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8th February 2019

Corbyn: new EU Chief Collaborator

The content of Corbyn's letter to Theresa May following their earlier meeting:

"Jeremy Corbyn sets Labour’s terms for Brexit deal support
The prime minister’s strategy is not ‘credible or sufficient,’ writes UK Labour leader.
, Politico

2/7/19, 1:38 AM CET
Updated 2/7/19, 6:36 PM CET

U.K. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn set out five conditions for his party's support for the government's Brexit deal, which amount to a close alignment with the EU on regulations and trade policy.

In a letter to Theresa May, Corbyn demanded the prime minister adjust her red lines and abandon her attempt to secure legally binding changes to the Northern Ireland backstop, which is despised by Brexiteers in her party, in order to secure a deal.

"Without changes to your negotiating red lines, we do not believe that simply seeking modifications to the existing backstop terms is a credible or sufficient response either to the scale of your defeat last month in parliament or the need for a deal with the EU that can bring the country together and protect jobs," Corbyn wrote.

May's Brexit deal was defeated by a historic margin of 230 votes last month when she asked MPs to ratify it. Last week, the House of Commons voted narrowly to send her back to Brussels in order to reopen negotiations on the backstop. But in recent days, the government has been sounding out Labour MPs for their support.

While Corbyn appears content to leave the legally binding Withdrawal Agreement untouched, the changes he is demanding to the Political Declaration would amount to a significant shift in the prime minister's position. They would preclude an independent trade policy for the U.K. post Brexit, and mean that London would still be subject to many rules set in Brussels without a say in drafting them. They would also likely mean the U.K. having to accept freedom of movement, something May has vowed to end.

Corbyn's five conditions are:

  • A permanent and comprehensive U.K.- wide customs union with the EU. He argues that would "deliver the frictionless trade that our businesses, workers and consumers need, and is the only viable way to ensure there is no hard border on the island of Ireland."
  • Close alignment with the EU single market with "shared institutions and obligations."
  • Dynamic alignments on rights and protections so that the U.K. cannot undercut Brussels rules.
  • "Clear commitments" on participation in EU agencies and funding programs.
  • "Unambiguous agreements" that cover the detail of future security arrangements, for example shared databases used to solve and prevent crime, plus the European Arrest Warrant.

"We believe these negotiating objectives need to be enshrined in law before the U.K. leaves the EU to provide certainty for businesses and a clear framework for our future relationship," Corbyn added.

There is no mention of one of Labour's previous "six tests" — to ensure the "exact same benefits" of EU membership — which the party leadership had given as its price for supporting a Brexit deal. Officials and diplomats in Brussels have said consistently that no departing member can benefit from the same terms of membership.

Theresa May will travel to Brussels Thursday for talks with Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Council President Donald Tusk."
(emphasis added)

For an assessment of the WA Treaty - see a summary of the "The 40 horrors in the EU's (May) WA Agreement"  with rebuttals (from

Plus: "The 7 deadly sins in the  draft Withdrawal Agreement" (


Now Corbyn is simply espousing the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) mantra on the EU - all to prevent the UK leaving the EU and keep the establishment gravy train on track - while ensuring that the UK infrastructure, its public services and society itself are completely destroyed - a common interest with the EU.

Is this all in his drive to establish his Communist Dystopia in Britain - or, is he now, just Mr. Establishment?

He clearly could not care less about jobs or the environment or the welfare of people of the UK (the many), as long as (the few) get their own way.

Just look at those around the world that Corbyn supports and admires; those in Venezuela, for example, who treat their own populations with contempt and ignore their pain and anguish as they are starved to death - while the leaders and their relatives live in the lap of luxury - Communism writ large.

Following Corbyn's intervention; Blair and some of his associates in the PLP must now think that Corbyn is the "best thing since sliced bread" - and May must think it is a way of getting the EU's "WA Capitulation Treaty" through the UK parliament; thwarting the Referendum result and ensuring that the UK is trapped forever in the EU.  Most bizarrely, Corbyn has simply restated what is already in the WA Treaty(in other words) - he probably never read the documents - just like the majority UK MP's.

In fact, Corbyn's entire intervention deliberately subverts the EU Referendum result - siding with the EU, the CBI, the Remain camp and other "moneyed vested interests", including international bankers - at the worst time in the UK-EU negotiations.

How could anyone perform such a U-Turn on their principles and stated objections to the European project - without actually entering into a Faustian pact with the EU?

As things have turned-out, Corbyn is really just another "perfidious viper" in a larger parliamentary "nest", who is happy to overturn the 2016 Referendum result for his own personal gain - not for him, nor anyone else in any UK political party will there be any honest future commitment to a Manifesto pledge.

Meanwhile, It has long been clear that the Irish border issue is only about the EU using the 2016 Referendum result to attempt to annex Northern Ireland - in order to isolate Britain from the EU - following its lawful application to leave the protectionist bloc.

If Eire and the EU need a "hard border" then it should be their joint responsibility to implement it or find other means - not the UK's - which could operate its own checks away, from the border areas.

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