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15th April, 2016

Corbyn's Conversion

The date of Corbyn's EU epiphany is not absolutely clear, but this Eurosceptic of 40 years has, however "reluctantly", entered into a Faustian Pact with the EU, as have the most Marxist (or variant) Left leaning politicians before him; but evidently that also includes almost half of the Conservative Party (130:163), an overwhelming majority of the Labour Party (215:7), Scottish National Party (54), LibDems (8)​, Sinn Fein (4), Social Democratic Labour Party (3), Plaid Cymru (3) and others (2) - (as declared on 24th March, 2016 according to a BBC report).

It isn't clear exactly what it was that persuaded Corbyn or when he accepted "Queen Merkel's Schilling" or his price for selling out, but this man of principles is in fact, nothing of the sort - perhaps the Privy Council meeting was the turning point - who knows. His excuse though is as false as his pretence of a higher moral standing. there is no Social Europe within the EU, as he well knows. The EU is a Godless, political / corporate enterprise intent on destroying the existing diverse cultures of Europe, through the use of a manufactured migration crisis, and replacing those cultures with an intolerant, anti-democratic and misogynistic, Mediaeval Monoculture, thereby destabilising those host populations as mandated by the UN and providing a new "European Culture" primed for exploitation by its international financial backers. . 

Through economic domination the EU seeks to subjugate and asset strip its member states and bring all of their populations under the central control of a single Totalitarian Dictatorship with the Laws of a Police State; as prescribed in the Lisbon Treaty (2007).  The EU is the embodiment of Orwell's "1984" with an hierarchy which could have been taken from Orwell's "Animal Farm"; an organisation effectively run by the same group of Marxists / Maoists and Communists as those which Orwell was parodying in his novels.

This current programme by the Tories though is just a larger scale version of what was taking place under New Labour in Britain with the earlier version undertaken from 1997 to 2010, after which the Conservatives and LibDems continued with unrestrained immigration into Britain, and when we thought that we could get our Britain back from the EU if we elected the Conservatives without the interference of the LibDems we discovered that the Conservatives are even worse than New Labour in their zeal to entrap us within the EU.

In fact, Cameron could not have done much more to destroy Britain on behalf of the EU than Blair, Brown Campbell, Mandelson and Straw combined, if he had been a rampant Marxist like there rest of them. During their time in power New Labour created the crisis in the Health Service; PFI and the NHS, GP pay rises in return for loss of after hours provision, destroyed our education system to ensure that our young could not compete effectively for jobs compared to some other European countries, created a mass population of those with pointless degrees and helped to set in motion the demise of the UK economy and forced Britain into unsustainable debt - a similar situation now developing throughout the EU member states because of mass immigration.

Finally, New Labour created the basis for the "False Economy" within the UK with their revamping of the tax system to ensure that the UK economy, as related to the EU, favoured EU migrants over our population to give a false impression of  wealth creation which in fact is simply fuelled by cheap labour paid for by taxes of the host population through the tax credit system. Effectively the EU simply acts as a middleman, shuffling money taken from the members states for their pet projects and living "high on the hog" at everyone else's expense. They also provide cheap labour through enforced austerity obligations tied into Troika loan agreements to induce mass youth unemployment in some of the poorest parts of Europe and create the push factor for migration across Europe to match New Labour's pull factors into Britain; whilst keeping the value of the Euro low.

Corbyn is either disingenuous when he talks about our losing workers rights if Britain leaves the EU or he is ill informed, but the truth is staring everyone in the face - the EU is engaged in a  programme of enforced austerity (to bring all the currencies in the EU into parity with the Euro for a single EU currency of all member states by 2020 courtesy of the Maastricht Treaty (1992)). Contemporaneously, throughout the EU is a programme of liberalisation of the European markets, including all the public services - that is what free movement of Capital, Goods, Services and Workers really means - a free market or "free-for-all" to be exploited by the privileged few. That is to say Privatisation of our NHS and our Schools and every public utility and service. These measures and the continued influx of cheap migrant labour will destroy the wages, rights, standard of living and quality of life of every worker in Britain and throughout Europe, Corbyn must know that this is the truth and he is trying to mislead us, with his Socialist mantra.

Don't just blame the Conservatives though, these same policies would just continue whoever is in power as long as our politicians are "vassals" of the EU. Our entire political class needs to be changed in favour of politicians who have the interests of Britain in their hearts an minds - not loyal to the EU. To effect such a change we need to find a group of politicians who could form enough of a majority to repeal the European Communities Act (1972) which would make all subsequent Treaties illegal under British Law, as they are under our Common Law without the open consent of the people of Britain. 

The programmes that are being undertaken with alacrity by the present government are in fact acting exactly as an accelerated extension of the EU programme started by New Labour. These programme would have continued apace if the Ed Miliband and his merry men (persons) had got into power, especially with support from the embryonic New Labour in the form of the SNP, whose love for the EU knows no bounds, and who are actively trying to break up the UK on behalf of the EU.

These programmes will also continue if we stay in the EU and if Labour are elected, with David Miliband or anyone else, and now we know they would continue under Corbyn - the bottom line is that under the EU the workers of Europe will have to stand in line or beg for work and take what ever is on offer - these policies are EU policies being implemented by the current Government, and with the tacit approval of the Labour Party, SNP and LibDems et al., at least on the Marxist Political Left and those associated with the Fabian Society.

Don't let the Marxists, in whatever party they reside, fool you - there is nothing good about the EU - unless you are a Financier, Industrialist, Banker, Politician / MEP, Civil Servant, EU Commissioner or a French Farmer - but everything that is desirable can be obtained by mutual trading relationships with the countries of Europe, just as we cooperate outside the EU with NATO and other organisations: hopefully those European countries will be able to maintain their cultures for generations to come; in spite of the desire of the EU and UN to destroy them.

Merkel has initiated a new programme of enforced residential integration of migrants within the general population in Germany (as reported by New Observer) - these are migrants who are supposed to be refugees and should be only in Europe temporarily whilst their homeland is made safe and they can return - but clearly that was never the reason they were invited into Europe by Merkel.