 2002/39/EC)

I guess it has been forgotten that Labour and the SNP also stated that they would have to impose cuts, if they had got into power - don't believe the rhetoric from the other parties, they have no choice either​.

If the protesters want to make a difference they should protest in Brussels or Berlin or Strasbourg; particularly since they are also blaming the bankers for the problems of austerity, and bankers don't just reside in London, they also run the EU from within Europe and its provinces. I doubt though that the protesters they would get anywhere there either.

Another problem is that, as part of the treaties that our politicians have signed our government is required to only present the EU in a favourable light; which is why the government can spend £35 million of our money on promoting the EU at the referendum, but no tax money can be spent analysing and presenting to the public, in a similar way, the negative effects of our EU membership or alternative trading relationships. This might though offer mitigation for Cameron's behaviour towards his cabinet over the referendum; since he may have little room for manoeuvre.

Amazing isn't it? Our elected government is, effectively, not allowed to tell us, the electorate, what they are being ordered to do to our country (ours at the moment) by our masters in the EU. In the meantime the EU is in secret negotiations with the US related to a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).​

Comment 8th June, 2015 - Cameron threatens Cabinet over EU referendum...

Cameron threatens Cabinet members with the sack unless they join his campaign to stay in the EU - even though he probably has little chance of securing any meaningful re-negotiations about Britain's future relationship with the EU.

Before the election we knew that Cameron was pro-EU, now we know that he may well be more than that - he is now behaving like  an agent of the EU; the revelation means that he cannot be trusted on anything he says on Europe. This would seem to be a rather silly move by Cameron, since he was elected to provide us with a referendum; not a propaganda campaign biased against the British people's right to determine their own future - and who have only ever asked for a fair and honest appraisal of our relationship with Europe (I know that is so naïve)

In order for that to happen, the government should allocate equal funds to the pro - EU and anti - EU campaigns: they should open up the country's books (subject to genuine National Security considerations - not just to prevent political embarrassment) detailing its arrangements with the EU, after all this referendum isn't so much about us it is more about the future of our children and their offspring. 

These should include the  number and nature of all major, sovereignty, business and social, education and health related laws that the EU has passed and which we have to obey to-date, and those planned for the future; 

Release detailed statistics (RAW data - not fiddled numbers) related to the true extent of the cost of our membership of the EU, including business, employment, social, health, education, benefits and liabilities and tell us the true extent of migration, not just net migration.

We need to know what the ratio of skilled to unskilled workers really is - not for example, 600,000 migrated to the UK and 300,000 emigrated; was that 300,000 skilled workers left the country to be replaced by 600,000 unskilled workers? 

We do not want to be dished out EU sponsored glowing reports of Utopian resettlement from famously EU funded UK universities.

The BBC should be prevented from presenting only one side of the EU debate. 

If politicians are not going to come clean about the EU and we continue to see our country being abused then the resentment will grow, as will the push for independence - just has it is with the Scots and the SNP; although it is not possible to envisage how Scotland will find independence within the EU.  

Based upon today's report our relationship with Europe is, in reality, off limits, or as Alistair Campbell stated, when asked about the relationship between the EU and Britain, on his most recent Question Time outing - "it would be far too dangerous to even discuss Britain leaving the EU". Is that because they don't want us to go poking around and finding out what our politicians have been up to behind our backs?

I can't think of a better reason to do exactly that, and I would suggest that we should all start asking the politicians the questions that they really don't want to answer. 

For example, questions about the formation of an EU army, denied by Miliband at the BBC televised debate, with other leaders; but he surely must be aware of (Article I-40(3)) of the Lisbon Treaty which was signed by Brown in 2007, five months after Miliband was promoted to Brown's cabinet and which requires that member countries of the EU facilitate such an arrangement.

                               Vote for an In-Out Referendum 

Tuesday, 9th June, 2015 marked the beginning of the fight for Britain to leave the EU. Our representatives finally agreed to a vote on an In-Out Referendum, 544 votes to 53,  in favour.

An SNP wrecking amendment to allow 16-17 year olds to vote in the Referendum was rejected 338 votes to 59.