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21st September, 2017

Co-ordinated Treachery

There aren't any good reasons for not leaving the control of the EU - but there are numerous excellent reasons for leaving - the most important of which is that the UK population must get back its ability to elect its own government, with powers to enact laws for the UK without foreign interference - a government that can be removed if they do not act in our interests - not a government (and establishment) subservient to a foreign power.

The EU was given Henry VIII powers over the UK Parliament, courtesy of the European Communities Act (ECA) - Section 2(1) and 2(2), in 1972 - which was signed by the Heath government, and these powers are effective on the UK population, in perpetuity (unless the ECA (1972) is repealed).

The net effect is that the British people can change their government, but that new government is still subservient to the EU, and with that, the EU can impose any Law it likes upon UK citizens, and no UK government can prevent it taking effect, amend it or repeal it.The most scandalous part of which these EU powers are being protected by our own elected Representatives, and more so by unelected Peers, and have been, ever since 1973 - when the ECA (1972) Treaty was ratified.

Currently we live in faux democracy- and this is the system that must be changed, otherwise we simply continue to be an occupied country - an EU Vassal State.  

EU Control

Under EU control we are shackled to an organisation whose vision is to take over the European nation states, and rule over them under a single government - with all matters of state concentrated within a single supranational state - administered from Brusssels (Berlin). All of these changes are spelled out in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - and are now frequently being openly espoused - e,g. Juncker's "State of the Union Address (13th September, 2017), which was subsequently endorsed by the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, as being in accordance with "Germany's vision for the bloc" - says it all really. 

Anyone thinking of remaining within such an EU future, either has some vested interest, or a naive view that such a vision can be opposed, or amended in any significant way, even in the short term, or they are looking forward to being subjugated and enslaved - with the national assets of their country sold off to the highest bidder - the fate of Greece - to pay interest rates on debts to the Troika (ECB, EC, IMF) or simply though privatisation of public services and infrastructure.

Coordinated Treachery

Prior to the 8th June, 2017 General Election Britain was in a relatively good position, with a reasonable government working majority of 17, and although noises were being made individually by Blair, Cambell, Clarke, Clegg, Mandelson, the LibDems, SNP etc., sections of the Labour Party, and the ubiquitous LibDem Peers, mostly appointed under New Labour, the Con/LibDem coalition and Cameron's government - all opposing the leaving of the EU,

It was only after that election that Blair decided to take the advantage that May's weakness had presented him - an opportunity to block "Brexit", he then started his campaign in earnest, with a well publicised visit to Juncker - no doubt with his plan to derail any chance to allow the UK population their proper Democratic will. Meanwhile, Corbyn, Starmer and Abbott also visited the EU to meet their negotiating team, perhaps to take instructions - and that seems to have been the start of real co-ordinated action - led mostly by Blair, Corbyn, and the PLP - to stop Britain leaving. 

These have now been joined by the SNP, Plaid Cymru, and the Green - working on behalf of the EU - and very much against Britain's best interests - in order to stop Britain leaving the EU, through the use of multiple amendments to the "Withdrawal Bill", which will be debated after the Party Conferences season is completed.

This co-ordinated treachery also involves the House of Lords, or perhaps better described as the EU pensioners' club (EUPC) where they, mostly LibDem's, displayed their disdain for the British public, and Democracy itself, during their voting in the Article 50 (TEU) Bill - none of these collaborators' has the interests of anyone else, but themselves - they are all led by future EU "Emperor Blair" - the quisling.  The conspirators' would do well to note that, in the 2016 EU Referendum, 421 out of 632 Constituencies or 67% voted to Leave the EU.

Meanwhile CommunistCorbyn is now a frontman for Trotskyite Blair - Blair's man in our parliament -  both political Chameleons. 

Previous Form

Blair, along with the PLP, spent all of their time during the New Labour years (1997-2010) - adapting all the UK Constitutional, Judicial and political - devolution, central government, civil service, local administration and public services, including the Police structures for compliance with the EU structures - in preparation for the UK to be totally absorbed by the EU. Prescott also attempted to go further with devolution (breaking up the UK on behalf of the EU) than Blair had gone with devolving Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. David Miliband openly embraced the expansion of the EU into the Middle East, North Africa and Russia - Russia had previously refused to even consider any attempt to take any such backward step - as joining the EU. 

Brown was also EU compliant, changing the UK benefits' system to keep our youngsters on benefits, so as to advance the interests of the EU migrants, and entice other migrants, in the New Labour plot to overrun Britain with Multicultural ghetto's - just to bring in more Labour supporters.  Brown and David Miliband signed the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - without the promised Manifesto pledged Referendum - on the grounds that it was only a Reform Treaty - it was in fact a death sentence for the nation states of Europe, and the birth certificate for the EU - which has only been a legal structure since 2009.

Clearly, the conspirators' only real interest is the EU and the destruction of the UK, they have a long track record of doing exactly that, or to use the vernacular  they have previous form, and any pretence to protecting Britain's interests are entirely bogus - they are only interested in furthering the EU project - for which they expect to be amply rewarded with their "Thirty pieces of Ag".

Problems with The EU

This is just a sample of what our elected Representatives are trying to protect

A Banker's Union - The EU, despite being based upon the old Soviet political model, is a club set-up by banker's and industrialist, for banker's and multinational corporations, courtesy of the the Fabian Society membership. Global corporations can select the best locations in the EU to minimise their tax obligations, and big companies compete with smaller businesses with whom they an unfair advantage. The ECJ sides with business interests against those of the workforce.

EEC -> EU was born in the 1950's - It is a old, and profligate system of control by Regulation and Directives - a Customs Union - totally inappropriate today outside the Communist world - it is a protectionist bloc which uses tariffs to keep import costs high - to keep out competition, and uses Regulations to keep prices high inside the bloc.

Trade does not need the EU - we traded without the EU from 1973 to 2009 - businesses and individuals trade, the only reason for the EEC(EU) is to provide restrictive practices - where big businesses flourish and small companies flounder. These restrictive practices also keep poor populations in Africa and elsewhere even more poor. The EU has presided over the worst youth unemployment record among the 15 - 24 year old  than in the rest of the OECD (8), by a factor of two.

We now live in a world of the Internet - social media, mass communication and international travel. The EU has been left behind - it is irrelevant in the modern world - people can trade with whoever they want, and the EU is powerless to stop or even control them - the EU is fighting a rear-guard action - and taking over the member states politically is the only way it can survive.

EU Payments

The EU has no money of its own - it takes money from the richer member states, along with guarantees for collateralised loans to new members - just like Greece - this is then used to buy, say, German manufactured goods, and when they can't repay the loans the Troika (now Quadriga) sells their state assets.​ 

We have been paying in huge sums of money over the past 44 years (~£500 bn) - only to be told, when we decided to leave, that we own nothing from what we have paid into the EEC(EU) - it all belongs to the EU - right down to the last bottle of "plonk" in their extensive, expensive wine cellar.

The £350 million per week, or whatever  the exact amount is - actually represents the total we pay weekly - from which the EU skims money off the top of the contributions to finance its lavish lifestyle, vanity projects, entice new member states, pensions for Quislings in our Parliament, and for anti-British propaganda in our media etc. 

The EU does not give a toss about any financial problems facing the member states - they just want "our money."

EU is a Giant Scam- that is the point - once the money is handed over it is lost to the British taxpayer, because the EU spends it, as it wishes, we have no say over how or where it is spent.  Whenever, and whatever it is spent on, and it is "sold" to the populations of Europe, including the UK - as money from the EU, and they use it to buy loyalty to the EU - it is a giant scam.  Only by getting out of the current "dominant-submissive"  arrangement, where we are not ruled by an alien legal system, we can we spend the money on the NHS or anything else we want or need to spend it on.

Like any other Ponzi scheme it relies on bringing in new investors who won't get anything back - only the banks and multinational corporations flourish (along with Germany) - this is why the EU don't want us to leave - we were over willing, EU Law abiding contributors, and that was abused - which is why we voted to leave, 

In order to prevent the UK from leaving, the EU has mobilised co-ordinated acts of treachery by some of our own elected Representatives, unelected LibDem Peers, and others in our Parliament - all led by Blair, Corbyn, Sturgeon and their apparatchiks. Evidently Sturgeon wants Henry VIII powers devolved to Scotland - so that the SNP can repatriate any powers repealed by Westminster back to the EU - to keep Scotland trapped within the EU, after we leave.

We can only trust that there are enough of our elected Representatives who will act in accordance with the title "Honourable" and thwart this dishonourable perversion of our Democracy by Blair, Corbyn and Sturgeon et al.