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The contributors at our website are committed to getting to the truth about the EU and exposing lies and deception by politicians who have a vested interest in selling out citizens of Britain.

Over the years there has been a lot of very deliberate misinformation about the EU, disseminated mostly by politicians and the political media outlets on behalf of the EU, and the only way to get close to the truth is to question them on specifics relating, principally to the Lisbon Treaty Articles and Declarations which have a major effect on the future direction of the EU.

A short list of some of the important consequences of the Lisbon Treaty are listed below and you should be clear on what will happen if we don't leave the EU.

Ask your MP confirm or deny the following:-

  • Do  EU laws take precedence over all our laws in the UK, as stated by Declaration 17 in the Lisbon Treaty?
  • Can EU troops legally enter the UK or any other country within the EU and take control?
  • Can citizens of the UK be arrested and taken to any other country without any prima facie evidence?
  • Is it true that rights and freedoms within the EU only exist if those are not contrary to the interests of the EU?
  • With the signing of the Lisbon Treaty did Britain cease to exist as a sovereign country; in effect are British passports irrelevant?
  • Will we be forced to join the EURO?

That is enough for now - get politicians like Sturgeon, Bennett and Cameron explain these (send them emails, tweets etc.) and / or deny that they are true - then do a little specific research (easy these days) to check there answers.  If they have lied then you know where you stand and you might wish to ponder why politicians are selling out their constituents and their country. Feel free to quote this website, if you wish.