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7th December, 2016


We would like to offer our congratulations to Mrs May and her team for today's success in warding off the EU's latest coordinated attack on our Democracy in Parliament. We trust that in the end the EU sponsored attempts to stop or nullify "Brexit" through the pretend British courts, will also ultimately fail in the face of the determination and resolve of those politicians who believe in Britain. Politicians who are aware that the EU represents a real danger, not just to Britain - but to all people in Europe who value their freedom.

We must not forget though that prior to the Referendum almost 80% of the Commons declared for remaining in the EU, as did a large number of those in the Lords, so while they have been kept in line for now they are certainly seeking to prevent "Brexit" at any opportunity.

Most remarkably Blair and Mandelson have been very quiet lately while they work in the background to undermine the will of the British people, for their own ends on behalf of the EU - no doubt working alongside the other nest of vipers - the SNP. Looking at the politicians who voted against the Bill to invoke Article 50 before March 2017 there is a clear divide between the non-English who wish to see Britain destroyed and the English (British) who wish to be free from the EU.

The only way that we will ever be free from the EU is if a majority in the Commons and in the Lords vote decisively to repeal the European Communities Act (1972) and the EU infiltration that has eroded our country for the past 43 years is finally flushed from our society - we need to have a sufficient majority in the Commons in favour of getting rid of the ECA(1972) in order to ensure that this happens.

Meanwhile the EU have announced that the Ukraine and Georgia will be given visa free access to the EU - be in no doubt that this means that the EU will now expand by over 50 million people - all eligible to live an work and settle in any part of the EU - including Britain. This action by Brussels was in direct defiance of a Dutch Referendum explicitly rejecting visa-free access to Ukrainians.

If you don't believe that this "Visa-Free" access does not effectively confer EU citizenship on Ukrainians then consider a RT television report on the 5th of October, 2015 which exposed the fact that Poland had invited over 400,000 Ukrainians into Poland in order to provide cheap labour to replace those Poles who had moved to the UK; and Poland provided them with EU (Polish) passports.

And today we discover that Britain is going to be building more and more housing for Illegal immigrants while their claims are checked - what happened to taking refugees from the camps in areas close to Syria, where we know that they are genuine? The British public are being taken for fools by this government, by their actions in even allowing any illegal immigrants into the country let alone treating them better that the indigenous population - add to these the Ukrainians, with Polish passports, and Britain will be bankrupt before we can even escape from the EU.

In case the government is not sure what Illegal immigrant means - it means that they have broken the law and are therefore criminals, by any definition - and the more they are rewarded the more they will come.

In the EU treaties there are means by which we can turn away immigrants in the National interest - and the fact that we cannot afford to support our own people properly is sufficient grounds to stop any further immigration - which will only serve to further impoverish this country on altar of Merkel's and Sutherland's Marxist dogma- as, no doubt, the EU has calculated. As based upon the dire circumstances that Merkel has inflicted upon the German and other European populations, whilst encouraging more migrants to risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea.