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12th July, 2017

Corbyn's Mischief Making

This year is the Centenary of the Russian Revolution (1917 - 2017) and October is the Centenary of the Bolshevik takeover in Russia, which led to the establishment of the Communist Soviet Union, and Corbyn's little Red Army (Momentum) are preparing for a take over the UK by precipitating a General Election to coincide with that Centenary. They intend to turn Britain into a Socialist-Communist state; on the edge of the Communist dominated EU.  They can only succeed though if Theresa May allows it to happen, by conceding power  to a Labour Party / Left Coalition, helped by the SNP / LibDems/ Greens / Plaid Cymru etc. or some nefarious background dealings with various interested parties.

The tactics being used by Corbyn and McDonnell mirror those used by the Bolsheviks during the October, 1917 Russian Revolution (and by Hitler's use of the Reichstag fire to grab power in 1933) - by attempting to discredit the establishment and blaming any and all adverse conditions, and misadventures on the government; by organising a "Day of Rage", and attempting to foment insurrection with marches on Parliament to bring down the elected government - when the reality of the current adverse circumstances that Britain faces emanate, not from this Conservative government, but from the misdeeds of the previous Labour government (1997-2010) Together with the continuation of spending by the last Conservative / LibDem coalition government - hamstrung by its LibDem hangers-on when trying to re-balance the UK finances in a timely manner.  

The most recent blame game that they are playing though, is to falsely ascribe the Grenfell Tower fire to the present government, and austerity - when in fact, at least £8.6 million pounds was spent refurbishing the tower in order to comply with EU directives around "Green" environmental requirements for insulation - spending such an amount hardly suggests a period of austerity.

What is of more concern that in 1999, after a fire in a tower block in Scotland, the Scottish parliament ensured that no other tower blocks in Scotland would have such cladding, but the Blair government began a programme of cladding almost all tower blocks in England.

"The cladding of tower blocks began under the Blair government whose Decent Homes Initiative, which demanded that 95 per cent of social housing be brought up to specified insulation standards by 2010 but, which failed to lay down adequate fire standards." (

What is worse is that there is a concerted effort by others on the Left to also play the same game - with almost the same claims on LBC - who, one would hope, would rather wait to find out the true cause and expose the real "culprits", if any - after all both types of cladding had already been approved by the EU. Yet LBC failed to mention the other tower blocks around England, including Camden, and other Labour councils, who have also used the same cladding as in the Grenfell Tower fire - "There, but for the Grace of God..." It is bad enough that we have the BBC, who are payed by the UK taxpayers (and receive money from the EU) showing their total bias against the interests of Britain, without other broadcaster's showing their political bias.

In fact, it looks more like there is a widespread and sustained effort, throughout the political Left, along with Corbyn's little Red Army (Momentum) to ride the wave of excitement, generated within the political Left, by the Centenary of the Russian Revolution (1917) this October, in the hope that our elected government can be overthrown and a Socialist-Communist government installed in its place.

Corbyn's failure to get into government this year would take away the "magic" of the Centenary (1917 - 2017) celebrations for the Left, and diminish his chances for the future - keeping Corbyn out must be the focus of the government during the rest of this year.

Should our current government be forced into another election in October, 2017, we would hope that there would be too many intelligent people in the UK, who will have seen the Labour party in its true light following the antics of Corbyn and McDonnell, after the June 8th 2017 General Election - and they would act accordingly, to politically wipe out those traitors in our system and finally restore a strong Britain, free of its meddling Left; capable of taking on the EU and the rest of the world.


Political Jackals and Vultures

With the UK under attack from the EU (allegedly by all 27 member states) who have operated, thus far: to threaten, attack every aspect of our economy, society and culture; and seek to undermine the UK, economically, politically and, with malice aforethought, attempt to subvert Britain's standing in the wider world. It is perhaps not surprising that the EU supporters in Britain, who see their own place in the EU, would join in on the attacks, particularly when the government has lost its overall majority.

It is worth noting that the EEC (EU) has never had a good faith relationship with its member state populations, since it has mostly developed through stealth, at the government level. Treaties have either been passed without consultation, or when referendums have taken place they have either been ignored or the treaties (e.g. Lisbon) have been re-written in such a way as to hide their true meaning, effect and implications. Whilst politicians have been bound, through the Treaty of Rome (1957) to protect the integrating organisations - the proto-EU (EEC) and the EU - from proper public scrutiny and discussion.

Corbyn, Abbott and Sturgeon, in particular have made no secret of their hatred of Britain (alleged support for the IRA and other terrorist groups, and the sustained attempts to destroy the basic make-up of the Union) or perhaps more precisely, it is a hatred of England and its Monarchy that drives them to interfere in the negotiations with the EU, and attempt to stop the UK from leaving the clutches of the EU. There is little doubt that each of those cited has, at their heart, their own personal ambitions, rather than the general interests of their constituents, since, in the case of Sturgeon, for example, she has, according to a number of reports, allegedly, practically neglected Scotland, in favour of an obsessive desire to break-up the UK; about which she speaks incessantly.

In the case of Corbyn, his real interests clearly lie in the destruction of Capitalism and the installation of a Communist government in the UK, as explained by the Labour Manifesto - "For the many, not the Few" - which is about as far from the truth in a Socialist - Communist state - unless it refers to poverty, intolerance and state control - as light is from dark. Still the Left have always been good at claiming black is white or whatever suits them.

Why did they go to see Mr Barnier?

Since their attitudes are well known it could be assumed that they were simply trying to "muddy the waters" and stir up trouble for the elected government; en route to trying to force an early (October, 2017) General election, or they set out to totally undermine any attempts from the UK to escape from the EU; by backing the EU's unacceptable stance against Britain's attempts to forge a new relationship with the EU and rest of the world; as it is perfectly, legally, entitled to do by virtue of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - Article 50 (TEU). 

Corbyn has previously declared that he would be happy to unilaterally agree:-

  • to pay, apparently, any size of "divorce" settlement - even though there was never a marriage, and certainly no consummation - though that seems to be being attempted by the EU with the UK at the moment;
  • to accept of any terms regarding EU nationals in the UK - even as far as being content to allow the EU courts to continue to Lord over the UK courts, in much the same way that as any "run-of-the-mill" Vassal State would be proud to accept;
  • and to continue to trade with the EU on any terms that the EU might wish to impose; including unlimited immigration. 

Perhaps they just simply wanted to prostrate themselves at the feet of the EU officials and swear their undying loyalty to the EU superstate.

All or most of these might lead them to their own objectives - but none of that is certain to be successful - and they may have equally been visiting Mr Barnier to update him on their plans to subvert the "Great" Repeal Bill, in order to force an October election or to keep the UK within the ECJ jurisdiction: more likely Sturgeon would like to have powers taken back from the EU devolved to Scotland, so that she and the SNP can simply hand them back to the EU, in order to place the SNP in a more favourable light with Brussels (Berlin) - or were they just asking advice on the best way to do down the UK and help the EU.

Perhaps they were taking instructions and strategy advice from the EU, to bring back for use by the opposition parties and the compliant EU pensioners (actually paid for by the UK taxpayer) in the Lords. Whatever the reasons we will know soon enough, after we see the tabled amendments to the Repeal Bill, and the behaviour of the opposition parties et al., subsequently. Whatever the reason, they clearly cannot be relied upon to look after the interests of the British people, as demonstrated by their obsession to comply with any EU whim or instruction.

They might even be in line for the Légion d'Honneur for services to the EU - and, for their push for unlimited, unfettered mass migration into the UK - they could even be awarded the Charlemagne prize, for their efforts to promote integration of Europe - aka the Occupation of Europe by the EU - whose first recipient was Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi.

What is clear is that they are not worthy of their high office in the UK - for they know, or should know, that the UK is in real danger - as a result of being under the control of the EU (as are all the EU member states) - and nothing good will come from the UK being forced to stay in the EU through its UK quislings.