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​​​​9th April 2018

Congratulations to Hungary

We would like offer our best wishes for the future to the Hungarian people and  Mr Viktor Orban their very successful leader, elected for a third term, who is expected to gain a 2/3rds (133 seats) majority in the 199 seat parliament.

We hope that he can bring about the much needed changes to the EU - to change it into a community of sovereign nations working together for a common good - not the current empire building Totalitarian Police State that rides roughshod over its Member States in order to achieve the ambitions of the few - not the many.

The following article from - written at the time outlines background information about events in 2015 which led to the "Brexit" vote and to the concerns of the Member State populations related to uncontrolled immigration into Europe and the UK.    

Merkel's Folly - EU Immigration 2015

10th September, 2015

Angela Merkel made both a reckless and calculating move when she invited 800,000 immigrants (Syrian refugees) to settle in Germany; as long as they could make it to the German border. She certainly created a virtual “Black Hole” within Europe which could potentially suck in migrants from everywhere on the planet. The fact that she was referring to Syrian refugees was largely lost in translation, then everyone suddenly became Syrian, and a refugee; illicit passports and other ID documents in much demand, for a price, in Turkey.

The notion that opening the borders of Germany to the rest of the world would ensure that potential immigrants would stop trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea in flimsy vessels and simultaneously put people traffickers in Libya and Turkey out of business, defies logic. In fact, one result was that traffickers began offering to take children for free and there does not appear to have been any reduction in people trafficking via the Mediterranean Sea route. Reduction will however take place naturally as winter approaches and the Mediterranean Sea becomes too dangerous to cross safely, even in more seaworthy craft.

For Merkel this reckless gambit makes sense (indeed it was a deliberate calculation) to maintain and, more precisely, to expand Germany's dominant economic position within the EU and more widely. It has been estimated that Germany needs to import at least 400,000 new “worker bees” per year to counteract its declining birth rate and emigration of young ethnic Germans to Switzerland, Austria and the USA. 

Clearly, Germany either considers the EU open border policy’s ability to attract young talent from other states within the EU inadequate or the talent pool itself is declining or the current pool does not contain the expertise or education necessary for Germany to increase its dominance within the EU. More likely the crisis is seen as a way of expanding the EU to cheaper labour migrants than those within the EU open border areas. 

In reality the real talent in the EU has probably left as the EU has developed, as they looked into the future and decided to vote with their feet. This is why, especially in the UK we have to import less qualified migrants, those with unrecognised qualifications, or with poor language skills from overseas to cover vacancies in medical staff for our NHS. 

Various comments have been made in the press about educated immigrants which suggest that the Syrian population does indeed contain the necessary talent pool, as apparently many Syrians are doctors or are otherwise professionally qualified - to work on a BMW production line or perhaps sweep the streets? Der Spiegel had previously reported that over 500,000 immigrants with college degrees came to Germany in the first half of 2012, but that contrasts with a German labour force which is predicted to have declined by 7,000,000 in 2025.

Whilst some of the refugees are women with children, some children are accompanied by men, some families, and some elderly refugees. The majority appear to be overwhelmingly young, healthy males, who could be fighting in Syria to try to reclaim their country. Apparently few of these men would rather remain in Turkey where they might be required to join the Turkish army for a couple of years, and so have moved to mainland Europe. These young men will have left behind wives, or girlfriends, parents, grandparents and other dependents, in which case the 400,000 per year who would be allowed to settle in Germany becomes 800,000 or 1,600,000 per year.

A look back
Germany has been in this situation before. In the early 1970’s the German economy collapsed, following the 1955-1973 Guest Worker era, and the government froze recruitment of Gastarbeiter (foreign guest workers) with Wolfgang Schauble the German Finance Minister (as now) stating that Germany had made a mistake in the 1960’s by expecting foreign workers to integrate. He also stated that Multiculturalism had been a disaster for Germany. (German finance minister says too many Gastarbeiter were allowed in – Guardian 18th March 2011)

This problem escalated further with a major influx of migrants joining families already in Germany who had maintained their residence permits from the earlier influx. So many in fact that Germany became the 3rd largest immigrant country in the world in 1990 with almost 11 million living there. (Labor Shortage: Germany Needs More Immigrants By Anthony Advincula / New American Media January 4, 2015)

Interestingly, reports in the Press today suggest large numbers of migrants are shunning Germany and marching through Denmark en route to Sweden where the benefits are better. So Germany may have to improve its benefits or force the immigrants to remain in Germany for a fixed period, i.e. for a specified number of years. That however may limit the number of migrants who see Germany as the most attractive country in Europe.

Also in the news today is that Britain is being charged £90 million for not joining the EU migrant free-for-all, even though we have an opt-out. We were warned in the Lisbon Treaty of the real intentions of the EU, but it is not until now that we see how it really operates that we realise the looming disaster we are involved in and the true nature of the EU.

​The wider view
Germany is now in the process of repeating mistakes that they made previously. This time they intend to protect themselves by spreading the problem throughout the EU. Forcing unwilling governments and populations to accept immigrants who are not needed, who probably don’t want to be there anyway, and may leave as soon as they get their papers, simply to be absorbed to reduce any overspill effects on Germany. Thus migrants will be pushed by economic forces to live in those countries which offer the best opportunities for benefits and to build their lives, apart and distinct from the native populations. In this case Sweden and Britain would be the preferred destinations. These immigrants are quite simply "Ecofodder" to be cynically exploited as cheap labour to further the ambitions and to power an increasing industrial growth in Germany.

It is not about Compassion (new update sub-title)
Merkel and Juncker’s actions have nothing to do with compassion, although the actions of the German and Austrian populations and others clearly are motivated by this. According to a report by Germanyand the EU have been interfering in Syria since the beginning of the Civil War, and their interference has created immense suffering for the Syrian people, which is likely to have encouraged many people to flee from the country.

“Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) has played a key role in the Syrian “rebels’” arms supplies. Berlin pushed strongly for the EU to adopt and regularly intensify sanctions against Syria. In Syria, the embargo has led to a catastrophic social situation. Inflation in May was 33 percent, and the ban on oil imports to the EU alone cut revenues by $3 billion. Some 65 percent of small industrial companies have had to close as a result”(Germany participates in war preparations against Syria Christoph Dreier 31 July 2012,

Most Germans may not realise what their government has been up to (as with the Ukraine), because they are kept in the dark, and Germans are wary of any military action taking place in their name.     

However, Germany has a strategic interest in Syria and is trying to reduce its reliance on Russia for gas. This “Refugee Crisis” has offered opportunities for the possibility of the integration of Syria into the EU, without the formal approach which would probably not be acceptable to the EU at large. Judging by recent events in Syria, Putin might have stolen a march on Merkel and she would be likely to be uneasy that Russia is now involved in Syria fighting ISIL. Russia is reported to be setting up a military base and an airfield for sorties into ISIL territory whilst also acting politically to encourage Assad to call elections and resolve the crisis in Syria - an action that seems to be supported in Britain.

The speech by Juncker yesterday and subsequent comments today have given the game away when he said that “Refugees” could be given the right to work while they were being processed and EU passports could be made available to attract more migrants - approximately 1,000,000 EU passports were given to migrants mostly from Albania, India and Morocco during the past 12 months - announced on the 10th April 2018 - we have no control over who gets EU passports but they have been given the right to live and work in the UK by the EU - imagine what the EU has in store during May's faux "Implementation Period". 

Brussels (Berlin) is not interested in whether the migrants are refugees or not, or who they are or where they are from, as long as they are ready to work and can be exploited. This could lead to other neighbouring states joining the EU by the back door, by accepting their migrants, en masse, without the formal accession processes and potential objections from other EU countries.

It is all about Germany
Clearly every action taken by the EU is on behalf of Germany and its economy, however as Germany does not wish to be flooded with migrants, the rest of the EU has to take in the excess by order of the EU Commission (Berlin). What Juncker essentially said in his speech on the 9th of September, 2015 was that all actions within the EU must be for the benefit of a greater Germany, and all other EU states must sacrifice whatever is necessary in order to achieve those objectives.

Those objecting to these policies are targets for EU apparatchiks embedded within the EU nation state Establishments, and infiltrated into their national cultures since 1972. In the UK, they are embedded in the Labour Party (Blairites), the Lib Dems, the Greens, in Plaid Cymru, the House of Lords, the Judiciary, the SNP, the BBC, the rest of the liberal Left Media and elsewhere in the British Establishment, our Civil Service even in the local Councils.

Merkel has calculated that this crisis is an opportunity to:
(a) Force closer EU integration
(b) Extend the EU into new countries by the back door   
(c) Entangle migrants within the populations of Europe to create disorder, which will provide the impetus for truly forced EU integration (when all national borders are taken over by EU security forces to ensure compliance) into its final, intended form - total control over the former member states, as  described in the Lisbon Treaty

Current events illustrate that we are very close to that situation at the moment
Britain should now:
     Refuse to pay the £90 million
     Stop any and all negotiations, real or imagined, with the EU since they cannot be trusted and no assurance of EU reform can be relied upon
     Submit to the EU a formal notice to quit
     Make preparations to close our borders and install proper immigration controls
     Rebuild our Armed Forces and Police

Update: This is from a BBC report in June, 2012 by Brian Wheeler

*Peter Sutherland, former non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International (former chairman of oil giant BP) and head of the Global Forum on Migration and Development, told the UK House of Lords that, 

"The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its Member States and make them Multicultural" in his role as the UN's special representative for migration.

He went on to say that "....ageing and declining populations in countries such as Germany was the key argument for the development of Multicultural States." * Note that Peter Sutherland died in January 2018

So there we have it the world's financiers have decided who should populate the national states of Europe, including the UK, to suit their own economic agenda; capture cheap labour, depress wages in the host nations and expand the customer base of the global corporations – all without any concern for the social, cultural, security and environmental cost.

Meanwhile, the existing populations will be required to do as they are told, so that the ambitions of the global corporations can be realised.

This is the true nature of the EU and we need to get out while we still can.

Further note - The Multicultural immigration programme advocated by the UN has been in progress - in earnest in the UK since at least 1997 - under Blair / Brown and Mandelson and throughout Europe since Merkel opened the EU borders in 2015 - and the programme continues today, promoted through liberal Left wing policies, in all western democracies - except Israel.  

Viktor Orban is on the front line of opposing the EU's plans for this "new Europe" where national identities, traditions and cultures are sacrificed  to the latest attempt to build a Franco-German Empire in Europe (this time by stealth) - upon the ashes of the EU's Member States.